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Visit to “spikholog“, or That it “a school maturity“?

“You be only not upset“, - the dangerous uncle told, and mother right there began to be upset. At least, to fork from - for the tears which gathered in Yurik`s eyes. It from the very beginning was not pleasant - to learn this invention from any spikholog whether it is necessary to it, to Yurik, to go to school this year or it is better to wait.

All way home Yurik thought what he made not so. When the bare uncle asked what color leaves in the fall, he remembered at once how last year they with the father did for mother an autumn bouquet of maple leaves. Leaves were cheerful: red, orange, yellow … When Yurik told “cheerful“, the uncle - spikholog moved and, having with satisfaction hemmed, wrote down something in the notebook. Then Yurik decided that his answer was pleasant. Now he already began to doubt it.

Then asked it what is sweet cherries, pears, plums and apples. Yurik wanted to tell that it is fruit, but in time remembered that sweet cherry is a berry, and kept silent. Then spikholog asked: “The dog is more similar to a cat or to chicken?“ Yurik thought that the strange uncle so jokes. Probably, it was not necessary to laugh because then strange took an interest, than the squirrel and a cat are similar at each other. Probably, it was important for it. And he could take offense when Yurik laughed.

Somehow to improve situation, Yurik began to tell how they with mother in park fed a little squirrel. The uncle started missing and began to look for hours. Mother became agitated. Time which is released on consultation came to an end, and the list of questions was not passed yet and to a half.

Now Yurik thought that the spikholog should have told that he is able to read already a little, counts up to hundred, however, sometimes forgets how the number forty is called that already bought it a portfolio as at the paratrooper - with it is brown - green stains that the aunt which trained Yurik for school, told mother that at school he will be an excellent student. How mother was delighted, it was good and correct to be the excellent student. And now mother is afflicted … with

Well nothing! Yurik knows what to do. It is necessary to ask children who already visited at a spikholog and to learn what answers were pleasant to it. Then the next year it will be precisely taken in school!.

Though officially testing of future first graders is forbidden, quite often arrange them the most real examination - check technology of reading, suggest to make the sound alphabetic analysis of the word, to count to twenty and back, to call ten writers.

It is natural that it is the is best of all children who were trained the whole year cope with these tasks to carry out these actions, senseless from the point of view of prospects of training. On my supervision, the “brought“ children already by the end of the first class lag behind schoolmates who were not trained thus for school. From the psychological point of view it is explainable - the same exercises slow down development, reduce motivation (“I already passed it, it is not interesting to me“), ahead of time discourage to study.

Especially zealous teachers and parents are ready to drive three-year-old children in a rigid framework of education, reasoning with the fact that then it will be easier for the child who mastered rules of conduct at school. Perhaps, it will be easier for the teacher. It will be more difficult for the child already now because on preparatory office the same requirements, as at school are imposed. But even in six years to get used to strict discipline, a situation of an assessment and fear unsuccessful be much more difficult, than in seven.

By seven years the game motivation passes into educational - in case to the child allowed to play enough. If familiarizing of the child of three - to reading or the account goes four years not in a game form, and by means of “carrot and stick“, then already in the first class problems with behavior and attention because internal regulators are not created begin. The child is ready “to play“ in school, but not to study. Game is what can be thrown at any time. And when it is impossible? A consequence - disgust for lessons, the conflicts with teachers, bad progress, leaving in an illness. How many “asterisks“ went out from - will sit down at the ambitious parents sending a shestiletok to school by the principle “earlier - will leave earlier“!

“The school maturity“, or readiness for school, includes several aspects, including pedagogical, physiological and psychological. The preschool child can read and consider to pleasure of the teacher, but lag behind in the physiological development. Psychological readiness means formation of the main mental functions - any attention, thin motility, ability to establish prichinno - investigative communications and many other. To train physiologically and psychologically unripe child - it is like to pump up vegetables chemicals, creating illusion of a maturity.

Uniform development in children of all three aspects meets seldom today. Diagnostics on the eve of September first at best only states their mismatch. Therefore it is necessary not to train the child for school, and to develop from first years of life: to read it good books, to discuss read, to draw together with it, to develop in a game form thin motility and coordination of movements, any attention, time sense, diligence, responsibility, thinking, will, without forgetting about physical health.

For this purpose special conditions and special techniques - only time and desire of parents are not required .