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Flower of prairies ekhinatseya. What interesting is in its biography? An episode of first

the purple flowers of the ekhinatsea which appeared in Western Europe in H_H a century Attracting curious looks as it appeared, possess not only tremendous decorative effect for what they first and were grown up, but also curative properties. Preparations from different types of an ekhinatsea, according to doctors, were the powerful biostimulators strengthening immunity. The immune system if to trust them, just blossomed - probably, like the most wonderful flower, granting to the person pleasure of health and courage. However, it is possible that it only easy and innocent poetic exaggeration, undoubtedly, educated and highly cultured therapists.

North American Indians used its roots in the medical purposes long before arrival of the European invaders on the continent which received a name not of Columbus, and the cartographer Amerigo Vespucci. In principle, it would be more logical to call open (for Europeans) the continent Colombia. But on someone`s whim we should be satisfied with America - for want of something better …

the Snake root, “the Indian head“, a flower - a crest, “the head of the Black“ - here only small part of names with which white newcomers awarded this plant. One of them was borrowed from aboriginals of America - for example, “a mika - hi“ that means “a crest from a plant“.

In general, Indian names are as if more practical - they point to various methods of application of plants in life, unlike more blood-thirsty European “names“. One “head of the Black“ of what costs!

Indians from the tribes of Omaha and Ponka used a convex serdtsevinka of an inflorescence for combing of hair.

Pauni`s Indians knew this plant under the name “ksapitakhako“ that is translated by a combination of the words “hand“ and “whirlwind“ - kids, playing the broken stalks of the blossoming ekhinatsea (all children like to pick flowers - only one spin venochka from dandelions, and others break “bouquets“ more impressively), with might and main twisted them around themselves. Probably, be they children of other civilization or live in later time, would imagine themselves small vertolyotika! But too it is very quite good to feel a live whirlwind, a tornado!

While children were played, adults treated.

Roots of a purple ekhinatsea were widely used as antidote from stings rattling (and others poisonous) honor snakes in all tribes inhabiting boundless prairies in headwaters of great deep Missouri which is slowly attracting the muddy waters to the ocean.

Dakota (other widespread name of this group of tribes - Siu) pieces of fresh roots as medicine from hydrophobia (hydrophobia), snake stings and applied to treatment of wounds - especially in dangerous situations when the wound zagnaivatsya. Pieces of the roots exuding with curative juice not only were chewed, but also, naturally, put to a wound.

External application of roots of an ekhinatsea by sorcerers pursued also other aim, besides medical: a peculiar feeling of cooling in the inflamed sites (a little similar to effect, say, of mint) suppressed pain - for example, pain from a burn. In this regard the mention in the corresponding literature on one of Indian shamans who tried to chew imperceptibly roots that his mouth lost sensitivity to high temperatures then it gathered a full mouth of the heated coals - for demonstration before tribespeople of the “supernatural“ force is of interest. Of course, such “PR - the action“ was urged to strengthen, certainly, his firm authority “between electorate“. Keep in mind, misters healers, and also deputies and other plunderers - the method is not patented yet! By the way, quite corresponds to a national proverb: “Silence - gold“...

Other sorcerers and Aesculapians used ekhinatsea roots as anesthetic too and could pull out quietly, say, pieces of meat from the boiling pan (when there is a strong wish to eat and there are no forces to wait until cools down … probably, nevertheless, not Indians whose proud and passionless image was fixed in mass consciousness were engaged in it any more) - Indians, of course, were not vegetarians, generally and ate meat, the benefit were rich with bisons of the prairie so, however and “a flower of prairies“ - or to go on fire coals.

This fascinating entertainment replacing computer games and extreme sports gave big credibility them as now it is accepted to speak, to ekstrasensorny abilities at the same time. The European psychics, adopt experience and take heart!.

Be continued.