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Run march!. Clockwise or against?

the Day of the athlete is celebrated on August 13. It is possible to tell bravely that percent of 30 - 40 readers of Shkolyzhizni. ru tried to be engaged in improving jogs.

So, and have full relation to a holiday. I also entered these “vigorous“ percent, and having already not for the first time decided to run about health for the sake of. And here at what thoughts occupations on a racetrack guided me this summer.

Imagine the picture: day promises to be roast, but so far air cool and easy. Behind a window birdies chirp (well, behind mine they precisely chirp). The sun only seemed from - for tops of trees (or buildings who as was lucky with the residence). And here you, still bearing the dream remains on the shoulders, you enter on a racetrack (even if it is the sidewalk, but, time you on it run, so it your running !) . And slowly - slowly, step by step you begin the movement behind health. Towards to you - fresh wind and pleasure of life!

Here with such feelings the second week I ran every morning at the nearest school stadium. And this day everything was as in summer solar and carefree. Suddenly, from nowhere, the little thin little man appeared before me and cunning said: “And that it is necessary to run - against an hour hand!“ Also went to itself further, having aroused doubts in my head.

You already, probably, guessed that I ran on stadium clockwise, is absolute without thinking of it. From the first time ran as the path laid down. It was comfortable to me so to move - in the direction of an hour hand. Next day ran against hour - it was not pleasant. Again began to run as before, but became interested why all the other, meeting to me runners, move towards .

On the concerning subject found the following …

the International sports standards

the International Association of Track and field athletics Federations (IAAF) Exists. According to the standards established by it, athletes at all competitions average and long distances run counterclockwise . Small - on a straight line.

It is explained by the fact that at most of athletes the right leg - jog. It is stronger and several millimeters longer than left. The right leg the athlete takes wider step, taking away a body to the left. Therefore it is more convenient to pass the rounded distance sites counterclockwise.

Refer also to the fact that such tradition came from Ancient Greece where sport was opposed to the nature (artificial development of a body - to natural development). Then decided to run at the first Olympic Games against the movement of a shadow in a sundial.

Runners noticed that it is so valid it is more convenient to run, and run still counterclockwise.

Physiology of “right-handed persons“

At research of “right-handed persons“, and their more than 90%, paid attention that all actions connected with turn to the left turn out at them more productively and more precisely, especially when in the right hand there is a subject (usually in it “ of the right-handed person “ are kept by instruments of labor, the weapon and so forth)

If the examinee tied with a scarf eyes and suggested to go straight, then the majority of them turned slightly - slightly to the left side.

Shooters - athletes when performing special high-speed exercises on several targets always begin firing with an extreme right target and are developed counterclockwise, from right to left on the firing course.

This so-called “left-side rule“ is explained by the general psychophysical orientation of nervous system of the person, a certain asymmetry of a brain at “right-handed persons“ and “lefthanders“.

At “ of lefthanders “ on the contrary - observes “the right-hand rule“, that is it is easier for them to perform operations with a turn to the right.

The following argument for run counterclockwise is that heart at the person is inclined at an angle, close to a tilt angle of an axis of rotation of Earth. This corner is also close to a tilt angle of the athlete to the center of a circle of a racetrack of stadium. Possibly, run from right to left facilitates work of heart at the movement.

the Space phenomena and rotation of Earth

In relation to us, Europeans, planets around the Sun rotate counterclockwise. And our galaxy rotates to the left, that is too counterclockwise. Taking into account impact on the person of rhythms of space it is supposed that the movement in the direction of the movement of space objects is more harmonious.

One more argument in favor of run with a turn to the left on a racetrack provide physical laws. At the movement counterclockwise the vector of angular speed is directed up.

Angular speed is the vector size influencing the speed of rotation of a body. The vector of angular speed is directed along a rotation axis by the rule of a gimlet. When the athlete runs with turn to the right, this vector is sent to down , it as if presses the runner to the earth. And vice versa: at turn on the left the vector of angular speed is sent to up , it helps running to come off the earth, facilitates the movement.

In esoteric improving practicians read that at rotation clockwise there is a return energy, at the return movement there is a fence energy.

There are those facts which I found. And for herself decided that:

If you run for health and pleasure - that it is necessary to run in that direction, far more pleasantly.

If you participate in competitions, there your opinion will not even be asked, you will follow the established regulations.

Choose a way for the jogs, being guided by the feelings and common sense. It will be ideal if they coincide.

And run on health where want!