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How coffee helps to define character of the person?

Someone loves tea, and someone - coffee. You sometime reflected why the girlfriend always orders a cappuccino, the father drinks only espresso, and the best friend most often prefers latte? It appears, between character of the person and his favourite drink there is an interrelation.

of Espresso - the strong black coffee made in the coffee machine. This is some kind of “king of laboratory“ - on his basis all other coffee drinks are created.

Espresso enjoys popularity at realists, conservatives and extremely straightforward people. It is difficult to convince them of something, making decisions, they are guided only by own principles. But in everything it is possible to rely on them. Fans of this drink most often prefer elite cars, strict style, classical music.

Latte - the layered coffee cocktail consisting of espresso, milk and a small amount of dairy foam. Pouring in dairy foam, baristas apply drawing on drink surfaces.

Latte are preferred by the people loving publicity. They have a good sense of humour. Most often they are soul of the company and enjoy wide popularity at an opposite sex. In the evening of the day off these people for certain somewhere cheerfully spend time. To them to liking dancing rhythms, noisy parties and restaurant food.

A cappuccino - mix of espresso and the made foam milk. For its preparation of espresso in the ratio one to one mixes up with milk and dairy foam. It is coffee drink, the second for popularity, in the world.

The cappuccino are loved by romantics, dreamers and everything at whom feelings prevail over reason. To a bowl of all these people have kind heart, open soul and appreciate in surrounding honesty. Many fans of this ideally balanced drink prefer to live by the sea, to go by sedans, to listen the qualitative priest. And still they are sweet teeth.

Amerikano - the espresso diluted with hot water or prepared in the filter coffee maker.

Fans an americana are rational and prefer to enjoy life to the full. They are always in time, look for the shortest way to achievement of the purpose, as a rule, are successful. They like a bohemian way of life, refined music and sports cars. Similar persons most often choose housing far away from the downtown as they do not suffer vanity. Or, as a last resort, the quiet isolated court.

It will be fair to notice that recipes of coffee much more, than four. How to be if your interlocutor ordered something another? Connect logic and analogy. For example, ristetto, doppio, coffee orientally - can be carried to group of espresso. Coffee on - Vienna - to a cappuccino. And espresso makiato - to latte.

That is from a kofepitiya it is possible to take not only flavoring pleasure, but also to improve the psychological skills. Especially it is useful to heads of all ranks and those who often conduct negotiations. To the head rather some time to observe that his subordinates drink to make idea of their character. At negotiators time for psychological researches is limited. Therefore do not forget to take an interest unostentatiously at “opposite side“ what coffee she prefers? The answer will allow to draw a conclusion with the smallest mistakes.

“To get skilled“ at such coffee psychoanalysis, I suggest to be trained on relatives, acquaintances and friends. It is possible “to zayakorit“ on separate groups of drinks familiar images with the most pronounced characteristics. For example, espresso - mother, an americana - the son, a cappuccino - I, latte - Vasya. Then the assessment of character of your business partner will occur almost instantly.

And what coffee is loved by you? And your coffee addictions can tell a lot of things about you...