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How to light in itself a spark, or 3 bases in self-motivation of the housewife in a maternity leave of

Are women in whose hands everyone the matter is top urgent. All of them are in time, and houses, both at work, and in a family, and in communication with people around. What they would not undertake - everything turns out. They quickly and easily study, well remember, they have many friends and just familiar. Also there is in them a spark - “a magic vdokhnovlyalka“ which lights in others the creative beginning.

And still there are women who … others. They are creative, but somehow by fits, they are less mobile. They like something also want, but achievement requires not one, and several steps. They need to study, be tightened, pull the socks up still. And there are not always forces and desire something to change, somewhere to move.

Why does that happen? In what a secret of an arson of a magic vdokhnovlyalka? How, at last, to motivate itself on great (and not really) put?

Let`s understand. Here three bases in business samomotivatsii:1. For sensible self-motivation it is necessary to represent more or less ultimate goals of that what I want to be (character) and that I want to make.

2. It is necessary to know to what areas of activity are in a zone of the next development. And to be able to expand this zone.

3. It is necessary to be able to be adult.

One after another about each point.

Understanding of ultimate goals. If we know where we go (ultimate goal) and we have the card of a way (as we go) in hands, the road promises to be successful. If we aimlessly wander in unknown places, running across from place to place, from a footpath on a footpath, a bush, for a bush, a berry behind a berry … and we appear it is unknown where and in unclear what state, with only one thought “that I do here why I live to whom all this is necessary“.

Each housewife, each mother and the woman, has to represent what she aspires to what wants to be what wants to reach that wants to make what to change in this world what to give to this world.

For successful self-motivation it is necessary to represent accurately the purpose of the personal change (I want to be kind, sympathetic, attentive, sensitive, patient, in time, professional, creative etc.) and to know the purpose of what you do (I live good luck, I create a family, I study and develop, I help other people and so on).

Knowledge of ultimate goals will help not to sit in place, not to wander uselessly, not to spend time for nothing and not to look for guilty of the failures. Only in this case the spark will continuously burn, or at least to have a possibility of self-firing (better by fits, than absolutely in any way).

Look for ultimate goals!

Zone of the next development.

Is things which we do easily and easy, quickly and dexterously. And there is an activity very heavy, heavy, almost unreal … for me, but simple for someone another. And I need to make the mass of efforts only to one motivation of the first step what to tell about all other steps.

One of the reasons of such “mood“ can be the fact that business does not lie in a zone of my next development.

There is an example. Young mummy of the only long-awaited child tries though to be in time to do something in a maternity leave. She runs around like a squirrel in a cage, grabs one, another, by the evening falls flat-out and without content. And at this time other mother, with a large number of children and the smaller number of assistants - everything is in time. Young mother asks how to live also? Gets advice, tries to realize them, but … nothing leaves. Something is missing: experience, knowledge, skills, dexterity, calculation. Many things do not lie in a zone of its next development, are closed from it, are inaccessible a certain way will not be passed yet, the necessary information will not collect yet. Before young mummy will not become such as that, another.

You want to be successful mother, the hostess, the woman - expand a zone of the next development: study, try, force yourself, you are not lazy, collect information. You want to motivate yourself on this or that activity - bring it under a zone of the next development, having asked themselves simple questions: what I want why to me it that I can make already now what has to learn what steps I can make to achieve the objectives.

Be attentive to the zone of the next development, do not try to jump through it, and try to expand it!

To be able to be adult.

You know who is one of the most serious enemies of self-motivation? It is small harmful “reluctance“. Whether you sometime conceived some cool project when it seems and the purpose is clear and realization is possible (all steps in a zone of the next development), but business does not move from the place, and slowly and truly fades. Also there is it because, “of course, it is necessary, but a neokhotaaaaa“. The reluctance to rise a bit earlier, the reluctance to be prepared, the reluctance to begin, the reluctance to lick into shape. And to motivate itself if it is honest, too a reluctance.

What to do? How to force itself that there was a hunting and very much hunting? It is necessary to mature a little. Remember who most often tells the word “reluctance“? Of course, children. And adults live by the principle “it is necessary, means it is necessary“. It is necessary to make a lunch? A reluctance, but it is necessary! It is necessary to work? A reluctance, but it is necessary! It is necessary to change? Very much a reluctance, but it is NECESSARY!

The adult is the one who knows what wants, knows a way and has the card. The adult is ready to difficulties and is ready to take the responsibility. Only the adult is ready to be responsible for the thoughts, acts, desires, for the life. Only the adult is capable not to wait for thunder-storms and lightnings to light in himself a self-motivation sparkle, and just to take and do.

Do not give in on arrangements “reluctance“, be adults!

Begin to motivate yourself right now. Do not put off it.

1. Tell yourself that you are the hostess of the life, the adult woman ready to take the responsibility and to make decisions. Any excuses, any eases. It and point! Time not to persuade itself, and to work came.

2. Look around. What can you make already today? What lies in a zone of your next development? Child, husband, economy, actually development … What else?

3. Take a sheet of paper and the handle. Write the neighbors and the far purposes: what you want to become what you want to make what to study what to reach?

4. Begin to act!

Natalya Zadorina,

the Author free the express - a course “Routine! The housewife against“