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Not economical economy. What the consumer pays for? Present

, you invented piece very necessary to all. Not piece, but lovely sight: it is necessary to all, production requires a hydropress and two Tajik, the raw materials does not cost anything because is garbage and rolls under legs. And here you decided to do much good for mankind for what, having devastated a moneybox, you got this press and employed a couple of guest workers.

Everything is ready to production start, but here it becomes clear that it is impossible to make directly so anything, and the state registration of the enterprise, in this case Limited liability companies, at least is required. And differently it will be not business, and a frank ugolovka. Having decided to be guided in the activity by any codes, except criminal, you postpone start of production and start registration actions. On the way still need of legalization Ravshanov and Dzhumshutov gets out for what it is necessary to work out this question in migratory service.

While the matter it was resolved, turned out that it would also be quite good “to ustakanit“ future production with the district police officer / firefighter / medical officer / local administration / labor inspection and still the whole mass of the controlling state employees. Besides, following the made decision to do business most lawfully and not to leave to the severe criminal legislation the slightest chance of intervention in production, the accountant, the lawyer and “sekretutka“ on primary document flow is employed. This Trinity of white collars will parasitize on a body of the world proletariat in this case presented in the form of two hard workers from Central Asia, increasing prime cost of a final unit of production.

Money it is off-schedule spent guard how many, and you should go to bank behind the credit where it is given willingly on the security of a svezhekuplenny press and the apartment what the wife is very not glad to. But here everything is ready and vigorous guest workers start production of this of piece remarkable and necessary to all. Here it becomes clear that prime cost is counted by you in a root incorrectly and ways of goods to the consumer are followed by one more barrier - the organization of sale per se. The entrance to retail networks costs money, to build the marketing grid even more expensively, the organization competent the Internet - shop - pleasure too not absolutely cheap and recognition of goods would be advisable too, and it is for this purpose necessary - advertizing.

Parasites on a body of the proletariat increases as you employ still a couple of managers, the programmer, the supervisor, the marketing specialist, one more accountant on shots, the secretary in the Internet - shop, the courier and the executive director as you kodly do not cope with this any more. 12 people already mounted upon a neck to two poor guest workers, demanding a salary significantly big, than from them, lifting up prime cost so all of the necessary, but already not so cheap piece up. Besides, the bank already wants percent on the credit and tax knocks at the door with thirst of taxes. Does not concern her that there is no profit yet - process already goes, money already wanders about the settlement account: credits, salaries, rent, advertizing and so on.

Well, at the time of a full-fledged entry of goods into the market, in each ruble of its prime cost only five kopeks are the share of direct creation of a product (a press and the proletariat), and ninety five kopeks are already forcedly “exaggerated“ prime cost. And still you would like to get also profit, otherwise why all this would be started.

Separately I focus attention that the ratio 95 to the 5th is not a metaphor, not embellishment of the text “for effect“, and severe realities of modern economy. Naturally, the most average. For example, you were in grocery store long ago? How many the kilogram of the Egyptian potato costs, saw? And you know the price from the producer of this necessary product in brotherly Egypt? Now I, probably, will kill someone with figure: ruble of kilograms, already in our native money. I absolutely competently declare it. For not interested at the price of potato (I heard, there are such people) I can report naked, average prime cost of Porsche Cayenne - 6000 euros. Well and everything it will be devilishly interesting to learn the “honest“ cost of construction of one square meter of housing in Moscow - something about four hundred turnkey dollars. All this in the prices of 2010 - 2011.

But we distracted. Having understood that Karl Marx`s “Capital“ became godlessly outdated, and your knowledge and ideas of economy are at the level of the abc-book and the alphabet, you go to bank behind the next credit. The miracle happened and the credit is obtained! What else adds a two-three of kopeks to prime cost in the form of loan percent, obligatory to payment. Process went, and the proletariat can start creation of material values again, and you forcedly employed a copper in white collars - to restore a rearrangement of pieces of paper from place to place.

Time passed, advertizing yielded result, entered into retail networks, the Internet - the shop earned. Everything goes just perfectly except that the oblagodetelstvovaniye of the people for three was not got paid by the necessary piece peanuts: the piece is still necessary, it is still made from garbage, but costs already very concrete money.

Without having managed to understand, it is good or it is bad, you face with new business - an irritant - close attention of various state structures to the person. Popularly explain to you that creation of legally correct business nothing in itself means and it is worth paying some sum in order that problems were not. All this already fine tired you also you to pay agree that too lays down on the prime cost swelling by leaps and bounds.

But to you already all the same - eventually, everything the consumer pays, and he got used, he will endure...