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of Zdrastvuyte!

I want a podelits the experience in area of ekstrimalny sport and exactly we will talk about BMX

for those who is not aware, BMX is a bicycle on 20 inch wheels, for execution of tricks

in various disciplines, and flatland youtube is concrete. com/watch? v=6MwiRHHoZFA

is grated then - it is big hillocks with a shot and the youtube receiver. com/watch? v=wVCCpxef5rI

and the last street - driving down the street about which I will also tell you here can watch video

youtube. com/watch? I advise v=gIfiSKUBGnw nevertheless to look because video qualitatively of a smotirovana I think it will be interesting)

Now konkrektno about a displeen of the street and my experience in it, the street eto a huge board park is perila various parapets of a tramlina of a step and a heap of other architecture everywhere, and it as if a magic wand and you together with it can get up your bicycle, it that people will be in an akhua, but the high when you learn a new trick and it at you a poluchayets, together with a trick you receive adrenaline in blood and euphoria akhuyeny feeling, but for this ponabits time, aspirations of a nauchits, money for good, easy kachesveny details, but believe me it is worth it.

Personally I ride 4 years, I am able tricks about which my article

so the most important trick in street to discipline these are baths hop

a step 1 - it is necessary to learn to extend conducted back and up only body weight, it becomes quite simply. Standing on pedals you do the movement by a bum from a wheel practically for an axis of a back wheel. The wheel needs to be pulled on itself body weight. To pull but not to pull. The movement has to be smooth and powerful. At the same time hands have to be STRAIGHT LINES!!! If all is made correctly forward wheel will begin to rise. Be trained, at the same time to jump off back. Then you will understand why.

2 - dealt with a raising of a forward wheel. Now it is necessary to understand the moment of transfer of the center of gravity (such point of system the Rider - the Bike concerning which you can rotate). On fingers it looks so. Let`s present what you already in surf “pose“, those straight arms, a forward wheel is lifted, and the bum hangs behind a back wheel. Further your task consists in moving the carcass without changing height of a forward wheel concerning the earth (it as if is recorded) as it is possible closer to a wheel and a forward wheel. We receive here that: at first removing a forward wheel up, we unloaded before, leaving on a back wheel, now we do the same, only on the contrary and at the same time “virtually we fix in air“ a forward wheel (Remember that you it is far heavier than the bicycle, and are, in fact, the general center of gravity. It concerning you turns a frame.) . We reach for a wheel and we transfer ourselves up and forward, loading a forward wheel.

it is possible to be trained having risen a forward wheel on a parapet 20 - 40 cm high (what coma). Further to try to lift a back wheel on the same parapet. Do everything without brakes, and that learn another (the muzzle - stayl is called). The moment of transfer is very small on time. It literally becomes breakthrough.

3 - needs just to tighten further for pedals a back wheel up (legs at the same time are bent in knees and press on a pedal, socks of footwear have to watch a little down), squeezing out (pushing) a few wheel forward. At the same time continue to lift a wheel forward and up (Elbows go up, you pull a wheel to a neck or a breast as it is possible closer). About to tighten pedals and in general about point 3. Its as well as the first it is possible to learn on the earth (pedals with thorns are only necessary and in general they are necessary for all counters). Besides. You slide just on the plane. You hold body weight over a wheel. Pushing a few wheel forward, we bend legs in knees, drawing in them under ourselves. It is necessary to become a strut between a wheel and pedals. Not to press brakes. Be trained. same it is useful for a stoppa.

A should connect together all three points now. Some manuals, as inveterate jumping: - Begin

1 with small. Borders both td and tp

2 - Try to land on a back wheel. Ideally equipment is as follows: rise before - the back, fall the back - before.

3 - Is desirable to do all this rather smoothly as one movement. Breakthroughs will not turn out. and

4 you should not delay. - Look at wind. And even me weighing 75 kg + the kg bicycle 20 sometimes blows off that.

5 - If extended conducted too strongly and got to so-called “candle“ when axes of wheels are located almost vertically concerning a surface of exits a little.

and) to throw the bicycle and to jump off from it (simplest),

) to clamp a back brake and, landing, for secure to expose a leg (everything well, but it is possible to spoil so a fork, having punched it from everything to a move, or to land on a direct leg)

in) to try to move even in flight body weight to a forward wheel, tightening pedals, and then to lower a wheel when the back wheel is closer to you (it difficult, but it is possible)... there is no

6 - Well executed a bath or tracks, it when at a landing noise. From a chain, a recrutch both td and tp... Tires are not counted.

all of mood of good luck. if article was pleasant write

I can help with the choice of the bicycle and tell how to do other tricks