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How quickly to be prepared for summer? Councils for women. Day fifth, last

There now, fall soon, and all of us prepare for summer. Let`s present that we prepare not for summer, and … for holiday in Europe! There and in October summer, prepare - I do not want.

What at us today, in final day of preparation? We continue a diet, swimming and visit of a sunbed. Try to make sports activities your habit, because as doctors speak: “The movement can replace medicine, but any medicine will not replace the movement“. You already practically “orbited“ - the figure was tightened, the person is touched by golden suntan. Yesterday you made a pedicure, manicure and an epilation. Just in case I remind that epilirut usually legs, area of armpits and a zone of bikini.

In brief I will provide the scheme of your actions (suddenly you did not read four of my previous articles - the managements):

Day No. 1:



Day No. 2:



the Campaign on massage.

Day No. 3:



Treatment of hair.

Day No. 4:



Epilation. the last luster Is time to direct

. Finally we kept the most pleasant procedures:

1. Visit of the cosmetologist

Face peel . Even I will not argue with you - it is extremely necessary procedure. It is carried out by your cosmetologist with use of the soft peelings opening a time of procedures and special masks, suitable your type of skin. It is not necessary to do anything, you lay down on a soft table, you listen to the weakening music and … you fall asleep. You wake up already beautiful. And if your master has a table not idle time, and with effect of massage, then pleasure derived from procedure threatens to break all records.

Face peel, first of all, cleans the top, horny skin layer, opening access of oxygen to cages. Skin looks well rested, more equal and smooth. The stimulating peeling gives an impetus to updating. Further the master will relieve your person of black points (if they are), will make massage, will put calming or tightening (moistening, nutritious) a mask and will finish a session.

A result - your skin got rid of wrinkles, looks porcelain and well-groomed. And we pass to more fine detail of your face - to eyebrows.

Registration of eyebrows (and eyelashes). I Think, I will not tell anything new, having declared that eyebrows and eyelashes should be made up sometimes . In good salon, at the professional master who will pick up to you the corresponding shade that you did not look as the shamakhansky queen, with densely - black eyebrows in centimeter width. Blondes will be decorated by a cold graphite shade of eyebrows and eyelashes. Brunettes can not be afraid of black tones with blue. Owners of a fair hair will suit warm chocolate color of eyebrows. Options the weight, the main thing - to know when to stop.

Besides painting, the eyebrow should make out , that is, simply speaking - to pull out. You, of course, and can, having armed with tweezers, constantly sneezing and shedding tears (I have quite so all and occurs) to try to give to the eyebrows the ideal form, a bend and thickness, but we will remember words of our favourite heroine of the movie “Office romance“ Lyudmila Prokofyevna Kalugina while the secretary Verochka taught it to pull out eyebrows:

- Same under anesthetic it is necessary to do!

to Pinch eyebrows, really, not the most pleasant occupation in the world therefore entrust it to masters - they at least will make it quickly. And it is much easier to keep shape of an eyebrow than most to form it from scratch.

Being in this subject, I cannot but mention a permanent permanent make-up - as option for you in case the nature stinted to give you wide and dense eyebrows in Brezhnev`s style. Similar procedure in salons is carried out, itself can “make“ lips, eyebrows and even eyes. Without need to carry out a permanent make-up it is not necessary, but it is capable to keep considerably to you time and to facilitate morning collecting for work.

Still (if you had money after visit of beauty shops) important...

2. To visit the stomatologist

At least to check whether you do not have there what that could ache at the most pleasant moment of summer - when you on the island or in a horse campaign far from a civilization. Or on vacation, where treatment of one tooth will cost you in flight cost home. As at most - at the stomatologist it is possible to clean and polish teeth to smile in a full mouth all summer, rejoicing to the sun and itself.

And it is enough! Let we were in time not everything, but so and the summer never happens ideal - rains or a heat, mosquitoes or wasps, dust or wind. And this summer - I hope, not the last summer in your life. The nature has no bad weather, as well as there are no ugly women, happen - not well-groomed. Indulge and love yourself, then you will be queens not only in the summer, but also in the rests of the time of year.