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Aquamarine: symbol of beauty, honesty and fidelity?

What is aquamarine? Aquamarine call blue or Xing - green beryl. Its name comes from the Latin words meaning water and the sea .

There are about ten more kinds of beryl - a green emerald, a golden geliodor, pink vorobyevit, etc.

of the Field

Aquamarine meets more often than other berilla. It is found in Brazil, India, Russia (Urals), Australia, the USA, Nigeria, Zambia, Pakistan, Mozambique, on Madagascar. Brazil is a source of the best aquamarines.

Colour of aquamarine

Colour of aquamarine - various shades of blue color. Crystals darkly - blue color are rare and are called in a different way - maksis - beryl or avgustit. Usually color of larger crystals more intensively, small - is lighter.

The cost of aquamarine depends on color, purity, quality of a facet, the size and uniqueness of a stone (for example, on existence of polikhromny effects, interesting types of inclusions etc.) .

Low cost: aquamarine of good color and size. The main reason for its low price - insufficient purity.

Average: it is a stone of high purity, but not too.

High cost: such aquamarine is valuable first of all from - for high purity, and by perfect it is done by a play of light. Color is beautiful though weak. Other factor raising the price - the big size (more 5th carat).

Very high values: aquamarine of rich blue color, similar are rare and dear to it. Very big size (more 15th carat), an ideal form and purity assume that such stone can cost several thousands of dollars.

Processing and correction of aquamarines

the Majority of aquamarines take place heat treatment or radiation for improvement of color. Subject to processing the natural (raw) aquamarines of pale shades containing inclusions.

When heating aquamarines can improve color, but will be always more pale, than the raw blue aquamarines which are the most expensive.

of Imitation of aquamarines and as to avoid them

Sometimes come across to imitation from glass. If old (in the use) small tsarapinka on its surface have to lead a stone to a conclusion that this glass as it is softer and easier scratched, than beryl. If in a stone it is possible to see small bubbles, it also means that we deal with glass.

For imitation of aquamarines use also synthetic blue spinel. Synthetic aquamarines (the same chemical composition, as natural) do not come across as process of their synthesis and the necessary equipment cost very much. To synthesize spinel is much simpler and cheaper.

It is possible to distinguish the synthetic spinel imitating natural aquamarine by careful studying of its color. Blue spinel has no characteristic plekhroizm of aquamarine (a plekhroizm - effect of change of color at change of an angle of supervision).

Storage and cleaning

Recommend to store aquamarines in the dark place as they often turn pale at long storage on the open sun.

It is necessary to clean the polluted jewelry with aquamarine in an ultrasonic bathtub or with water, soap and a soft brush. the Symbolics and a mystic force of aquamarine

In the ancient time aquamarine considered

as one of the most powerful magic stones.

It was used for production of the amulets cooling strong destructive passions, for the best understanding of the meaning of life, for ensuring comfort and emotional understanding surrounding us the world.

It is considered that aquamarine korrigirut thinking and behavior of its owner, suppresses everything that distorts laws of morals and morality. Aquamarine does not suit the people inclined to lie and deception.

Aquamarine teaches people and sates with the energy, transforming even the most primitive desires to something good and creative.

Removes problems in a family, helps to smooth the relations between spouses and provides long and happy marriage. Lyubov wakes up again as in ancient times. Many people choose and give a stone to the spouse.

Aquamarine promotes appearance of new friends. Provides courage and strengthens will. Protects from fraud.

It also helps to leave from dependence on alcohol, tobacco, etc.

the Excellent stone for meditation. Helps heart to get rid of fear, humiliation and does the person more inclined to forgive.

According to an ancient legend if the stone grows dull and turns green, it foretells a storm or that his owner is in bad mood.

Aquamarine is ideally suited as an amulet for seamen, people who are often traveling and those who pursue science.

Litoterapevta claim that he increases immunity, stabilizes nervous system, treats skin, a thyroid gland, kills headaches, sleeplessness and irrational fears.

We wish you to get successfully this happy stone aquamarine!