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Shampoo, water, massage, health: what is necessary for our hair?

From legends are known that far back in the past Romans at half price sold bald slaves. Hair always were not only ornament, but also a convincing sign of force and health, and also served as protection against an adverse effect of the environment. What changed today?

We live much longer and to receive a bald patch of a high probability at us. And any day is not deprived of vrednost in modern life. Therefore and it is necessary to care for a head of hear from “young nails“.

The head goes to our rich and sophisticated century around from a variety of cosmetics. One brand behind another try to tempt us and to carry away the innovations. And a century ago also did not smell of shampoos! As did not smell still of a set of the chemical compounds which are a part of modern means for a head washing.

Profane persons can think that than means is more expensive, it is more useful to those. However the lion`s share in the cost of any production is made by advertizing expenses and a salary of producers. And these indicators, you see, do not influence quality at all. It is quite probable that from new magnificence your purse, than hair will change more.

I always remember: the product more simply and more naturally, the it is more perfect. Our great-grandmothers, without having also the 100-th share of what is available to us, did not know problems with hair. Recipes and receptions passed from father to son. And they were effective because they were not burdened by marketing reasons. Buying expensive thing, we often simply feed the vanity.

Hair quickly become soiled (especially in the summer), but daily washing is not recommended: it, appears, for hair harmfully. Direct sunshine are undesirable too. It would seem that can be better for health of hair, than water and the sun? Everything is right. Only looking what water and watching the sun in what quantities.

According to “the law of beer“, the hairdress is as a rule ruined not by(with) shampoo, it is ruined by “rigid“ water. “Rigidity“ of water is characterized by the increased content of salts of calcium and magnesium which part is removed boiling. The main component when washing the head not shampoo, but water !

Effect of any surprising shampoo will be spoiled by “rigid“ water. Water for washing has to be the “soft“, pleasantly warm temperature (38-40 °C). If rigid water, then salts which are present at it, entering chemical reaction with detergent, form the insoluble deposit covering hair with a grayish raid. It is better to boil water in advance and to allow it to be defended, and then to adjust temperature in the fresh boiled portion of water, adding a little baking soda.

It is the best of all to use shampoo diluted, besides it is not necessary to apply it directly on hair. Try to soap hair only once. These simple receptions are necessary in order that chemical harm did not manage to get to like your head of hear. End washing a spolaskivaniye cool water: it gives to hair fortress too.

Blondes are recommended to rinse hair camomile broth. For all rest - water with vinegar addition, and it is better than some lemon juice. Water has to be slightly sourish on taste. If you do not hurry, then it is the best of all not to use the hair dryer, and to dry hair a heated towel. Chinese women dried them silk fabric: hair become after that brilliant.

Massage and combing by a brush is very useful to hair. This daily procedure has to take not less than 5-10 minutes.

Loss of the old and died-off hair - process natural. But the excessive hair loss at normal leaving is a signal that it is worth paying attention to the health. It can be a consequence of violation of work of nervous or endocrine systems.

In such cases of hygienic leaving insufficiently - treatment is necessary. Though private half measures in the form of infusions of herbs and balms disturbed nobody yet. Strengthening and growth of hair are promoted by such herbs as a St. John`s Wort, a root of a burdock, the hop cone, leaves mother - and - stepmothers, a calendula, broth of birch kidneys and leaves of a birch, and also aloe juice. I will remind that the movement in the fresh air and the balanced food is very important.

And if an oily hair, it is useful to use fermented milk products (kefir, curdled milk, cottage cheese). Fruit and vegetables in which there are a lot of vitamins and minerals are recommended. But the use of animal fats and in general any greasy food needs to be minimized.

If hair dry are also inclined to loss, then it can speak about insufficiency of function of a thyroid gland. Dryness of skin and head is often connected with deviations in work of a liver or with a lack of some vitamins (especially vitamin A). The food rich with vitamin A is a butter, milk, eggs, cod liver, cod-liver oil. From vegetables and fruit - a persimmon, oranges, carrots, pumpkin, cabbage. Do not forget: we - what we eat!

An oily hair wants to be washed daily, but it is not necessary to do it. Try to wipe every other day head skin on hair partings with the wadded balls moistened 5 better - percentage solution of boric acid to which the tenth part of lemon juice and as much alcohol is added. Reduces a salootdeleniye and growth of hair is promoted by extract of cinchonic bark. It is recommended to brunettes and brown-haired women as can change a hair color several.

Dry hair can be washed less than fat and normal. At dry hair washing of the head the warmed-up fat-free curdled milk very much helps. Procedure reminds coloring of hair. Only then, later 20 - minute endurance, it is necessary to rinse carefully hair several times hot water without soap. This way is very popular with Muslims.

If Muslim recipes do not suit you, then curdled milk can be replaced with yolks: two yolks + 50 ml of water + 100 ml of vodka (cognac) + 5 ml of sal ammoniac. This mix is shaken up and rubbed in the head, and then washed out hot water.

Before the Englishwoman washed hair with rain water with salt. Now this action is not applicable: clear rain water remained in legends and, maybe, beyond Ural Ridge (and that not everywhere). The Italians presented with by nature rich hair washed the head with broth from nettle roots. Creoles in Cuba prepared for themselves broth from rosemary leaves. And in the Caucasus women earlier, and now wash hair with white (blue) clay.

In one book on cosmetics of the 19th century it is said that the frequent short hairstyle of hair not only slows down their growth, but also in general it is harmful for health of all organism.

I suspect that it was one of ways to stop female emancipation which was shown at that time by a short hairstyle. Perhaps it is only a prejudice. But there is a custom which is not recommending to be cut to women during pregnancy.

Though from one skilled master I heard something the return: on tips of hair negative energy accumulates. He considers that if around not comfortable living conditions, then we want to be tonsured to dump this negative.

of Esoterics assume that hair serve us energy, antenna for reception, from the outside. In their opinion, the most energetically favorable hairdress - “a horse tail“.

Several revelations about hair-dyeing. In the nature all is harmonious, including also color of our hair is not casual.

The nature initially chose for us the best that suits us. Therefore properly think before cardinally changing. Changes in color - in this or that party - no more than on two tones are good. There is an ordinary opinion that white color threshes. Correctly, but to a certain age. If skin, to put it mildly, mature, then wrinkles and defects at blondes is just more noticeable. Alas, you gain effect, the return to the desirable. Not to be mistaken with the choice of color, it is possible to use fitting of wigs.

Beautiful hair - always healthy hair!

Healthy animals are distinguished on brilliant soft wool. Yes readers will forgive me, but this law of the nature extends also to us.