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Anna - a name, Anna - the small river or whether there are cities to female names?

... The settlement Anna was founded in 1698 by free settlers Ivan Prisyolkin with companions. In the 19th century Anna was in limits of the Bobrovsky County of the Voronezh province. Since 1928 became the regional center.

Centuries of existence of Pribityuzhya between Russia and steppe left memory of themselves in many place names of a Turkic origin which took roots in Russian in the 17th century during trade development of Bityutsky ukhozhya. Names of Bityuga and Anna, Kurlak, Toyda, Chigla`s his inflows were adopted from Tatars, and only then on small rivers villages were called.

Church of the Nativity - the central sight of the town. Expenses on its construction were undertaken by owners of a manor in the village Anna the prince Vladimir Baryatinsky and his spouse Nadezhda. The project was ordered to the architect S. L. Myslovsky. And on June 1, 1894, in day of a silver wedding of spouses Baryatinsky, there was bookmark.

The temple was under construction five years. When it was ready, contemporaries were surprised to its beauty unusual to rural areas, architectural wealth, size. Its main iconostasis had seven tiers, two limit iconostases - on four tiers. Painting was executed by the best icon painters of St. Petersburg. The iconostasis is covered with a thin graceful carving and gilding. In the temple the central heating was arranged - in those days it was a rarity even in the large cities … * * * Elena Demidova who lived in Anna 15 years and wrote the book about it tells



“Special history with Pyotr the first. It, however, across Bityugu treats all villages. By the end of the 17th century it became in these parts more silent, Tatars were driven away though attacks still were, and on the woods runaway peasants and other strong and courageous people began to lodge. In 1698 across the river there passed a certain Ivan Zholobov`s expedition to rewrite all and to reconnoiter places. Therefore also date - 1698 - then the village was. And then Pyotr began to build fleet. Arrived, complained to it that they to themselves for houses cut the wood also for fuel, he enjoined to move all and like home to landowners. Of course, they ran further - to Don and Kuban. And then in a couple of years again comes, and workers who build fleet should be fed. Peasants are necessary which grow up bread. Again as the main landowner of the country disposed - and gave the order to the Moscow landowners - on so many peasants with families to allocate and drove them here. In 1701. Well, history long … was farther than

From closer. The first wife of Zhukov, mother of his daughters, was born in Anna. Her father was an agent on sale of sewing machines, mother traveled with him, was impatient to give birth in Anna. There it was also christened. And he, Zhukov, came then during war to a staff of the general Vatutin …

One more history here. Fedor Rostopchin had a son, and he has a wife. Called her Eudoxia Rostopchina - she was the famous poetess of the time, it was very much loved and appreciated by Pushkin. She long lived in Anna and when Pushkin died, Zhukovsky sent his not added notebook in which Pushkin wrote verses to it to Anna, considering that it with the big right, than others, can continue it by the verses...“

* * * our acquaintance to Anna began

… with a usual package from - under milk on which and the settlement name was revealed. Thanks to dairy business it became famous all over the country, and the legend says that the most tasty ice cream in the world becomes in Anna. And, according to tourists, can argue with Anna in this question unless Florence.

90 kilometers from Voronezh on Hugo - the East - and we carefully set foot on anninsky land. The city meets us by a genial sunshine, songs of venerable roosters, slowness of life and total absence of habitual business vanity.

Someone will tell: such small “rural“ towns - a dime a dozen, and all of them are as like as two peas similar at each other. But being in Anna, unexpectedly you face paradox: at similarity of a form (for example, all Soviet attributes, including the leader on as if central square) you do not find anything the general in contents - even if just to close eyes and to inhale a full breast nothing the poisoned tasty air. And understanding that uniqueness - in similarity, and external and internal are so connected that you do not know what to trust to, we pass by the leader who is crafty winking from height and whispering something on the Indian adverb. Also we are dipped into the refreshing whiteness of the fountain which is poured in beams of the captivated sun in myriads of dazzling splashes. And looking at the most usual cafes with lovely names - “Annushka“, “At Ania“, we understand that we translated Anna from language of people on language of our hearts three hundred years ago.

And it at once there is a wish to embrace - so gentle and native this unpretentious female being seems. But from time immemorial idling mind interferes: “Really! The town as the town - the broken roads cowed by problems people, a standard set - the temple - the leader - monuments - to heroes - wars …“ But we see a supermarket with the simple name “Magnet“ - and we cannot understand what - such attractive force lodged here, in Anna, among the range of ridiculous expectations.

And let someone perelistnyot the page with the town mislaid in the chernozem remote place - and someone, as well as we, for an instant will stop and … will smile to this unprecedented tenderness. Also will try to get acquainted with it closer: “Anna … Anyuta … Annushka“. And she will at once respond because - live and real. And our guest, maybe, for the first time in life will feel communication, silent, imperceptible and strongest on light, - between the person and God.

And we, passing by the Temple and bathing in aroma of tranquility and safety, we move to the small river to touch its pure water bearing life. Fellow travelers receive unexpected city visitors for aliens in a minibus - and we believe that travel business is simply obliged to be adjusted here, and the city is doomed to the great future. Dreaming of Anna`s museum which will sponsor for Anna from every quarter of the planet, we pass the melodious wood and we appear in direct contact with the small river Bityug where we fall in turn as hedgehogs in fog.

Allowing to bite himself to mosquitoes, extremely active at the river, we pour out water of sneakers and we move towards bus station, sweeping away all ice cream from the counters occurring in the path. We get into the car and we speak to Anna “Good-bye! “, and she instantly responds song from the driver`s radio receiver: “Goode Bai!“

We abandon Anna with the mixed feelings: so quickly got acquainted, so gently adjoined, so felt each other … and there is no wish to leave! And on the other hand - we any more will never leave, taking away from Anna - the true woman without gender and age - shrill feeling of the Present in the heart.