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How to choose daughter nurse?

Modern mothers not seldom do not leave the career even after the child`s birth. A few years ago mother was successfully replaced by grandmothers and other relatives, now this tradition dies away. Habitual was succeeded by new assistants for young mothers - professional nurses. Would show, this solution of many problems, but the choice of the nurse for the native child - difficult business with which not everyone can cope. Some parents for months choose a suitable candidacy, but cannot decide, others change nurses as gloves because any nurse cannot please them. Actually, to choose your child nurse not so difficult if to adhere to certain criteria at communication with candidates.

1) Age.

Age plays not the last role if you look for the ideal nurse. In Europe and the USA children are often looked after by teenagers, but owing to a difference of mentalities, you should not trust the child to other child who is most senior for several years. The nurse has to be rather adult to understand the duties and to bear responsibility, but it should not be too elderly that the state of her health did not prevent care of the child. The age of the good nurse fluctuates between 20 - 50 years.

2) Experience.

the Nurse with experience of communication with children is much better than that which only begins to test in this profession, especially, if the small child. In general, the less your kid, the more has to be experience of the nurse. It is good if it has children or she spent with children of the same age much time, as your kid. It means that the nurse possesses all necessary skills and did not forget yet how to change a diaper or to learn the alphabet.

3) Education.

Can say that they before the nurse had no vocational education, but at the same time easily coped with the duties. But now times changed also presence of education at the nurse - big plus in its advantage. If your kid did not reach 3 - 4 summer age, he will suit the nurse with medical education more. Small children need the correct leaving and food more, than serious intellectual development. The nurse which will be able quickly to distinguish the beginning cold, to provide first aid much better, than the nurse which is able to teach children to play grand piano. When the child grows up, also priorities will be replaced, then you need the nurse which will be able to monitor development of the child and will help it to be trained for school, then experts with pedagogical education will be useful.

4) Recommendations.

Is good if your nurse “devolved“ to you from relatives or friends to whom you completely trust. If the nurse came from agency, ask recommendations from former employers and take an interest in opinion of the manager of agency on features of work and character of your nurse. The ideal nurse is, first of all, the responsible, executive person who loves children. Is able to treat them, differs in quiet character and it is not inclined to differences of mood. The nurse will be quieter and more self-assured, the its relations with the child will be better, excess emotions can be harmful.

5) Documents. the nurse has to have

as it should be the passport, a registration and the medical book. Existence of references about health of such expert is obligatory. You have to be convinced that there are references not only from the therapist, but also from the venereologist, the psychotherapist, all necessary tests are made. Health of the nurse should not threaten health of the kid at all.

6) Duties.

enters duties of the nurse very many things. Each family stipulates the requirements separately. Usually the nurse completely is engaged with the child - feeds, changes clothes of him, walks and plays with him. The nurse can cook to the child food and wash his dirty things in the washing machine, tide up the room of the child as necessary. But it is worth understanding that the nurse is not the cook and not the cleaner therefore you should not force it to wash the floors in all apartment and to make a dinner on all family, you take away that time which it will spend on you from the child. Surely specify

in what time and what the nurse has to feed the kid with - in all that repents food your opinion and opinion of doctors is important. You have the right to state wishes at the right time and durations of walks, games and occupations.

7) Contact with a family.

the good nurse easily finds a common language with all family members. There will be nothing good if she communicates with the kid well, and with other family members constantly clashes. But, nevertheless, contact with the child has to be on the first place. If the nurse is pleasant personally to you, but the child for some reason refuses to remain with it, you should not risk, perhaps, it will be better to look for replacement.


Many parents control work of the nurses. If the person not the acquaintance, you have to check how he copes with the duties. Ways to control the nurse a set - it is possible to come back home at different times, and it is possible to ask neighbors to look several times a week. Some parents mount the hidden cameras. If you consider it as need, then have the right to do everything that you will consider necessary for safety of the child.

It is not simple to find the good nurse, but it is not that task which cannot be executed. Whatever spoke, it is enough good experts, it is necessary to approach only carefully and responsibly the choice of the nurse. If your child is happy, healthy and will develop according to the age, and the nurse will easily communicate wasps all family members, can be sure, your personal Mary Poppins what is necessary.