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Elections will take place. What`s next?

Probably, we passed that stage when say that everything is bad and so it is impossible to live. All right, as is, indeed - let will be; all the same you will change nothing. Give better this bad we will rename in wonderful, and there will be to us happiness. Approach is safe: happiness, it is always subjective also, according to scientists, is born by itself somewhere in the head.

For an average monthly salary the modern Russian person is able to buy 90 kilograms of beef or nearly 600 kilograms of bread. Never anthropoids lived so well. What it is possible to dream of?

If it happens to remember far ancestors and a nature who knows suddenly and in society what happens in the nature when the ecosystem by itself is cleared, transformed, and on a gnilushka very young beautiful honey agarics unexpectedly grow. Unless similar is impossible in economy and in policy?!

On the other hand if the trunk begins to fall, then the destiny of branches and even large boughs is predetermined. What in Russian financially - economic system functions as a trunk? Correctly, US dollar. We, of course, can abuse a dissolute trunk, but it will become easier from it not.

If to cancel all rules, then risks increase extremely. Without rules any difficult system ceases to work. What rules were earlier?

To grow rich, it is necessary to obtain the cheap bank credit. For this purpose it is necessary to have a high rating. That to have it, it is necessary “to agree“ with rating agencies. Even if your company will not return the credit - all the same you already grew rich, having received cash. As a last resort, it is possible to declare a default. So was both in Russia, and in the world.

Now these old rules failed. Nobody will give the cheap credit even if your firm has a credit rating of BBB (the forecast: “stable“), as at Gazprom. Now there were signals that governed more did not, and everything is permitted to financial leaders. It is possible even to dream how many will like. For example, our Ministry of Finance and Rosstat tell about zero inflation for July of the current year. In Moscow in July the deflation for 0,2% is recorded even. Decrease in consumer prices happened at Stalin, and after was not observed. And here at last lived. Though, perhaps, zero inflation exists only in life of remarkable staff of Rosstat; ordinary citizens go to shops and see other picture.

However, there is a rule which in the fatherland nobody cancelled: to grow rich, it is necessary to receive budget money and successfully to master them. Yes, in Russia the economy of ROSES still prospers: a cut, kickback, drift (drift is “to“, kickback - after).

One more old rule which was not cancelled yet - presidential elections. Let`s assume that there will be an unprecedented miracle - perevybenut a tandem. Then we will still have a zero inflation for the July supported by the government senseless AvtoVAZ, the stars in the form of passenger planes sinking in the rivers the ships, and also numerous innovations which at the stagnating economy are realized exclusively in Russia which are on a silver platter.

Will show willingness to enter to the Russian university the next dead souls with high points on USE. Civil war in the North Caucasus about which if you tell in the decent house will continue, then on you look as at the idiot. Various organized criminal groups, that is organized criminal groups - Kremlin, Lubyansk, public prosecutor`s - will continue to waste in an outhouse each other and at the same time people around. The Russian justice will still look modestly as if the morning remains of a make-up under eyes of the unloved woman.

However, it quite will suit two general counsels of the country: the ready to help call girl can always fit. One of lawyers will still be fond of Twitter (Twitter), “Deep Purple“ and of “Balck Sabbath“ , to be engaged in modernization and innovations in one separately taken Skolkovo, will rename somebody into something; another - will continue to drive all machines, by planes, Gazprom, and at the same time and all country. Still they will ride together the bicycle, all a tandem.

Oligarchs, close to a tandem, as before, will recommend to poor Russian citizens two-year-old (!) stock of means for personal consumption to store in rubles, and all the rest is possible in dollars and euro. Excessively bred hungry bears will come to roadsides of the Siberian routes and to elicit food at people. Federal mass media will continue to tell with ecstasy about the important events which are listed above.

Such is the world in which we live many years and to which managed to get used. As if it did not become worse - the narrow-minded thought turns in the head. Well, the main thing that there was no war. And ridiculously to think that if to choose new members of the politburo and the secretary general, then we will return to the Soviet Union.

However, I know that miracles happen, especially during elections. The probability of our unprecedented miracle is close to unit; it is possible to tell that this reliable event. The miracle happens. What`s next? Life is what is, or what will be?