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The hair oil

Treatment of Hair oils is the most known way of restoration and care of hair which is used since ancient times. Each woman and each man dream to have smart, healthy and well-groomed hair. Today, shops and beauty shops offer us a huge number of means for treatment and a hair reconstruction more and more. At the same time vegetable oils still remain the best and effective means for a hair reconstruction and you not important will carry out treatment of hair oil of the house or in beauty shop. Popularity of this method is not surprising since all vegetable oils contain vitamins, nutrients, fatty acids. The nature grants us an opportunity to look after the appearance, hair and skin by means of vegetable oils.

In what cases treatment of hair is applied by oils?

Treatment of hair oils is applied in case at you:

The weakened lifeless hair

Strongly injured hair - coloring, clarification, highlighting of hair, a chemical wave, the sun, a hair straightening

Frequent use of the hairdresser`s iron and abuse of laying with use of hot

air Hair slowly grow and, at the same time, drop out

Hair do not shine and badly comb hair, break off on length

For medical care of hair the carriage can use burdock oil, olive oil, macadamia oil, oil or oil shi, coconut oil, grape. Using these oils independently or as a basis, adding to them essential oils depending on a problem.

To strengthen effects of the main oil, it is possible to add essential oil to it. For example, if to add 5 - 7 drops of essential oil of orange on 10 grams of the main oil, it will give stronger effect of restoration of the dry and injured hair, and coconut oil will perfectly restore your hair and a body before and after solar bathtubs.

How to apply hair oil?

Any hair oil, at first, is applied on head skin on hair partings, then, at all length to the tips of hair. Before drawing heat oil a little - warm oil will be comfortable for drawing on skin and, the main thing, medicinal properties of oil get into hair and head skin then when oil warm. Make a light massage of the head - it will improve microcirculation, will accelerate growth of hair and will revitalize head skin. For this reason it is so important that after putting oil, the head was in heat. Take away hair in a film and cover with a towel. All the time of endurance, and is 1,5 - 3 hours oil has to be in heat. After time left, oil needs to be washed away in your usual way. It is desirable, to wash away water then shampoo, further to apply balm or a mask.

What to choose: balm or a mask for hair after treatment of hair oil?

You need to solve it or your hairdresser. Balm and hair conditioner are easier consistence in comparison with a mask, so easier impact on hair. Balm or hair conditioner will suit the healthy, not strongly injured and (or) overdried hair. It is necessary to use a mask for hair after treatment of hair oils in case of strong injury of hair when hair are very overdried and need intensive restoration or as spa - leaving for hair. Anyway use of balm or a mask for hair surely since after shampoo use all scales of hair need to be closed.

It is necessary to apply medical hair oil once a week as prevention or a course from 6 - 10 procedures once a week.

The first time about treatment of hair oil I read many years ago in interview of the famous Hollywood actress Kim Basinger who, even has a thick, beautiful, healthy hair now, being in elegant age, of course, painting them. Its council was simple - to apply olive oil on skin and hair once a week and to leave on all night long. Having problems with hair, I many times studied and tried to treat hair oil and it very much suits me. I have long clarified hair, I use oil for treatment of hair a course, so hair are well restored, easily comb hair, shine and look very well-groomed. Kym`s thanks for her excellent council for care of hair to which it is already a lot of years!