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Morning exercises. What exercises can do much harm to health?

the Breath deep, are wider than a hand,

do not hurry - three - four!

Courage, grace and plasticity -


in the Morning sobering

(If it is live for the present)


These words from Vladimir Vysotsky`s song, probably, heard all.

Before recent time charging in itself reckoned with cold douche as classics of a healthy lifestyle in the mornings. Now doctors considerably changed the point of view.

And then, physical culture with its various physical exercises - separate science with certain rules. Only one incorrect movement - and you on a hospital bed.

Many will try to object. And that is right. The majority of us does not represent life without the movement. A healthy lifestyle - now the most fashion brand. However to jump from a bed in the mornings and at once to begin to jump, somersault and run on the room - extremely unhealthy for heart and vessels. Besides similar actions cause a stress in an organism and mentality.

I want to tell about five most artful types of the known exercises. It is worth or forgetting about them absolutely, or to do with extreme care at any age.

1. Exercises on a press

“Swung“ a press many. Especially women - in hope succeeded in it that shortly will become owners of the elastic tightened belt. And in reply received cruel disappointment: the stomach became even more. The reason of this failure is simple, but is not harmless.

Those who did not achieve result, for certain, fixed a foot under a sofa or under a chair, lifting at the same time the case. As a result, muscles not of a stomach, and hips and podvzdoshno - a lumbar muscle of a backbone worked. So the stomach visually increases, and the backbone is deformed.

In passing I want to give advice: in this exercise be turned in a ball as a hedgehog. Slowly pull edges to a stomach bottom, and hips and knees leave alone.

2. Turns

Ya since the childhood I remember exercises which we did at physical education classes - “mill“. These are turns of a trunk with a gymnastic stick on shoulders. Exercise of special advantage in itself does not bear, but to school students not to the detriment. And here to people 40 years are more senior similar turns and intensive rotations by the case are forbidden. It leads to damage of connecting fabrics and a mastication of nervous backs of a backbone.

3. Inclinations

the opinion that this exercise allows to catch a wasp waist Exists. And here we diligently last hands to stupnyam, forgetting at the same time about a back. And it just requires attention, limit to itself at this moment.

Important: not to round a back! And it is necessary to last not fingers, but a breast. At the same time it is possible to bend slightly knees to avoid pain on a back surface of hips. Also you do not seek to get surely foot fingers. It is only process, and we need result.

4. Squats

Oh, it is so useful for

for buttocks and hips! Nobody objects. Only it is necessary to squat correctly, otherwise instead of an elastic bottom it is possible to get injured on a meniscus. We harm knee joints too low squats and an inconvenient pose when we cramp knees. And if at the same time also we incline the case forward, hanging the head, then we overload cervical, chest and lumbar departments at once.

Remember: the maximum corner of a bend of knees - 90 degrees. The back is always perpendicular to a floor, and legs are parallel each other.

5. Somersaults

can quite do Without them. This exercise is extremely traumatic. At first cheerfully we somersault, and injuries of a neck are found then and sufferings from scoliosis begin.

You remember, a backbone - a life column, and you should not shake it doubtful actions. Start morning exercises gradually.

Properly stretch, with pleasure povorochaytes, remember something good, smile and … you monitor breath. You breathe deeply, easily. Do not detain a breath, exhaled.

Good luck!