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In what shops and what products it is the safest to buy to the tourist in Sochi? Biped mobile benches and deficiency of supermarkets

In the first days of stay on the Sochi earth for an instant it seemed to me that locals eat only the air filled with iodine and power of the sea. Really, the sea - an energy well. It can load the person with health for all year. Why I decided that locals eat energy of air and the sea? Yes just in Sochi of actually poorly grocery stores! Miraculously, but - the fact.

There are, however, so-called “mobile grocery benches“. Of them it is full both in Loo, and in Lazarevskoye, and in the central part of Sochi, and in Dagomys. These “shops“ on shank`s mare move and continuously advertize the simple goods. Present, the man with bags atilt splashes and bawls:

- Garachaya of a kukuruzk! Garachy cheburek! Chuchkhella! Chacha! Beer with cancer! (And shouts!) Having heard

about hot, and there is a wish to add: “For garachy from solntse deushk!“

among “mobile shops“ is found a lot of miscellaneous Luda. It both corpulent women, and southern men, and teenagers, and gray-haired grandfathers, and sweet grannies. All of them are beach dealers in the food. Carry both beer, and waters, and corn, and a filbert, and chacha, and wine, and belyashes, and a shamshala, and tubules with condensed milk etc. Generally, real mobile benches. Well, their work is worthy respect too, but there is no guarantee that everything with you will be normal at the use kustarno of the prepared dish. You do not ask from dealers of the certificate, for example, on a cheburek as can answer so that stones coastal will redden.

Buying something in shop “on shank`s mare“ all risk for consequences you undertake. Most often carries by (sometimes literally this word) without problems, but so happens not always. One inhabitant of Sochi told that few years ago veins at them in pass - hotel the man. Ate the belyash bought from the messenger on the beach. Business was not limited to poisoning. The man did not manage to be rescued.

Another bought a tubule with condensed milk. And not one. It Nalopatsya them, washed down with wine. Got to bathe, swam away far, and here - nearly zavorot guts. Wild spasms, infernal poisoning. Began to sink, has suffered much, writhes from pain in water, but managed to shout. Men helped that floated on an air mattress. Swam up, loaded on a wide double mattress. Only it also rescued. The stomach glitched in water, and after the use of “beach tubules“.

So, walking shops“ on beaches it is full, but that for meat is necessary, say, in the cheburek sold by them you do not learn. Perhaps inexpensive chicken forcemeat. Overdue. Or even normal, but just from the lowest price category. It is impossible to be sure for 100%, buying the same belyash from the messenger that inside not forcemeat from stray dogs or cats. According to the director of small Sochi shop, years seven - eight back the vacationer found a piece of a dog ear in the belyash bought on the beach. I believe, now it is hardly already practiced. Though, stray dogs and cats in the districts of Sochi wanders much.

It is better to buy the same belyash in a cafe from the beach which there was an inconceivable quantity now. At the price is slightly more expensive, than at beach messengers, but there already all kitchen on a look. And if the person gets poisoned with belyash at concrete cafe and will complain, not only that the institution will be closed on check by sanitary bodies, so among vacationers by the principle “gossip hotline“ will be carried instantly a message that in it - that cafe poison clients. And all. People there will not go any more. There are no visitors - there is no money. Bankruptcy.

So, pass slightly on foot, but buy having a snack in a cafe or in grocery normal store. Though I, admit, bought few times tubules with condensed milk from messengers. Painfully beautifully these “walking shops“ stack the goods on dishes. And to have a snack cool dry white wine on a tubule with boiled brown condensed milk - the greatest pleasure. Well, behind it we also go to Sochi. Behind pleasure. And if you gave a weak point in food, eat too much delicacies, sweets, shish kebabs here and wash down all this with fresh, cool beer, tart wine - be not engaged in self-flagellation. You in Sochi!

There are practically no network grocery stores in the city at all. And it is a pity as there products as it seemed to me, the freshest and safe. I found one large - around a stop “Svetlana“. A supermarket that worked three - four days and it and covered. Without explanation. And for that time while it functioned, I managed to notice that refrigerators are chopped off even in large shopping center quite often. And at once all “okhlazhdenka“ is cleaned in deep freezes. Turns in a supermarket always thorough (in any case, so far I came there). Naturally, it is extraordinary popular as one is not present network competitors. This shop will be very useful to the tourist.

In Adler at last opened huge family hypermarket “Magnit“, but so far to it you will reach, standing idle in traffic jams, you will be starving and you will become thin. In Sochi in general it is not enough, I will repeat, grocery stores. In my modest opinion. Those that is - small. And the range is very limited there. The matter is that from - behind a heat constant products instantly spoil. And they still need to be taken to Sochi! It, esteem, nearly the most southern point of Russia. Therefore almost prefer to keep smoked goods from a meat row in all shops. Or to a frost like semi-finished products or pelmeni.

And if bring fresh sausage, say, “Doctor`s“, then on such heat it very quickly turns gray. And as one owner of a grocery bench explained to me: “To happen nothing to smoked sausage even if will disconnect the electric power and refrigerators “will rise“. Too and with a freezing. It long will keep still cold in a chest if chop off light. And the fresh boiled sausage or a fresh-killed meat right there at a terrible heat will fail. The owner of little shop estimated terribly hot summer 2010 at Sochi so: “It something all the same abnormal! How many decades I live here, but I will not remember such heat!“. And the heat - that heats already heated equipment of power plants, and it fails. There is no light - there are no working refrigerators.

Here, for example, if you want to buy a piece of a fresh-killed meat in Sochi, especially in the center, to make it difficultly. Really there is no place. Well, in the market. Or in small benches “Meat“. But they are units. It is not here as in Moscow, say, where continually the network shop or a butcher shop, and everywhere is on sale fresh meat. To Sochi the emphasis goes on a freezing, semi-finished products, all smoked, salty, vacuum, tinned. Fish is salted so strongly (obviously that did not deteriorate) that even cramps teeth.

About quality of vegetables and fruit, alcohol, and also we will talk about a food problem of Sochi in the second part of article.