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I want to warn At once that in it, quite discouraging and unusual text, you should not look for parallels with mystical theories like Gurdzhiyev, etc. All subsequent reasonings on deep essence of ours “I“ are made on the basis of enough certain conclusions of generalization of mechanisms of the mental phenomena About system neurophysiology. It does not set a task to deny, disprove or prove impossibility of existence of the embodiments of such concepts as soul, just because it is incorrect to prove what even is strictly not defined as concept. What cannot be object of research so far will remain beyond the scope of this text of :)

What it is - YOU?

Happens, having just woken up, without realizing itself yet and without understanding where and when, we already feel that center concerning which we will try to be defined. It not just feeling perceived because still even just seen is not distinguished. This that basic feeling, free so far from any impressions and any specifics of the personality which makes a consciousness basis, soul of the I. If It exists, all the rest is already not so important because its disappearance would mean the end to all the rest.

Quite seldom death happens sudden (even in the war are ready to it in advance) and in it - not the main thing - loss of the loved one with which you are in time not that to reconcile, but to get on somehow. The idea of death strikes with what the whole world which you were and a basis of your feeling has to disappear somewhere. No matter as strongly you change on life. It is important to keep a basis of.

From all changes in life death - the most radical, the most mysterious and, therefore, the most frightening. Honor

at everyone in life it is possible to allocate the periods when it changes very strongly, sometimes nearly to opposite lines. Former views, many values, even habits which were based on a former way of life change not less, than they would differ in comparison with other person. Besides, all body is updated during life at the cellular level more than once. Actually it is about consecutive existence of various persons. But there is something binding: basic feeling.

As about such assumption (which can be quite seriously proved) what it in general at all people is identical? (Even if to speak about Soul, then it is supposed that it - only a particle of the general - God.) . So, consecutive existence of various people during visible life as if one body (which also - that all the time is updated). Without any oplakivaniye of former, forever lost. Unless somebody was sorry as the dead lost himself in the childhood? Well, there passed the snotty childhood, well passed fondly - impudent youth, and figs with them. Any special grief. And why then there has to be a grief from thought that also the present phase of existence IN THE SAME WAY will leave, and will remain only in memoirs (personal if close people what, in principle, differs with nothing since in both cases the image of the person is localization in a brain of its model of perception - behavior and it is formed absolutely the same whether the image is itself or an image of other person)?

I offer mental experiment. You come into 100% a duplicator and leave together with the absolute copy. In principle, nothing impossible in such experience, except its technical realization, seems, no laws of the nature are broken.

By the way if there is a Soul, what at the same time will be with it? :) It is logical to assume what in the original of a shower and will remain. And copy? Will be without soul or in it something will be installed? And if there is no concept of the original, and duplication will happen by the principle of division of a cage on two? But you should not go deep into the world of mystical assumptions where there is no opportunity to be convinced of something, but there is an infinite set of opportunities “to explain“ something with new neopredelennost.

First that occurs: there were two new personalities who every moment become more and more different owing to dissimilarity of situation. But also in each individual changes constantly develop. And then it would be correct to speak about consecutive existence of a number of persons? In any case, after duplication they will differ much less than each of them in a couple of years :)

From here in general arises a conclusion that the concept of the personality does not characterize deep essence of human mentality. In any case, not qualitatively.

Really, researchers cannot find qualitative difference of people even from other highest animals. the Intuition prompts

that at duplication quite long time the behavior and all reactions of both copies will be identical. Tells nothing against such assumption. Therefore let will be so especially as it does not influence further conclusions.

Since. experience was put for the only purpose to clear the attitude towards death, doubles are faced by a question of elimination of one of them :) It is clear, that each of them will test a protest from thought of the murder though he will not be concerned at all by thought of death of the duplicate, - it as was before will become, - any grief :)

Quite another matter will be if during duplication there was a side effect - a possibility of telepathic communication on the basis of full and deep mutual understanding of another as itself. Both consciousnesses, in - the first, right there will find the identity. And in - the second, which of them will die now will already be him all the same. It is quite thin moment which needs to be experienced to be convinced of it.

By the way, something similar to duplication occurs at the compelled operations of a section of a calloused body of a brain - that crossing point which provides communication of two halves of a brain. Though at the same time features of the persons presented in each of halves, full division nevertheless sharply begin to be shown does not occur because too many communications, including through external environment of the general body, remains. But the nature puts also more abrupt experiments: the stroke, happens, completely destroys the identity of one of brain halves, without special visible accident for another. That is at the person not so one personality :)

I is not fabricated situational abstraction. The matter is that at the person the mentality consists of a set of models of and models of all people famous to it, animals, plants, dynamics of the nature (that is why natural phenomena are so easily animated, are allocated as if with own consciousness, appear manifestations of a deity). Each of them specializes (it is optimized, LIVES) for certain conditions, for example, one is a partner in dances, another - the performer of professional work, the third - the lover etc. More, that, each model is even more stratified on a submodel: the partner for dances at a party at home, the partner for dances on a visit.

The fact that it quite so, was revealed in many neurophysiological experiments when localization of a specific response of activity (for example on the heard word) depended on experimental conditions: in what time of day in what mood etc. there was experimental. It was revealed also in psychological experiments when focus of consciousness (and managements) was transmitted through hypnosis to other model and the person became “the great artist“ or therefore or even by itself, but in absolutely not the corresponding this situation of a form (up to himself in the former embodiments). It naturally follows during structural synthesis of the famous data in a picture of ideas of work of a brain.

If to experience the thin moment in experiment with duplication, then becomes clear that in general identity of persons is not so important that any, having adequately understood (and having forgiven :)) other personality, is convinced that it - actually same that your own, only in other situation. That in general all people are based on somebody the same feeling I, differ only with options of its embodiment in various conditions: both initial (genes), and existence. And in this basic I am not present anything mysterious, its essence is quite clear (but it is another story :)) to

At surgical interventions, happens, considerable parts of a brain, sometimes, about orange are cut out by size. At the same time neither the patient, nor his relatives notice any changes in his mentality and behavior. (if it is only not ancient areas of a brain or not too extensive, like a lobotomy). Just the person loses some structures responsible for his life experience in specific conditions. From a huge set of models of the personality almost without consequences the insignificant part perishes. Any grieves and problems!

the Brain of the person represents idyll of coexistence of many persons specialized for certain conditions - the perfect and perfect embodiment of a communistic ideal in one separately taken brain :) Specialization of people in society very much reminds

specialization of models of the personality in a brain. And the more progress, the more this compliance goes deep. Besides, with promptly developing systems of communication, communication between persons becomes more and more similar to mutual influence of models of persons in a brain.

Nothing interferes with the fact that soon there will be systems of communication implanted in a brain like the personal built-in radio phones. Their interface can be so developed that will allow to communicate, actually, mentally nearly images. It will qualitatively mix distinctions between the persons staying in separate bodies and models of persons in a brain.

the World can become very similar on structure to the organization of models of persons in a brain. Then there will be also the corresponding attitude towards each of them. In particular, in a question of death. But, most likely, everything is realized in much more interesting and unexpected forms.

So, to us it is not important, eventually, what we in each this timepoint even if we will change to contrast. Us only the most basic feeling worries. And at the level of telepathic communication, and, so actually, this feeling at all is identical. What is it, we will try to understand a bit later...

For now still - arguments in favor of the fact that no identity can be unique in sense of the basic feeling. What is not realizable owing to reasons of probability of existence of such uniqueness.

One human male has the single impregnating potential in hundreds of millions virtual descendants, each of which could develop in a being, condemned during life incalculable number of times: a) to otshchelkat teeth during food, b) to turn eyes, examining the world, c) to realize the impregnating potential, increasing incredibility of appearance of new virtual descendants even not in geometrical, and in an astronomical progression. Yes, incredibility! Only estimate as you were lucky that once that only virtual descendant reached the treasured purpose and as a result there were YOU, feeling the I.

A what infinitesimal was probability that in general your parents will meet if to estimate this probability, starting with dinosaurs??? It is possible to tell safely that if you consider yourself one and only in the Universe, then the probability of your emergence is equal to absolute zero! But why you feel by itself, but not someone as another??? there is no

, of course, each grain of sand in the desert is unique and unique just because it arose as result of the chain prichinno - investigative changes. But why your feeling came to be in this body if that and another is so unique?

From all heap of possible explanations, only reasonable and not conflicting to anything, seems only one: at all people, and it is wider - at all animals, in general capable to feeling, this feeling - same. And distinction - only in what forms of it the unique personality during accumulation of experience in surrounding reality with these features of a body and opportunities of mentality. It means that right now each of the people existing on Earth is watched at the world with just the same samoshchushcheniye of the by me as well as YOU. Brightly imagine it, having stayed on the place of any other person :) I hope to you it without effort will work well! At a certain experience becomes to consider enough all conditions and circumstances to understand of what other person thinks. I watched

On life two couples of twins. One couple - one-egg, boys (pay attention to a comma :)) - friends of my brother, another - the schoolmates who were born one by one within an hour. The first couple - actually - the same person in duplicate. I long communicated with them, hardly distinguishing not on appearance that was absolutely impossible, and on manners. And so, psychologically, active and uneasy boys - poor students differed much stronger, than the slowed-down girls - honors pupils who externally at each other were strikingly not similar. Only Wednesday (individual physical these bodies - part of the environment concerning mentality) applies a print on mentality. More than anything.

All people appear much more the close friend to the friend, than it would seem: they in the basis - same and therefore to understand and forgive happens not so difficult, there would be a desire :) And to die already not so terribly, without feeling sorry for something that and so to a fig in the world :) the truth, losing all that this life, but how many around the people knowing you there is so much also memories of you gave you, and time these memoirs are models you, not different from models you in your brain, on the basis of identical base of feeling, you continue to live in the heads of others. And it not just words: if by means of hypnosis or other means to transfer a consciousness point I to model of yours I, then other person actually becomes you so, this model is how exact. But you also are not stable on life at all and change so that if to judge by striking differences of mentality, it is possible to speak about consecutive existence of several persons in one body during his life.

If to sum up everything, then such picture turns out. Billions of people live in the world, each of which feels exclusiveness of the I which is presented by all gradually created experience of its relation to all details of reality and continuing to be formed every moment understanding. They have no access to feeling of strangers I, perceiving everything only concerning themselves. It is dispersal I in space.

at the same time each person, everyone his subpersonality active at present, constantly leaves itself former, with each new understanding of what was seen it modifies the assessment and becomes another. It has an access to perception concerning itself in a present situation, but there is no access to perception of in the past and the future. It even has no access to the other subpersonality: they can only replace in turn one another and obtain information from other subpersons on association as soon as it is more effective, than we obtain information each other. It in the past can differ on perception from itself(himself) in the present even more, than differs from perception something concrete other people. It is dispersal I in time.

At the person is formed so many systems of the relation forming a basis different it I - to how many conditions it was to it necessary to adapt. Subpersons enter game, appearing on a crest of a present situation in turn. It is dispersal I in one body.

Ya is invariable only till the next moment of understanding which modifies memory of the past the new relation. I am a flight on a crest of a present situation. And this flight, in sense of integrity of existence, I deprive of any distinctions with others in present situations of the existence. We can faint, then recover, but without having restored completely the integrity any more. And in this time others continue to feel the life and to change themselves the changing relation. In principle the problem of existence complete I - does not exist. There are only problems of the personal attitude towards death...

That from the general reasonings to pass to concrete I understand that such basic feeling, it is necessary to consider as mentality mechanisms in a brain are realized.

Summary of this studying following.

All receptors of a body can be divided into those which signal about undesirable, negative impact on a body (or an undesirable condition of the body) and that which speak about desirable influence external or results of own behavior. Of course, this assessment is primary and ambiguous in many cases, even such as signals of pain receptors which in certain cases can be results of influence, connected with desirable for an organism. But the profile of activity of all these receptors in a brain forms the certain information indicator estimating their importance: system of the importance of the personality or system of values. It becomes complicated with development of life experience and opportunities of an organism and from two extremes “well“ and “badly“ begins to be subdivided into an increasing number of estimates - emotions, each of which keeps the negative or positive basic assessment. It is absolutely necessary to correct the behavior, blocking unsuccessful or stimulating successful and by that to operate attention for its focusing towards the choice of the most successful in these conditions. It is realized at formation of long-term memory in the form of brake or exciting communications.

System of indication of an orientation of mental reactions in essence is absolutely identical to all organisms capable to correction of personal life experience with use of system of an assessment, i.e. is evolutionary starting with birds. All other nuances of a response of this system - reflection of the current conditions and specifics of already saved up personal experience.

the General background of signals from all types of receptors in the mode of their readiness for perception (in difference of block a dream) is also basic feeling. It does not depend on types of the used receptors: the organism can be deprived of sight or hearing or sense of smell or to have individual distinctions of these receptors. Only the background of wakefulness, readiness for perception distinguishing everything that it is ready to influence from the outside and him is important. It is also the Ego, the initial point of coordinates I rather outside world, understanding of a vydelennost I rather external. Those mental processes which are connected by the activity with activity of this indicator of system of an assessment, are realized and have thereby an opportunity to exert the operating impact depending on an assessment sign, the others - are not realized and make unconscious mental processes. In other words, that active area of a brain where channels of attention for receptors and effectors with all hierarchy of “primary“, “secondary“ and “tertiary“ analyzers and systems of synthesis of programs of responses open is realized.

Is clear that to experience at once all this difficultly, but, at desire, quite perhaps :) But if to realize and accept all this, then very important conclusions concerning the most various things, from a way of research of the world to understanding that it is capable to fill life with sense will follow.

All our habits and beliefs result from the fact that, based on the most basic system of the attitude towards reality and itself, everything perceived is learned only in the form of the personal relation to perceived. The heard phrase how many “important“ information it would not contain, for the child almost does not make any sense and is not capable to cause any beliefs almost. But, facing the reality somehow connected with those things about what it was said in that phrase, the person tries on a situation and its consequences on himself, building options of possible behavior, checking them, eliminating what causes in it a negative response and bringing closer what causes positive emotions. More and more becoming stronger in correctness of the choice of some behavior or a way of a reasoning, the personal belief grows. Knowledge appears only in the form of personal experience, but not the data received from somebody whatever authoritative that was.

Happens that the belief arises in the head spontaneously: such here firm confidence in correctness of the thoughts of relatively still personally not tested. But it in principle differs in nothing from still not checked data whatever manyashche desired were they. Only personal experience is capable to give the true relation to them. And then often it turns out that everything is in practice perceived absolutely differently.

Turns out that the personality can be equated to the gathered life experience and to call this experience intelligence (in that area in what he specialized), but it is not basic feeling which can be primitively pure and naive, almost deprived of impressions and the relation to everything at all. Life experience constantly changes, the personality respectively too constantly changes, but deep feeling, - the most important system of coordinates of mentality among reality, remains the same.

The desire to leave a mark in memory of people around and descendants, is shown from a ridiculous act of the Fame-thirsty person to interest in creativity which is made out in the look available to others, but not for itself personally. Those who consider that keen geniuses create for self-satisfaction are mistaken though they often sacrifice to the creativity not only themselves, but also surrounding relatives. Without the left mark, influence on others, life of the personality, whatever considerable experience it reached, it does not make sense.