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What is not enough for the Russian cinema? Beauty!

When me are asked what I like to watch movies, I find it difficult to answer unambiguously, here a pier of the comedy or thrillers. I do not know who as, and I consider that it is the most correct to answer - I like interesting movies; and not only to answer, but also it is worth watching interesting movies, beautiful movies, and pictures of any genre whether it be the comedy, the drama or at the worst which blockbusters a huge number and which if honestly attract the majority of audience can be such presently. So same the western product also goes this majority to the western movies; and on what else to go that is not present others. Someone will ask “And what others?“. Well of course I mean by others domestic pictures which in my opinion every year becomes less and less and quality of which it is worse and worse. There are many opinions in this respect: the ordinary audience says - “Just at our money a little! “; “Actors at us so-so!“.

Professionals such as Fyodor Bondarchuk iskushyonno complain about lack of good scenarios - “Here operators at us experts, art directors of the master, installation not on the last place too, and there are no scenarios well there are no scenarios. Mikhalkov in turn asks one billion dollars from the government and promises to construct on this money the full-fledged film industry which is not conceding than to Hollywood moreover for which in general monetary injections will not be necessary further, it a pier will support itself, it is only necessary to work.

And a weight more of opinions it is possible to hear from cultural figures and cinema at various congresses and festivals when touch upon a sore subject.

And all to tell the truth are right from part, but only from part, the financial component at my not professional look does not play a crucial role in a creative question of creation of a picture as the beautiful and original movie can be shot and without huge amounts of money (I speak this hour about dramatic art) if this of course not historical cinema which demands creation of many objects of the past (suits, equipment and infrastructure in general).

Undoubtedly all range of film genres far will not leave only on talented ideas, without due investments the full-fledged and sure film machine which with enviable frequency will give to us a reason to go to movie theater will not be constructed, but also the monetary question should not be the basic in art, for us there are many good examples which confirm this opinion.

Well it is fine with technical part of creation of movies, it seems, that that is clear, ideas are necessary, money is necessary. Let`s concern that without what without what neither cinema nor theater now would not be in principle what we look at, more true at whom we look - it is actors, actor`s game, acting skills in general. Any in the slightest degree knows to the educated person that the Russian actor`s school one of the strongest in the world, in any case to tell on Konstantin Stanislavsky`s system of the founder of the Moscow Art Theatre actors of the whole world are trained, its technique of work on a role helped to become known to many domestic and western stars whose game we observe since the childhood. Such people as Mikhail Chekhov opened schools of acting skills in America, wrote books on craft which are still studied by students of drama schools of the whole world.

Generally it is possible to be proud of masters of this genre and merits of the past infinitely long, but only now in modern Russia in the presence of talented directors and actors to look at the screen in most cases extremely boringly, and sometimes it is even a shame, after crisis which since the beginning of the ninetieth knocked down our cinema of the pictures deserving special attention leaves very little and what to tell them in principle remove seldom. Many tapes remain not known that can be sometimes better.

By the way I will mention about our so-called Arth Hause, cinema for a narrow circle of the viewers, these movies sometimes can be seen after twelve in the evening in At the this time of night program which is kept by gloomy Alexander Gordon. In it usually represent prepremier displays, so to speak experiments.

Also it looks so: the main part of a film crew (The director, the screenwriter, the operator, main characters of the film, the producer can come too) critics gathers sit various and all express the competent opinion; the first say that this movie should be watched - “Because it brings closer us to realities of life, it transfers all naturalness of our reality, to the viewer will be about what to think after display, oh - oh - oh!“ And all in such spirit; the second wail - “You should not watch it, these are obscenities, there aunts naked and use foul language what he can teach to, the consciousness of the viewer, bu - bu - bu will only corrupt!“ And nevertheless look and I look, I try to look more true and I try to watch for several years and here all as I cannot master more than a half of the movie. Because next rossiysko - the everyday seamy side on the screen develops, these not reasonably tightened dialogues again, again someone snubs someone, children cry, mother cries, the father cries, all cry, all it is bad moreover and there is everything where be on the periphery where it is dirty, buckets rattle where motorcycles with carriages and aunts terrible in kerchiefs, but naked as it was mentioned above. And here when absolutely brought closer me to realities of their life when transferred all naturalness of our reality, then I take the panel and I switch off the TV. Got! I do not want to watch such independent film, it is sad to me. I such deal of events can daily observe that not though.

There is a wish for beauty on the screen, there is a wish for style, let will not do without blood the river, not without tears, but it will move a brain, to reach yes hearts, the cinema and theater for this purpose and are created.

The truth I cannot pick completely to pieces our Arth House here some creative process is observed though. Here where actually total failure so it in commercial cinema for which actually a lot of money is also spent.

Separate part of the narration the Russian series, honestly I speak, I have such feeling as though their creators are really sure that the doomsday will take place and even know when and probably very soon if to judge by that speed with which they are removed because it is necessary to finish shooting all prepared ideas until when the globe blows up or that there happens to it. But not for nothing to be told being in a hurry one can make people laugh and they make laugh and this laughter alternates with nausea attacks though the majority of them reflected as the drama. And shoot series so actively because watch them at us in the country actively, accustomed the people for many years.

And in general in general the situation in our cinema is in my opinion leveled a little across Mull, well at least there is a strong wish to trust in it. At some European film festivals our pictures get awards, let not Oscars and not gold globes, but nevertheless, a lot of things still ahead, cinema absolutely young genre, to it all hundred years.

I do not know it can do purely patriotic emotions and me all the same no who will hear, but to me as the simple viewer very much wants to wish or ask creators of a domestic sinema to put more heart and soul in the works what they not only threw in shock, but also gave esthetic pleasure, surprised with novelty of a plot, love on the screen in its different ponimaniye and if you want wounded in good sense of this word, and we will be grateful to them for it.

P. S. Series are as a monster which devours actors. (Not and I told)