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Time for love? The only effective way to find happiness in the relations. Part 1

In the modern world more and more people suffer from loneliness.

Everyone dreams to find a happy family and love, but the little manage it. People worry about it, a happy family - is valid nearly the most important component of full-fledged life.

Someone - already just with despair - marries the partner who possesses at least some merits, at the same time is very far from an ideal of which it was dreamed.

Initially it is clear to both that nothing good from this will turn out. But - we think - love comes with habit, and we plunge into the abyss of initially unhappy marriage, and then long time (and sometimes and all life) we torment ourselves and the children.

So actually prevents modern people to find happiness in family life and how in general to meet the love? Let`s consider, than the person at various stages of creation of the relations has to be guided.

To fall in love with someone, it someone needs to be met at first. And to meet, it is necessary - to make all some efforts. The film industry feeds us with stories about the casual turns of destiny which are permanently bringing heroes fortunately to a grave. We begin to trust fondly in it and we do not make any attempts on finding of love.

In life happens and so that “the love will unintentionally appear suddenly …“, but often it is necessary most to be directly involved in this process. Of course, is not necessary on it and to go in cycles, but nevertheless to begin to work it is just necessary. Even if the destiny will also want to help us, it will not begin to do it if you just lowered legs from a sofa and hope only for it.

For a start needs just to think over and write down desirable qualities of the future partner. Only those that really are for you important, but not imposed stereotypes. That you understood what you actually want and to send a peculiar “request for receiving“ in the Universe. Only do not hope to find such standard which you described in accuracy, - it is silly and will only disturb you. There is enough of fact that in the moments, important for you, in the found person there will be an approximate similarity to your inquiries.

needs to begin to devote Further some time within a week to real search of the half. It can be dating sites, visit of some public actions. If you the man, then can, besides, still learn to get acquainted just on the street (first it causes discomfort, but gradually you will begin to derive from it pleasure).

The more meetings with potential halves - the better. The main thing - nevertheless not to be fond and not to think that somewhere there, behind turn, I am waited by someone else more suitable. Therefore if the person to you is nice, then stop on him. In a pursuit of an illusive crane it is possible to miss a beautiful titmouse. The most important - to understand that that to receive something, it is necessary to formulate at first that you want, and then by all means to begin to work, otherwise it and will remain only your dreams.

But also do not give it supervalue. Yes, realize importance, but you should not turn search of darling into delusion - otherwise it will conceive a boomerang effect. You have to remain yourself, you have interests and hobbies besides search of love. And at once transform the arising strong desire to find love to real actions to this purpose.

At the same time by all means work on yourself - in every respect - over a body and appearance, mind, mentality, soul. Thereby you will seriously increase the chances of success. And not only because you become more desired and significant for an opposite sex though, in my opinion, it is enough already and this reason. But also because you grow in own eyes, you get the increasing confidence in the forces and love to yourself - and this very serious help.

One more thing which needs to be understood - to belong to search and the choice it is necessary rather seriously, but at the same time creatively. To allocate for this time, to put heart and soul. But communication with candidates should not turn into interview at all. That is it has to be the most sincere and bringing joy to both, differently you do not receive desirable result.

Think how the modern person treats the work. He is afraid to be late, tries to execute more and better that it was not abused (as the child). And it is rare when the person at work is engaged in business of all the life. Often it is the work which is not bringing joy to which we just got used. Many plunged into the work, trying to fill though with something emptiness from a lack of love and tenderness, to dull loneliness pain. For many years they really convinced themselves that this the most important that is in their life: work, career … But, whether so it actually?

In this situation on search of the partner just there is no time left and forces. And everything has to be on the contrary. We should not be afraid to be late for work, and to hurry on appointment not to offend the person. And we have to try on the appointment as at work, our future happiness really depends on it, its foundation is laid just at the first meetings.

And in unloved work, turning it into a cult, sense of all life, sense to put all the heart and soul just and is not present. It is easy to change work, and darling will be with you, perhaps, all life. Therefore it is worth finding time even during the most loaded working day to remember dear person, to write SMS - ku or to call, just that he felt that he is necessary to you that he tries not in vain. Here that rather important.

It is desirable to try most to show the best qualities during the first meetings, without shelving and without expecting it at first from the possible partner, then it will be simpler to it to reveal before you too. Also you should not consider it through a magnifying glass as guinea pig: Whether “You correspond to my inquiries?“ Not only you choose, choose also you. Just try to derive pleasure from communication process, and conclusions you will do houses.

It is the highlights concerning search of the partner. Throughout article you learn about what prevents modern people to keep the long-term relations and as it is necessary to work correctly in order that all - to achieve it.