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The elderly woman began to break benches near the yard. What is it? Dissatisfaction of the husband or so influences a doomsday?

In the small city of Sterlitamak on the street on May 23 there was an interesting case. The elderly woman ran out with the axe from the house and began to run around a bench. She shouted: “All will die, and I will remain“, all children ran up on houses, and the scared neighbors looked at it from the windows. It stopped near an entrance where there was a wooden bench and began to cut it with the axe, it cut it with such force that in 10 minutes the bench turned into small pieces of wood. The people passing by asked: “Why you do it?“, to what the elderly denshchina sent all a mat. All process was seen by the neigbour Irika: “It is horror, just ancient century, I approached it, but it was not in itself and nearly snatched on me“.

the Elderly woman when broke completely a bench quietly went home, and neighbors and an administaration left everything unpunished. To people all the same? Or they just do not want to climb? It unfortunately is unknown to us. But as we learned then, the elderly woman swore about the husband and after that arranged disorder. Her husband told that at it it happens. But the reason is unknown to him. He just was late at work, and it got a hysterics. Neighbors told that it is not absolutely adequate. The elderly woman who is called Luda wants to bring order to the area, but at her so far only it turns out to crush it. The woman repeatedly did dirty tricks to neighbors: flooded, gossiped, complained to ZhEK. But there is more to come, angry Luda`s neighbors got a dog, but the elderly neigbour categorically against, it does everything that the dog did not live in a house. The mistress of a dog rodelitsya with us: “It is the neigbour actually inadequate, she hates all, but in too time and is on friendly terms. She says that better we would take the child from orphanage, than got a dog. The normal person of it will not tell. It turns out everything at whom a dog, to take children from a shelter? The dog at us is imparted, goes on a lead and in a muzzle, we live on the 4th floor, she on 5. And how it can be disturbed by a dog? The woman is mentally not healthy, I do not know what it is caused, but it is necessary for her is treated. I have no words any more“. Still as we learned, the neigbour has a good and big family. It has a husband, daughters and grandsons. Luda does not feel the guilt, she considers that she did right thing, having broken a bench. Some people managed to photograph process of a lomaniye of a bench on the mobile phone, and someone even managed to photograph. Neighbors want that angry Luda was punished, and also a new bench. But for some reason all are afraid and want to undertake nothing. Who will help them? Or all - all all the same? Unfortunately the government in the city of Sterlitamak for this purpose does nothing or just does not want to do? Why it remained with impunity? Especially she did not pay for this bench and a bench property of the state. Who will help residents of Sterlitamak will cope with the neigbour? There have to be good people to whom not all is equal. But alas, such unfortunately did not remain if to judge by this history.

is still unknown to All that pushed the elderly woman on such step. Now the woman freely walks about indifferently down the street.