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Garbage - secondary application of

Garbage - in the heads.

The is more insatiable people in consumption - the more waste.

Growth of spirituality and morality reduces thirst of consumption in the person.

Increase in garbage in many respects occurs from - for excessive the interest in packing which is given rise because of decline of spirituality, loss of modesty, growth of importance, a facade, boasting.

Than the person is more practical - the unnecessary he throws out less.

to Reduction of waste is promoted by economy.

Thrift slows down process of failure of the acquired objects of use and purchase of new.

the Ban on burning of garbage by the population exists, and it is not difficult to check it. But government institutions on places are engaged in it formally - to save on the universal organization of system of collecting waste, their export and utilization.

All taxpayers have the identical right for a possibility of delivery of garbage at the place of residence.

When burning waste and, especially plastic are allocated dangerous poisons, from - for whom there is serious illness, including, such as asthma, a heart attack, cirrhosis, cancer.

Burning of garbage - is its raising and movement across the adjacent territory.

When burning waste, breaking up to small particles, rising, hot air and, being carried away by wind, it is sprayed on the Earth`s surface, getting on vegetation, animals and people.

Derivative fires getting to the soil, it is soaked up by root system in plants and gets to fruits.

the Carbon monoxide emitted when burning - is very hazardous to health.

At oven heating leads carbon monoxide to death when closing the gate of a pipe at the fuel rest in 1% and it at the most environmentally friendly option when wood is burned.

lead Fires to the fires.

Fires worsen quality of the stored food.

Fires, zadymly sowings of agricultural crops, worsen quality of a harvest.

the Smoke of fires, getting into lungs of farm animals and a forage, worsen quality of their production.

Industrial processing and utilization and even collecting garbage on primitive open dumps multiply reduce its harmful effects. there is no

If a certain place for garbage removal - it become any. there is no

If a certain place for garbage removal - in its utilization begin to be engaged all.

of the Place for garbage removal has to settle down not far.

Even symbolical payment for emission of garbage can frighten off the population.

Division and sorting of garbage facilitates its utilization and secondary application.

the Second time the earth will cover not a pernicious glacier - and waste.

At invariable situation not war and not collision of the earth with a great comet - and

environmental disaster will lead

to a doomsday mankind.

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