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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on August 13 - 14? “Cowboys against newcomers“, etc.

the Second portion of August film premieres was very small: only five movies, but everyone unless except for last year`s it is southern - the Korean drama, apply on big grandmas in the Russian hire. The most modest claims at the Belgian semi-biographic fighter “The double of a devil“ about life of the son Saddam Hussein. And here three-dimensional “Smurfs“, the romantic melodrama “It Is Scary Beautiful“ and fantastic megablockbuster of John Favro “Cowboys against newcomers“ will fight for each ruble almost as equals, especially considering that at each above-mentioned movie the target audience. And now is more detailed:

1. “Cowboys against newcomers“ (Cowboys & Aliens, 2011)

Having refused to continue by

the profitable franchize “Iron Man“ which brought to the actor and the director John Favro the international glory it decided to spend year of the life for the screen version of other comic book, “Cowboys against newcomers“. Favro, one may say, was lucky because in the project it was succeeded to catch two global absolute stars. In - the first, though the grown old, but not lost charm and Harrison Ford`s charisma. And in - the second, Daniel Craig who just looked for to himself a haven in connection with a delay of production of the twenty third movie about James Bond.

This literary opus, unlike other comics, is not so known and tells about strange collisions at the time of the Wild West when cowboys, it appears, not only removed Indian scalps and suppressed whisky on saloons, but also were forced to enter deadly fight with … aliens. The main character, Jake Lonergan, lost memory and relatives, but found the powerful weapon which has to help to cope with invasion of newcomers.

Here in brief an essence of the movie which lasts nearly two hours and promises fascinating special effects and an airtight action. A bonus is existence in a shot of sexy Olivia Wilde and the flashing bastard Sam Rokuell.

In the States the tape was accepted rather cold and it is necessary only to dream of progress of “Iron Man“ of Favro and the company. On the second week of hire the tape fell by the third line boxing - office, having lost also to “Revolt of the planet of monkeys“, and even to rather stupid “Smurfs“. What follows from that in the course of mixing of habitual ingredients for the purpose of receiving an exotic dish, Favro forgot to add the necessary spices.

2. “Smurfs“ (The Smurfs, 2011)

It is strange that creators three-dimensional semi-animation (at a shot there are both living actors, and the drawn characters) the movie about so popular animation characters ignored on June 25, 2011, declared by the World day of smurfs. Though, stop, I believe, not all it is aware what the animal such is? Smurfs are amusing little men (whether gnomes, whether still what hobbits) in fancy caps and drawers for the first time appeared on pages of the French magazine of comics in 1958, and thanks to animation series of the eightieth extended worldwide, like the infection which is not killed.

Smurfs - beings direct and rectilinear that, actually, affected an age rating of the movie (PG - Parental Guidance, presence of parents is recommended). Did not do without obscene jokes, for sure. And nonconventional orientation of the actor Neil Patrick Harris, all of favourite Barney from series “As I Met Your Mother“ can to all fault? Though in America for similar insinuations it is possible and to get it in the neck. Anyway, money for 3D - the project it was spent much, and meanwhile 110 - the million budget did not pay off though creators are already close to treasured figure. If to describe a picture of the Rajah Gosnell briefly, then the movie turned out “lovely, but silly“.

3. “It is scary beautiful“ (Beastly, 2011)

the Tale of the Beauty and the Monster was interpreted by cinema hundreds of times. Literally, it is old-fashioned, superficially, casually or meticulously following the original which Zhanna`s work - Mari Leprens de Beaumont of a sample of 1757 is considered. This history is old as the world, and therefore motives it can be found in many movies and books. “It is scary beautiful“ Daniela Barnza - the next attempt of Hollywood to modernize a plot, having inhaled in it freshness of today. Attempt, however, pathetic and unsuccessful, but courageous in the idea. And sad in the embodiment.

The picture surely follows in the footsteps of recent “Little Red Riding Hood“. In total - that at them is glamourous and it is romantic, amurno and Gothic. Traditions, from an easy hand of the popular “twilight saga“, gradually get used to a genre of the youth melodrama. But the screen version of classics - ungrateful business. For this purpose it is necessary to possess Disney`s intuition. Or penetrative character of Stephenie Meyer. Or to stebatsya over the original without notes (“A true story of the Red Cap“). And it is tearful - methodical approach of creators “Scary beautiful“ was to nobody interesting. And even to dull, but nice Alex Pettifer`s fans.

4. “The double of a devil“ (The Devil’s Double, 2011)


It no wonder that the director Li Tamakhori had to remove the tape outside America (the official country of origin - Belgium). After quite politically correct tapes “On the Verge“, “Die, but not Now“ and “Prophet“ the director unexpectedly decided to address very provocative material - life and Udey Hussein`s death, the eldest son well-known Saddam.

If to be exact, “The double of a devil“ is a mix of the drama and the fighter, and in the center of events - history of the personal double of the dictator who is forced to duplicate the mister because his family is in hostages. Certainly, did not do without the obvious exaggerations and film conventions which turned tragic events into a fiction. In the USA the picture was ignored literally that should not be surprised. But also at us, I am afraid, the movie will not enjoy wide popularity because minus historical and biographic bindings, the tape a little in what differs from a great number of fighters and thrillers on this subject.

5. “Gone mad“ (2010)

It is southern - the Korean cinema is always the Call. Asian cinematographers are so original that their production without excess efforts is contrary to the settled canons and traditions. Years ten Koreans strongly removed the last from festival awards of the elder brothers of Japanese who need only to remember Kurosawa`s times. Gian Ccholsu is the pupil well-known Kim Ki Duca who perfectly learned the master`s lessons.

Its debut tape tells about two human defects - indifference and cruelty. The city girl comes to the island where was born and grew up to become the witness to really terrifying events. However, being the silent and heartless observer whether it in no small measure was the tragedy prime cause? The cinema is cruel, naturalistic, hopeless. Reminds reality, isn`t that so?

While Asians savor bloody details of life of islanders, Hollywood continues to rivet large-scale cloths which only purpose is rather easy depriving of cash at the population of the planet. This time “Cowboys“ who will give hell to “Newcomers“ will run the show in cash desks, and also drawn on the Smurfs computer which, obviously, will manage to entice audience into movie theaters is younger.