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How to cope with jealousy of its “former“? He repeats

to you again and again that all women who were to you do not matter for it. And still of “former“ he speaks about one rather often. He really loved it, and he had many happy memories, related: about romantic dinners, about the holidays spent together, etc. You suffer because you feel that it was important for it. It becomes the real delusion.

Stop and think: the reason of your fears real or invented? How exactly he speaks about the ex-girlfriend? If he tells about it too much even if criticizing, or, on the contrary, gloomy is silent when someone from acquaintances mentions her name, then it is a bad omen. Perhaps, this love story did not end yet (at least, from its party). You subconsciously feel it, as causes your concern.

If he speaks about it quietly, without excess emotions, then it demonstrates that the love was serious and, perhaps, with its feelings to it something remained, but really important story of love for him are the relations with you now. In this case your jealousy is not justified. You cannot change the past or erase it from memory of darling. The fact that he speaks about the sentimentality which was with a shade means only the fact that he is not a superficial person that he is able to love and remember. Therefore, a problem that you are not sure of yourself.

Face the fears. Frightens you what you are less attractive, than it? Or you are afraid that that, another, was “the goddess of sex“? Return to reality: now it with you. He chose you and wishes to make love to you. Do not guess about what occurred at it with being in a bed. Remember that each relations are a separate history. Another is its past, and you - its present and the future.

Couple more of councils. Perhaps, his ex-girlfriend was also beauty queen (option: outstanding sportswoman, beautiful hostess etc.), but you are also not obliged to compete with her! If it was so important for it, then it would be with it, whether so also now? In this case in you both the jealousy of it, and envy of it, and your uncertainty in itself speak at the same time. Only the right decision - to concentrate on the advantages.

If he, for example, speaks to you: “What beautiful eyes at you!“, you should not answer: “Yes, but I gained weight a little“. (And at its former there was a fine figure...) And It is necessary to tell: “Yes, thanks, I know, but it is pleasant to me to hear it from you“. Besides, you should not go to those places (restaurants, cinema etc.) which he usually visited together with former. You are another story altogether!

It is interesting that men usually suffer jealousy to “former“ the girlfriends less. The matter is that they in the relations of floors were always hunters, but not the victims. The man feels confident because he “got“ the girlfriend, having fought her off other hunters therefore they to him are not terrible.

You try to consider yourself too as the hunter, that is such person who can (and has to) to choose to himself the partner.