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Whether it is possible to transfer energy only on one wire?

are obvious to Any person anyway understanding laws of physics that the electric chain has to make the closed contour, that is current goes on two wires. However, according to carried out two decades ago at All-Union electrotechnical institute by the engineer Stanislav Avramenko to experiences, it is possible to transfer the electric power on one wire (not closed contour).

About it the general public was reported for the first time in 1991 by Equipment of Youth magazine and its author Nikolay Zayev. For a past since then time of unambiguous interpretation of the phenomenon recorded by Avramenko with companions, still not. Argue on a phenomenon of “Avramenko`s Fork“ that is, the subject is quite actual.

How the phenomenal phenomenon of transfer of current on one wire which is not keeping within a framework of the conventional ideas of electrical equipment is carried out? Here to me the trolleybus seen in 1995 in the USA is remembered, - it had only one trolleya.

Thanks to records of the engineer and Zayev`s descriptions it is known that the electric circuit of experience of Avramenko consisted of the resonant transformer of Tesla (by name the inventor Nikola Tesla is called, primary winding eats tension with a frequency equal to the resonant frequency of a secondary winding), the only conductor of a power line, two opposite switched on semiconductor diodes, the condenser and a rated sportsman.

At connection of entrance conclusions of the resonant transformer to a source of an alternating voltage in a rated sportsman there is a spark - there is an air breakdown by electric discharges. They can be both continuous, and interrupted (reminding the category of the stun gun), repeat with the interval depending on the capacity of the condenser, size and frequency of tension attached to the transformer. On contacts of a rated sportsman a certain number of charges periodically collects. They can arrive only via the diodes straightening the alternating current existing in the line there. Thus, in Avramenko`s experience also the current pulsing in size and character circulates constant by the nature of.

Domestic engineers - experimenters in the Moscow electrotechnical institute gave still on July 5, 1990 the current equivalent to the power of 1,3 kW on the line. Electric resistance of a tungsten wire (diameter of 15 micrometers) exceeded resistance of usual electric wires (from aluminum or copper) the same length. Scientists still argue: under all laws of physics, there had to be big losses of the electric power, and a wire - to be heated and radiate heat. But, as N. Zayev writes, - during experiment “tungsten remained cold“. The line with one wire, in fact, had no resistance to electric current (had resistance close to zero), and represented “superconductor“. The effect is connected with currents of shift and with the resonant phenomena - coincidence of frequency of tension of the power supply and own frequencies of fluctuation of nuclear lattices of the conductor. It is difficult to overestimate practical value of these experiments. Today scientists want to take a new boundary: are engaged in development of electric equipment of system of an electricity transmission with a power of 100 (!) kW.

On original inventions of Avramenko it is really prolific, but as quite often happens, so and is unhappy - in respect of their demand in the fatherland. I did not manage to find reliable information about practical application of the most perspective, at first sight, of developments of the talented engineer and his companions, except for the comments described in popular magazines that foreigners (a gold medal of Salon of innovations in Brussels and a gold medal of Nikola Tesla) and … domestic “Gazprom“ vividly are interested in Avramenko; though it does not mean that S. Avramenko`s inventions do not apply. Perhaps, they are secret: prospects from use described the beskrayna phenomena as the horizon, can be also limited only to the imagination of the reader. With the minimum losses it is possible to transfer energy on any conducting and even to the isolated substances. For example, on an optical fiber information, and current - on a metal braid of a cable is transferred (transmission of energy on pipelines, the Russian Federation patent 2172546 (from 20. 08. 2001).

Patent 2136515 (10. 09. 1999) - the equipment for power supply of trams, trolleybuses, electric trains and electric cars by means of one trolls instead of usual two (on a rail current does not go, in the manner of trolleybuses to the USA).

The patent 2158206 (from 27. 10. 2000) - the equipment for an elekropitaniye of mobile electrical units (for example, balloons) on a superthin and easy cable.

The patent 2143735 - installation for transfer of jet currents on a laser beam (without wires), and outside the atmosphere - and on an electronic beam (patent 2163376).

It is not excluded that by means of “single-wire system of Avramenko“ devices for a blood stop work (from open wounds, at operations, for destruction of warts, papillomas and tattoos). And such not indisputable opinion managed to be got on the Internet.

What only does not happen, undoubtedly one - anyway is possible to transfer energy on one wire to distances.