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How to understand that it is time for you to change a job? We everything earn

to ourselves a living, but work should not be only means to earn money. It has to bring satisfaction! As they say, you have to be happy when you leave work as evening after day of work, and are happy in the morning when you come to work.

All have bad days at work, but if there everything is constant badly, then it is time for you to think of changes. There are signs which indicate that you should move further:

1. You do not want to go to work. you get up in the morning and test strong unwillingness to leave the house. Sometimes you affect the patient not to go to work, and stay at home. If you have breakfast in some cafe directly before going for work, then to you a reluctance to leave cafe, and there is a wish to sit in a pleasant situation.

2. You are long shaken. Having come to work, you drink tea / coffee, stir with the girl - the secretary (option: with other colleagues), you check the personal mail, you wander on news and other websites on the Internet. You do anything if only not to be engaged in the direct work.

3. You shirk work. If you the smoker, then often leave on smoke breaks (sometimes, however, smoke breaks can be useful to an exchange of informal information with colleagues). You for several minutes before a lunch break leave for lunch and linger on it after put. If by the nature of your work you have to go somewhere during the working day, then you are very glad to be winded from office and will surely try though half an hour to spend for the personal purposes, but only not to get. Always it is possible to dump it on traffic jams or for bad work of public transport.

4. You steadily leave work for 15 minutes earlier (option: 20 - 30 minutes). ďAll the same already nobody works and nobody will noticeď, - you say to yourself. If the administration left somewhere (at several o`clock or days), then you loaf about on office (option: you stir with colleagues or you drive teas, you are online, and it is possible, you are just taken up from work).

5. You constantly are in a dejectedness and feel a stress. All above described ways of sabotaging of the work, in general, serve to reduce stress and to relax. Another thing is that it is necessary not to reduce stress as it does most of people, and to solve the problems facing you. But it is separate conversation.

6. You are unfortunate. you do not feel pleasure and satisfaction. In the world it is full of unfortunate people, but why you have to be one of them? How many you have to take out beginning to look for new work? Understand correctly, I do not urge you to leave in anywhere. Always it is necessary to consider the financial position, interests of the family etc. Nevertheless it is necessary to find part of the time for beginning to look for the new place.

7. You have no prospects at this work. It does not assume growth and development. Therefore and it is boring for you. Talk to your boss: if, irrespective of your efforts and results, for you only your present place is provided, then be going to leave. You have to grow and look for what will make you happy.

It is clear, that your way will be not always covered with roses. There are periods in life when it is necessary, having gritted teeth, to work at the most hard work, with the most disgusting chiefs and/or colleagues, but so cannot proceed eternally. It is important to understand when it is necessary to leave.

If laziness and insufficient self-confidence prevent you to leave work which you hate, then develop the motivation. As if you felt if you worked in a pleasant situation, with benevolent colleagues if were engaged in business which you love? Change the life! Do not refuse the dream!