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How penguins breed and advertized?

Destiny a pingvinenka


“Swept up in the field a pingvinenok …

there is no more mother - kind ink, there is no

more father - angry Ping …“.

(S. Chapurina “The Chukchi punk“)
the biggest congestions of penguins (to hundred thousand couples) are formed by

at all not from desire of birds “to hang out“ or hold meeting. Removal of baby birds and their protection - here the most important purpose of numerous colonies. And is warmer, and it is more convenient to be protected from enemies. For penguins 40-50 - percentage death of baby birds and eggs - not the outstanding tragedy, but severe reality.

I. Tsiginilsky: “Being protected by

from the worst enemies of skua gulls who steal eggs and weak baby birds, the penguin starts the main weapon - flippers. The blow backhand in the leg put in high fur boots or boots is already sensitive. Needless to say that when such blow is necessary on the hand unprotected by clothes, dislocation or a fracture is provided“.

However, we will return to the process of an incubation. Not at all penguins it is identical, however by way of illustration we will choose the most “courageous“ look - imperial penguins. Not only that they lay eggs in June (and it is a depth of the Antarctic winter - a hemisphere - that southern!) so also at all do not build nests.

On beliefs penguins - monodins, i.e., couples are created almost for the rest of life. If peacocks attract females with the beauty, and deer - tournament victories, then our heroes in everything rely on a voice. The male begins to shout and waits when the female responds to his unique “serenade“. The “sung“ couples as a result bring egg which the female soon passes to the spouse into world, and itself runs away in the sea on a pro-forage.

Daddy carefully holds egg on paws, covering from above with a stomach fold. Even temperature in egg does not fall to the most severe frosts lower than 33,6 degrees. And there is a penguin - the father, actually without moving within 9 weeks. During this time it, except snow, feeds on nothing therefore to return of the spouse can lose up to 40% of the weight. But not this most surprising! If the female suddenly for some reasons by the time of hatching does not keep up, the male finds forces and means itself to feed a baby bird. Special glands which process fat into smetanoobrazny weight begin to work. This “pigeon`s milk“ also decants by method of companies - in - a mouth a male to the baby bird!

But here, at last, from “earnings“ the joyful fattened mummy comes back. The male transfers it her child, and itself hasty hobbles towards “seafood“. The baby bird is still covered with down and will be able to float only after a molt (somewhere in half a year). But it is already curious and begins in three - four-week age from the mother to leave. Sometimes it comes to an end badly. Also put here not only in “bandits - skua gulls“. All trouble is that penguins - are extremely philoprogenitive. Therefore the bachelor or the female who lost a baby bird are constantly ready to pull together and “adopt“ the stood gaping kid. Sometimes similar adoption comes to the end with fight as a result of which the baby bird usually perishes (a good parable for some psychologist of the getting divorced married couples).

V. Nikolaev: “Baby birds stared at me black, without any expression, eyes, then touched beaks of a sole of boots and drew near closer … In it it is a high time from herd the keen observer - an adult penguin separated. Hasty approached, pushed pingvinit a moire paunch, terribly clicked a beak in my party. And then spread wide wings and, working with them as hands, slaps drove both kids in herd“.

Among already grown up baby birds observe such interesting phenomenon as “a children`s day nursery“. It when 20 and more fluffy teenagers bunch. It is considered that their parents go to “work“ (feeding) at this time, and watches several adult “tutors“ ptentsovy group.

However, some scientists consider that “day nursery“ - the phenomenon absolutely spontaneous. Like, the baby birds who lost parents and thus escaping from cold get to them, and adults to these companies are present no business.

the Totem for polar explorers

“The programmer`s daughter before the open-air cage with penguins:

“Oh! The father, look - LINUXES!!!“.

Only considerable remoteness from the centers of a civilization is explained by

almost total absence of penguins in culturally - mythological space. I do not doubt that inhabit Antarctica some Eskimos, the penguin certainly would become the hero of the most various legends and, most likely, even the totemic ancestor!

For this reason the penguin not only did not get to folklore, but, fortunately, avoided also “black list“ of the exterminated birds. Meat at penguins, probably, tasteless, too nobody especially hunts for eggs. However, some time from penguins quite successfully extracted fat … But now these birds perish generally from - for invasions of the person into their habitat. It first of all concerns those types which inhabit civilized continents. So in Cape Town (Republic of South Africa) local authorities even decided to build the crosswalk that they perished under wheels of cars less often for penguins.

However, in the XX century penguins managed to intrude in an information field actively. The amusing birdie captivated a set of animated films, packings of ice cream, all emblems, by her call ice-hockey teams (“Pittsburgh pingvinz“), she symbolizes the well-known Linux operating system - the main competitor of Microsoft.

Linus Torvalds, David Daymond “Just for Fun“:

“According to Linus … for the first time these Antarctic creations seriously arose as an official mascot of an operating system in conversation with two high-ranking linuksoida.

to Tuva introduces the amendments in this version: “He decided that idea bad - time it mine. Also continued to think of a symbol. Once we were in Boston with Meddog and Henry Hall. They began to speak about symbolics. I speak to them: or perhaps penguin? It was pleasant to them. Henry Hall mentioned the artist who can draw a penguin, but this option did not work. Then Linus threw a call on the Internet that sent it images of penguins“. He chose Larry Ewing`s option - the schedule working at Institute of scientific calculations of A &M university in Texas. some penguin had to be

It not just. In - the first, Linus wanted that he had a happy look as though it just credited a beer keg, and then was delayed with the girlfriend. But the main thing - the penguin has to be recognizable. Therefore, though at all other penguins beaks and flippers black, at Linux mascot they orange as though the father of this penguin was a drake. Perhaps, Daffi Dak during cruise across Antarctic has love affairs short with a local birdie“.

Wants to believe that the sympathy of mankind for penguins will not allow these unique birds to share lot of a wingless auk.

A joke in a subject:

“On the street of heat of 30 degrees. The man is lucky in the refrigerator of penguins in a zoo. Suddenly halfway the car breaks. What to do? The man did not become puzzled - began to thumb lifts … Asks to take all on one penguin in a zoo. People at us kind, agree … There was with it one penguin, and here just “new Russian“ goes:

- Bring, please, a penguin to a zoo …

- the Mobster, there are no questions!

In two hours: the happy man washes the car. Suddenly sees: “new Russian“ back goes, and the penguin sits on a back seat and ice cream eats.

- … I asked to bring to a zoo …

- Yes do not worry, the mobster, everything is normal - we and in a zoo were, and in the Disneyland, now we go to “McDonald`s““.