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Lev and Nikolay Kekushevy. What strikes in their destinies?

Lev Kekushev and Nikolay Kekushev - the father and the son. One - the famous architect, the second - the polar pilot. Both destinies are unique, but at the same time and are characteristic of last century.

In the second half 19 and the beginning of the 20th century in Russia the new direction in art blossomed. Here it is called “modernist style“, in Western Europe is more often - an art - Nouveau, there are also other names in different languages. A combination of beauty and functionality, art study of constructive details of an interior and use of materials new for those times, interest in applied art - here distinctive features of this direction in architecture.

Russia gave the whole group of remarkable architects of this direction. But for some reason there are no museums, to the majority of the remained buildings to the mere mortal settle down not to come - into them embassies. And even the destiny of the architect can become a continuous riddle.

Lev Kekushev

In a modernist style how many architects, are so much and styles - is such opinion at experts. Lev Kekushev had an own unique style. Its works differed from works of other architects of modernist style.

On the one hand, Kekushevy approached work rather rationally, with another - put a deep meaning in interiors. A stained-glass window where plants in the movement are represented, surprising ladders - all this creates unusual feeling. Including cosiness. Sculptural scenery outside, game of space inside.

Unfortunately, Kekushev`s interiors, though quite remained it is impossible to look. In two of its buildings now embassies are also located.

Lev Nikolaevich Kekushev was born on February 19, 1862 in Vilno (now - Vilnius). By date - more - it is less accurate (met also 1963), and here in the birthplace there are divergences: both Saratov, and Simbirsk are specified. It is precisely known that his father was an officer.

“The father who left a military family hated an imperial mushtra and brought up me in hatred to all military“ .

It already from memoirs of the son Lev Kekushev - Nikolay Kekushev. The officer Nikolay Kekushev - the famous pilot - the polar explorer. But about it - is slightly lower.

Lev Kekushev - the first on time from representatives of the direction of a modernist style. Nobody knows details of life him or his family. It is known that he graduated from the Institute of civil engineers in St. Petersburg, then moved to Moscow.

In Moscow there was already own workshop and support of patrons - merchants. Quickly enough Lev Kekushev gains popularity together with large orders. It even had “signature“ - a statue or a lion bas-relief.

His creativity was interrupted suddenly. As suddenly, as, perhaps, his life. It is amazing: it is not known neither of date, nor of the place, nor of circumstances of death of the famous architect. There is a version that it was shot in 1918 during a round-up. But shot it was not listed. Date of death specifies an interval from 1916 to 1919 years.

The twentieth century, practically to us still native, gave such periods when circumstances of death of the most famous people remain secret. So happened to Pyotr Boytsov (and in his houses fear to tell who lives now), so happened also to Lev Kekushev. But at least two of his houses on Povarskaya Street belong to monuments now - to objects of cultural heritage (regional and federal importance). It is Ponizovsky`s mansion - nowadays Embassy of Afghanistan, and Mindovsky`s house - nowadays Embassy of New Zealand. Both houses - the closest neighbors in one street.

Lev Kekushev had son Nikolay.

Nikolay Kekushev

Nikolay Lvovich Kekushev was born

in 1898. Studied in Military school and Artillery school. In 1917 left the volunteer on the front. After revolution - the pilot. Opened the Central Asian airlines, passed into polar aircraft. The first arrest and the first sentence in 1931 - 5 years of camps.

Here is how Kekushevy describes the feelings after a search: “... we with mother long built guesses about the incident reasons, but logicians of the course of this could not comprehend everything the infernal machine gaining steam “.

At once after release - participation in expedition to the North Pole and the Order of Lenin.

Nikolay Kekushev at first takes out emaciated blockade survivors from Leningrad to the Great Patriotic War, then works in distant aircraft in group on fight against submarines.

After war - the second expedition to the North Pole. And right there - the second arrest and new term - 10 years. Nikolay Kekushev served this sentence in the settlement of Jezkazgan in Kazakhstan. After Stalin`s death term was changed, and in 1955 Kekushevy comes back to Moscow. Rehabilitation, obtaining the passport, return of awards followed. Helped as often then happened, simply people to whom was not all the same which considered a duty to intercede:

to the Attorney-General of the USSR companion Rudenko R. A.

… In numerous polar expeditions of t. Kekushevy proved as the person devoted to our Homeland who was carrying out the most difficult and dangerous flights without being considered with any difficulties.

For the work of t. Kekushevy repeatedly received high government awards.

T. Kekushev is the only survived crew member of the pilot Golovin P. G., the Hero of the Soviet Union - the first Soviet people who reached the North Pole.

In the t Great Patriotic War. Kekushevy made 76 fighting departures and a number of responsible flights to the Arctic: in 1947-1948 he participated in high-altitude expeditions of Glavsevmorputi.

We cannot believe that the person whom we know within 20 years can be guilty of the very grave crimes shown him. We ask you to reconsider Kekushev`s case in his presence.

We are convinced that, having answered personally the brought charges, it will be able to rehabilitate itself(himself) and to return to aviation work on advantage and the benefit of our Homeland.

The Hero of the Soviet Union General is the major of aircraft (Vodopyanov)

Hero of the Soviet Union General - the lieutenant of aircraft (Shevelyov)

Hero of the Soviet Union General - the major of aircraft (Lyapidevsky)

Hero of the Soviet Union Gvardii the colonel of aircraft (Alekseev)

Hero of the Soviet Union Polkovnik of aircraft (Slepnev)

Polkovnik of aircraft in resignation (Chukhnovsky)

(The letter is provided according to N. Kekushev`s book “Zveriada“).

And again - work in aircraft. Already on pension Nikolay Kekushev wrote the book “Zveriada“. It is the book of memoirs from which most part is devoted to camps and transit prisons through which he happened to pass.

Destinies of the 20th century - they always struck me with scale of misfortune and burdens. And at the same time - greatness of human spirit.

of Vision, but already others, soar before me as frames of a peculiar movie “My Life“. “World War I and... “the ensign young with an infantry platoon“, civil war, Dobrolet, Khiva, basmatches, “the Red Banner of Khwarezm“, the first aviation lines, Polar aircraft, the North Pole, Patriotic war, arrest, interrogations, sleepless nights, stages, stages, horrors of camp, “drinking bout“ and... release. It is a lot of - many people, kind and evil, different nationalities and views … I mentally look through these “shots“ and I come to the conclusion that life allocated to me cheerful minutes strictly by cards, but all - it is good and interesting if it is lived in a harmony with itself and according to own concept about honor and conscience “. (N. Kekushev, “Zveriada“)

I will already be is farther by all other words here excessive.