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Charlatans and adults: all of us studied gradually?.

Travelling around the websites and forums, glancing sometimes over newspapers and is even more rare - the TV, I wonder with what ease authors of absolutely crazy ideas and even more crazy articles seize audience and get armies of supporters. As easily charlatans fleece from not so silly and worldly very much even wise people. And it does not depend on education level or degree of religiousness in any way: both astronauts, and alcoholics trust the same myths and sit down on a hook of the same swindlers.

People pay a fantastic sum - sometimes the last - to some self-appointed healers.

Are bought on promises of notorious prizes in a lottery.

Proceed delight saliva in front of the TV where swindlers show tricks at the level of training courses of circus school.

Also trust, trust, oh, damn: that it is possible to read the letter through an opaque envelope, to see through a black bandage, to be treated by homeopathy, to get healthier zirconium and magnets, to send parasites a resonance and to be diagnosed by it....

Engines work at water, filters turn radioactive elements in inactive at all, and the vertyachy figovina pushes the satellite in space, without throwing out anything outside.

Well there is a lot of, it is a lot of everything in the TV and on the Internet and his name is consecrated and yes it will not be a present garbage can for ever and ever.

Watching some forums on the Internet (ShZh can quite be carried to forums) and participating in them, will - bondage you pay attention on the personality (personal data) of participants and you wonder! Serious people, often with the higher education (and even not with one) quietly eat and digest such nonsense with which any normally in time senior would get poisoned.

When you butt in discussion: “People are kind, really you seriously take this nonsense?! Well count, well put 2+2! Well remember what you at school were taught to!“ - immediately you meet powerful repulse.

You that, physicist (chemist, geologist, archeologist... abvgdezhz - the alogian)?

Here here the expert to us broadcasts truth, and you did not study astrology (valueology, a sayentologiya, a hrenznayetchtologiya) and on this case you have no diploma - as you dare to judge and argue moreover have the nerve to condemn!

Received a comment on old article about the psychic recently: “And the fact that you are in general to it to people prejudiced - is felt“.

What there prejudice if people flog notorious nonsense!

By the way and how to understand that nonsense, but not superpuperny revelation? What depth, height and width knowledge should be possessed to distinguish impudent bryokh from reliable information? Really every time it is necessary to invite for consultation of the corresponding academician?

So cases so many that any the priglashalok will not be enough. And academies divorced academicians... mother is native!

Suddenly I read that such - here - all - from - the international academy - concourse of charlatans. What should be a superacademician that, telling it, not to obtain a portion of troubles for slander?

All right, jokes - jokes, but scope of a brekhologiya and the damage caused by it are quite comparable to those from natural disasters and technogenic accidents. And that the most surprising, so is ease which in most cases can separate science from not science, and accurate information about scientifically - technical achievements - from reklamno - fraudulent lies.

There are quite enough usual school knowledge. Even not high school - here just a hassle, and usual, obligatory for all knowledge of a training material of usual high school and a droplet of common sense. It is even more surprising as these reliable tools are seldom used.

I will explain on examples.

Water - fuel.

It is full of advertizing of any cunning devices by means of which water is burned and the consumption of hydrocarbonic fuel in engines, nozzles and other such thingummies decreases.

And these pieces of iron are on sale, and people are bought on them reasonable (without quotes).

And what it is simpler than. From a school course of inorganic chemistry we know that formation of water from oxygen and hydrogen - process exothermic. Therefore, any transformation of this molecule will be process endothermic at which energy is absorbed, but is not allocated.

From here obviously follows that any invention in which of water energy is got is, being most delicately expressed, nonsense.

Ability to see color of objects in the sealed black envelope.

Sacred kuvyrkatel! How many it is written and nakakano on this subject! How many it is told and nasnyato!

At school a forehead about a rasshibla school desk: color is various number of fluctuations of light waves of this light source, is perceived by our eye in the form of certain feelings which we call color.

Color of a subject is the length of light waves reflected by this subject. Means if there is no light, there is no color also. The piece of paper has no color in a black envelope.

No, just imagine, manage both to define color, and even even through the safe to read texts in complete darkness! And highly educated public of bars... - sorry - nods sokratovsky foreheads, argues...

The homeopathy - in teeth already stuck this sharlataniya. People are kind, you at school on chemistry learned though something or only palmed off any rubbish on the teacher under a bottom and with the cool magazine contrived?

About Avogadro`s number (scientific news of the middle of the 19th century) heard? This Italian established that he in one gram - a pier of any substance contains 6,02 X 10 in 23 - y degrees of atoms / molecules.

And homeopathists part the medicines so that in any randomly the taken volume of their “medicine“ there is no atom of the declared medicinal substance.

And the common sense shy smokes in a corner and from there prompts: “But in a bottle it is full of any not declared good - from air and walls of a test tube“.

So with what to an alarm to expect action of what is not present, and at all to ignore what obviously is?!

However wise stars (or muddled?) from medicine pompously rivet in thick magazines abstruse statyishch about achievements of homeopathy even in resuscitation!

Under me, multiguilty, even the chair broke when I read it.

People are kind where your brains? Where you put them, having left school with the school-leaving certificate in teeth? Why you so like to be fools on pleasure to clever villains?

I gave only three examples, but nest they do not have number and to harm a measure from them.

To poison to me! To poison! The strongest! In a homeopathic form.