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Thriller “Shout 4“: a gray hair in a beard, a knife in an edge?

horror films have rules.

Wander in the dark, trying to find a source of unclear noise. Loudly shout “To the aid!“ where nobody will hear you. Run, with all the might directly in hands of the murderer waiting for you. Speak sacramental “I will return“ never to return. Be careless and joyful to behold the terrible end at the latest moment.

Also continue to shoot sequels and remakes until the viewer finally is not tired of monotonous plots. Welcome to Wes Craven`s world! The world where stories repeat. The world which rules are written by blood, though fake, but such real by sight and sticky to the touch.

… Time does not stand still, but the town of Vudsboro still lives past. The local population which fairly thinned after the threefold phenomenon of “Mask“ (“The ghost`s person“, Ghostface), annually remembers the past events. Who with shudder, as the local sheriff Dewey (David Arquette) and his wife Gale (Cortney Cox), and someone - with mad enthusiasm.

Among the last - new generation of teenagers of Vudsboro who informally celebrate every year this day under beer, a vobla and viewing of all seven parts “Blow a knife“ - the movie shot according to books above-mentioned Gale.

The Gale who threw journalism and steeped in writing of novels about the maniac - the murderer, entered a creative stupor. And here still, as ill luck would have it, Sidney Prescott, the central character of tragic murders of twelve-year prescription comes back to the city for the presentation of the first autobiographical book.

No neither Gale, nor Sidney, nor especially inexperienced school students could not foresee that with return of the starting writer cult “ponozhovshchik“ over again will appear in the city. Most likely, the Person Prizraka hunts not Sydnee any more, and her distant relative Jill and her appetizing girlfriends. The murderer is still cunning and artful, and his victims obediently gad anywhere, forgetting about care and an instinct of self-preservation. Who is he, the mysterious monster in a mask? The solution, as usual, will surprise all …

you will laugh, but in spite of the fact that Wes Craven for the last fifteen years did not shoot any decent movie (last that can consider original “Shout“ of a sample of 1996), it is considered an iconic figure of the American genre cinema. The director distributes the master - classes, regularly appears in various documentary and the teleprojects devoted to horror films is a producer of cinema and scripts. In other words, being “the hit pilot“, Craven - still authoritative person whose opinion is appreciated and to whose words listen. What, however, does not affect total absence in his gray-haired head of new, original ideas in any way.

Sadly to understand that the creator of “A nightmare on Vyazov Street“ and “The Last House on the Left“ finally settled the inspiration and it is not capable to surprise any more. To be fair, even first “Shout“ was very doubtful role model. Unlike cult film villains in the person of Freddie Kruger, Jason Vurkhis (“Friday, 13 - e“) or Michael Myers (“Halloween“), “The ghost`s person“ always was only a mask behind which the next juvenile moron who got a false idea himself the ruler of the destiny was. All intrigue of the trilogy (and now and kvadrologiya) consisted only in the one who exactly of numerous characters decided to take for a knife. As a rule, the murderer was that who had least of all motives to be it. And all illogicalness of film series consisted in it.

“Shout 4“ in this regard did not pump up. All movie persistently try to prompt us hints the identity of the maniac, but in the final overturn everything upside down, exposing fools, first of all, not of other characters of history, but audience. Similar approach cannot but irritate. But to authors, in fact, deeply to spit on logic of the narration. Only abrupt turn in an ending is important for them.

Anyway, Craven managed to entice some of very decent performers into the doubtful show, including old men of series of Fields Campbell, David Arquette and Cortney Cox, and also a set of young asterisks of cinema, like Anna Pekuin, Kristen Bell, Hayden Panettyeri, Emma Roberts, Anthony Anderson, Adam Brody and Rory Culkin. Clear business, all these people perfectly understood that in the majority will be started up under a knife. But what chance to touch creation of the well-known franchize! It to you not some anonymous drama shot for display at festivals or a komedka about sortirny adventures of modern youth. It “Shout“! This is already Wes Craven!

Creators, thinly feeling cinema tendencies (“Now it is not fashionable to remove continuations, studios give green light only to remakes of old pictures“), tried to be turned in the next sequel inside out, but to create something such. Alas, all imagination was entirely spent for really original beginning of the movie with two faltsstarta. Then authors sharply curtailed into a habitual track of which could not get out to the most final credits any more.

There is such cunning marketing mix: the old song in new arrangement is on sale. But neither a web - chambers, nor Facebook, nor talk on fast and undeserved glory on the Internet is the latest news for a long time. Craven was late with the idea at least for a two-three of years.

It is thought that modest collecting the fourth movie (in particular in comparison with habitual hundred million previous “Shouts“) has to bring to reason the aged man Craven.

To see, only this way the viewer can let know that it is already time for some stories to end once and for all.