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When it is possible to cook the best borsch for the Russian son-in-law? Of course, in August! There are no

If in the Ukrainian hut some borsch, then, in - the first, the man has nothing to eat, and in - the second is the definitely not Ukrainian hut.

When my one and only daughter who was born in the Urals and, probably, with an ulterior motive named Oksana, married the Ukrainian, I first of all learned to cook the Ukrainian borsch. And life disposed so that my grandsons - Ukrainians live with parents in Russia long ago, and I am Russian from the Finn - an Ugrian bias - the citizen of Ukraine from the date of its independence.

Now when I meet favourite Russians, for me the highest praise is the fact that the son-in-law Igoryosha loves mother-in-law`s borsch more, than borsch of the parents. In any case the son-in-law, grandsons, vskormlyonny “snickerses“, “the cook - Coca“ and other nonsense, it is distraught cease when this unique dish appears on a table. Precisely call of ancestors.

And now one after another about this action. For broth it is better to take not really fat pork ribs, it is possible also beef. I always merge the first portion of the begun to boil broth (about four liters): you understand - you never know there. It is necessary to us?

I wash out meat again and I cook already to readiness, having put at the same time a half-glass of the haricot wetted since evening. Not to salt broth! Well, if a little: then quicker everything will cook. In the middle of cooking I add 2-3 potatoes cut on four parts. In 10-15 minutes prior to the end of cooking I start small chopped fresh cabbage.

Separately I prepare “zazharka“. On slow fire I stew consistently under a cover on sunflower or corn oil the carrots cut by small segments, one paprika, 1 - 2 onions and the beet grated on a large grater.

Attention, it is important! All mix has to be stewed, but is not fried. Then I fill in “zazharka“ with grated ripe tomatoes or I add tomato paste and I extinguish a little more. To me tomato paste is more to taste.

When meat, haricot, potatoes and cabbage cooked, I add “zazharka“ to a pan. If the last was successful, then color of borsch will be unusually saturated and bright. There I put a handful of olives, a half of a teaspoon of sugar and several small cut lemon segments.

Stop! And what Ukrainian dish without fat? Garlic is mashed in the spadefoot and carefully frayed with small cut salty fat. And - too in a pan. All this yum-yum I boil minutes five throwing finally fennel, parsley and black ground pepper, no more.

Haricot can be taken tinned or instead of it to put green peas. Too it is tasty, but with haricot it is unique!

Borsch is ready? Not absolutely.

That all delicacies and usefulness filled each spoon to the brim, let`s borsch be drawn. At least several hours. And in general - there is so much how many sustain. Smell! Chanel has a rest.

Pampushkas with garlic to such borsch - perfection top. And put mayonnaise or sour cream to taste.

Dosalivayet everyone to in a plate. As it is known: “Nedosol - on a table, peresol - on a back“.

Borsch, as well as bread, never becomes boring, that is does not bother.

The first time the recipe can seem labor-consuming. Though I do not doubt that praises and delights of members of household will inspire you to repeat this feat.

Bon appetit everything, all!