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Temptations during holiday. To resist or...?

We look forward to holiday.

It is good when it drops out for the summer, but also there is in the fall an opportunity to take the velvet season and to prolong rest. And in the spring - the first to catch a solar heat and suntan.

We prepare for holiday, in advance we buy bathing suits or tourist boots on a thick sole - depending on where we plan to go and what rest to arrange ourselves.

And, of course, holiday - a time of new meetings and acquaintances, flirtations and adventures. And temptations … What to do if on holiday the case and an opportunity to have love affairs passionate is presented to you: to rush to the abyss of passion or it is strict and with advantage to reject claims - holiday romances do not lead to anything good?

I will lower morally - ethical reasons, and also the facts of presence at you of the second half and a lot of children. Because they are not the factors influencing whether you will manage to resist to temptations of holiday. And what matters? Yes holiday, certainly!

I will consider the most popular options of holiday and danger of the related romantic relations.

1. The backpacking

For the most part of people is one of the most available and favourite types of rest. Such holiday is planned in advance, nearly for half a year: develop a route, buy equipment, make out visas.

It can be a horse campaign on the mountains, a rafting on a catamaran on the rough river, crossing of the desert by bicycles, ascension on top or descent in an underground cave. Holiday can be dated even for an automobile trip on the jeep - a festival.

Specifics of such rest are that you are in the cheerful and amicable company of relatives to you on spirit of people, together endure the hardships and deprivations of a camp life, are together heated at an evening fire and discuss adventures of day.

Rapprochement goes as fast as possible, the person with whom you got acquainted a week ago, today, after you pulled out it from ice water or together kindled a fire, it seems to you closer and most natively than the stayed at home attachments. The temptation is big to give in to suddenly arisen feeling of relationship and proximity, and each other can almost not resist from a temptation to know still better.

Plus will be if both of you are free: such holiday novel can end with a wedding also. Then together with children you will lay new routes. But even if nothing will turn out, this rest will be forever fanned for you not only memories of new impressions of priklyucheniiya of a campaign, and and new love experience.

The broken heart if you fall in love seriously will be minus, and your elect will count the romantic relations as necessary attribute only of the holiday, but not the life.

Even if everything will develop well, and you decide to try to construct the relations out of holiday, do not forget that the suntanned groom, on open spaces of Altai similar to the cowboy of the American westerns, can wildly look and feel dickey in bustling streets of the megalopolis. Why to you one more Crocodile of Dundee?

2. Rest by the sea under palm trees

surroundings disposes to flirtation, and opportunities for this purpose - is much bigger, than in a campaign. The attention can be received everywhere - at restaurant, in an evening disco, on the beach, at excursion. And it is possible to have love affairs also with the local contingent, and with the same vacationers, as well as you.

About dangers of holiday romances I will not repeat - unplanned pregnancy, venereal diseases, the same broken heart. Kohl so novels are necessary for you, it is possible to twist them and at home, with neighbors or fellow workers. And if you begin to be fond of love on holiday, then it can turn out as in a joke: “About! Here also the sea is!“

3. Rest culturally - fact-finding

If you went on holiday to Europe, America or Golden Ring tour, ahead of you waits for a set of fleeting meetings with same, as well as you, travelers, fans to learn new, to see the world from a different angle.

The chain of persons, the cities, sights will hardly leave the place for flirtation, but before temptation if that arises to resist will be difficult. And - it is not necessary. To learn other countries and the cities - so to the full extent! Otherwise, what you will need to remember in old age? Where Big - Ben, and where Parliament?

4. Holiday with children

Temptation can trap only one here - to leave children at home with the grandmother and to go to holiday of one. Otherwise not to see to you either rest, or temptations. The romantic relations can arise at you only with the doctor of hotel whom you will call to the next sick kid.

Though - you never can tell, life throws up to us surprises everywhere, and we cannot foresee behind what corner we are waited by happiness, big and pure as the Indian elephant...

Go to holiday, and there - understand on circumstances. Also remember that “it is better to make and regret, than not to make and regret“!