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Flower of prairies ekhinatseya. What interesting is in its biography? Episode of third

... Use of an ekhinatsea in the tribes of Komanchey and Pauni was analogous, most likely, mentioned earlier: the roots found after occupation of Indian territories in one of the abandoned settlements by scientists from Michigan university confirm this version.

Indians of the tribe Fox which territories were located behind the Great Plain used ekhinatseyu at treatment of gastric spasms, mixing in certain proportions with roots of wild ginger, and also parts of some other plants, for example, of some types of an euphorbia.

To the south of the United States ekhinatseyu it is already almost impossible to meet in the nature, and in Mexico not to find it. Nevertheless the Mexican Indians also used “a flower of prairies“ in the medical purposes.

To it there are two explanations: in - the first, between tribes, despite of borders, there was a recovered trade, and in - the second, tribes Apaches, Kikapoo and Potauatomi pursued by white aggressors and H_H of century forced to get over spent to Mexico, probably, took enough curative roots with themselves.

White settlers, having forced out Indians from the lands belonging to them from time immemorial, only partially apprehended empirical experience of traditional medicine of aboriginals of America. Having almost destroyed fire of rifles and “fire-water“ of true owners of the ancient earth, could not destroy completely their views, their culture - part of this culture as soon it appeared, it was useful to the aggressors who moved in the New World from Europe.

In 1859 doctor Ferdinand Hayden sent the official report to the Minister of War involved in collisions between immigrants and locals. The official report had botanical character and, in particular, contained the message that roots of an ekhinatsea purple, meeting much over all country, are very effectively used by dealers and Indians as means from rattlesnake stings.

The settlers who are adjusted more amicably and managed to apprehend some knowledge from Indians (we will remember the famous novels of Fenimore Cooper “St. John`s Wort“ and “Pathfinder“), used the received skills in everyday life. In the State of Oklahoma some, for example, sacredly believed that roots of an ekhinatsea are effective means nearly against all diseases not only people, but also animals. Allegedly, when a livestock, cows or horses who got sick and refusing food were “stuffed“ with this plant (probably, an ekhinatsea grass, elevated part), shortly to them there were dramatic changes. Animals recovered, completely restoring forces, and from a recent disease there was no trace left also!.

Doctor Meyer who patented at the end of H_H of a century medicine from an ekhinatsea wrote that effective help was given by rattlesnakes in 613 cases of stings to victims exactly thanks to roots of this plant. In the patent he pointed that the preparation is the powerful anti-septic tank curing old chronic wounds, an anthrax, hemorrhoids, excessive sweating and even eczema! The typhoid as Meyer reported, recovered for two - three days. Malaria the alternating and mountain fever - all this, according to him, also responded to treatment by means of an ekhinatsea.

In 1917 one of the most famous American doctors, doctor Lloyd who first was very skeptical to “a miracle - to roots“, noted that the mentioned medicine became the therapeutic favourite of thousands of doctors, and demand of dews for it day by day.

Events of that time are bound magically with the explanation of economic rise of the young American nation occurring earlier. Whether rise of a pragmatism is connected with stimulation of a large number of the population ekhinatsea preparations? Whether the ancient Indian biostimulator rendered special “service“ to the new Americans who did not wish to acquire culture of the people since ancient times inhabiting immense open spaces New - for Europeans - Light? Whether growth of “superpracticality“ of white owners of America, mad about money, - was followed by spirituality loss or whether there was it, this spirituality?

At least, one is absolutely clear - too superficial assimilation of experience of any people without knowledge of latent layers of its culture and spirituality is ineffective. The form is inseparable from essence...

The termination follows...