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How quickly to be prepared for summer? Councils for women. Day of fourth

I Continue to give advice, being guided by the motto: “Better late than never“. And let the summer on an outcome is not the last summer of your life. Also there is no such season for the woman in which she could dare to be not well-groomed.

So - today you woke up with a new hairdress, a hair color, muscle pain after the pool, golden suntan and with feeling that grew thin kilogram for two … Though, of course, it not so. You forgot that to grow thin we agreed on two kilograms a month, but not in three days?

Already almost mechanically (I hope) we drink a glass of kefir and we eat a basin of vegetable salad and we go to training to the pool. How? Yesterday were? Well, well, then today we continue to improve the body:


Here options, as always, two. Or three.

• If you have strong nails, well grow, do not exfoliate and do not break, then you can just make manicure. Cut or hardware, with a paraffin tray or with oil massage - it is important to put in order not only nails, but also hands which during the winter exposed to the wind, were tired and lost freshness and a luster. It is not obligatory to cover nails with a color varnish - the stylish and modest covering in service jacket style looks much more gently in the summer and will favourably shade suntan.

• If you are not really happy with the nails - it is possible to make in advance unsuccessful attempt to strengthen them by means of various medical enamels, oils and varnishes. And then to strengthen them biogel or pitch. These are the latest developments which do not do to a nail plate harm and at the same time interfere with stratification. Intermediate option between building and own nails, some kind of compromise. The tip of a nail is all the same mobile, but your nails do not suffer and look excellently after removal of “protection“. This procedure gives chance to grow nails without sense of guilt before them.

• If you soberly see things and do not create illusions concerning the hands and nails, it is a high time to make building for the summer. Gel or acryle, with color design or with white tips, a form almonds or a square - the main thing that it was pleasant to you. Building pluses - any varnish lays down exactly and keeps for two weeks instead of three days. An esthetic type and lack of efforts - go to yourself time in five weeks to correction, and all. Minuses - nails as a result when you decide to stop building, on density will remind toilet paper. By the form - it. It is necessary to restore them long and persistently.

After you put hands in order, it is possible to think of a pedicure.

the Pedicure

Is a saying: “For the man manicure at the woman - need, a pedicure - a pleasant surprise“. Let`s not deprive of our men of pleasure to contemplate our smooth and well-groomed legs. This procedure, though is more expensive, than simple manicure, but it is possible to carry out it less often - you will need only to support legs in a good shape.

The skilled master not only will deal with your callosities and natoptysha, but also will carry out a peeling, will correct the grown nails, by means of massage will clean hypostases and fatigue, will issue nogotochka pastes, will moisten skin of legs with cream - you will lose the size and will feel easy as a butterfly, after a session at the good pedicurist. Besides (and it will be already a bonus), the master will attentively listen to you and will give a good advice. And that you thought - other people do not become pedicure technicians!

Recently there was a tendency to increase nails and standing - not all salons provide this service, but it is very actual: nails standing grow much more slowly, than on hands, that is you should do correction much more rare. Besides, the nails covered with biogel or acryle much more exactly, hold a covering a varnish longer and will allow you to forget for the summer about a pedicure - though nobody cancelled care of heels.

the Epilation

This obligatory point of the program can be excessive if you have a good habit during the whole year to carry out an epilation of all problem zones - legs, a zone of armpits and bikini, in some cases - hands and “short moustaches“. If you regularly shave the person, then you are a man and why you read this article and reached the most intimate details?

There is no wish to go deep into types and options of epilations which are offered by our industry of beauty today. I will designate only that, besides usual shaving by means of the machine, there are such opportunities of removal of undesirable hair from a body as a wax epilation (the warmed strips), a shugaring (removal of hair sugar paste), various cream, a photo - and an electroepilation.

Let speak not about ways, let speak about result: smooth and gentle skin, lack of undesirable hairs that allows you to feel freely and in pass - a skirt, and in a sundress with naked armpits, and in a bathing suit on the beach. If you decided to be ideal - be it up to the end.

Having swallowed kefir liter (of course, one glass you do not gorge on any more) for dinner, we go to bed, tired and happy because all this trouble shortly behind, and it will be already possible to enjoy in the summer, instead of tiresome preparation for it. Ahead - day the fifth.