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To find darling or...? The main mistakes by search of the partner

by Many women of “a pause in private life“ are endured painfully and painfully. They begin to look for feverishly the man, notify all and everyone that they are lonely and from it are unfortunate, and constantly complain that there passed one more month, and I did not find it!

Do not go in cycles in that by all means and urgently do not forget to find “the half“ that you represent whole, and not someone`s “half“. As though we are defective and insignificant without someone`s there “half“. And you imagine obgryzenny apple (and not Apple) …

I these women who are so passionately wishing to find the partner, cannot find it years and if find, then are mistaken with the choice. If you want something excessively, this desirable often escapes.

Fear not to find the man, to remain one, it for 80% - not reasonable fear. These female “horror films“ supposedly and I will die alone, - have no relation to real life. After a certain work on itself the understanding comes that still ahead, and remains a few - quietly and reasonably to organize the life so that worthy you the man naturally was near.

For a start stop “to want to find“. Clean fear not to find from eyes. Normal men feel such things at once and run from the “looking for“ ladies as the vampire from garlic. But such “starving“ women it is by all means attracted to itself some worthless and defective character.

At the women anxious with “search“ this problem is broadcast in air at the level of “thin energiya“. The first that is felt by men, - that the woman is free. It in itself is quite good. But the first minutes they feel that it is unfortunate and “anxious“. And any excessiveness, any persuasive desires frighten off. It is disharmony, an internal imbalance. Who needs the debalanced, disharmonious and unfortunate person? It is necessary to nobody and is not interesting. People have enough problems.

Scaring away men, such woman begins to be afraid. For example, that men some coward went and at all there are no normal. And if is, then all are already busy. At the woman the self-assessment because subconsciously she lays blame on the loneliness and on herself promptly falls. Already begins to seem to it that there is with it something not as it should be … With such relation it is almost impossible to find the worthy partner.

To what men first of all when meet the woman react? What attracts them? I interrogated many men whose opinion and experience for me are significant, and practically all in different formulations told same: “condition of internal harmony which proceeds from the woman“.

This state is madly attractive for people around. If at the woman eyes shine if she is vigorous and positive - she is surrounded by the power field of the happy and successful person. And people around feel this field at once! You as the thin conductor, you will broadcast happiness! People will begin to reach for you - all will want to be fed with your happiness, to be loaded from your battery, to receive part of what you have and they have no, - your unusual and valuable internal resources!

Fears and complexes leave when the positive attitude towards itself and to people around appears: “I interesting and attractive. To me with men well, to them with me too“. This condition of confidence. It also attracts men, they become much around. Admirers, friends, interlocutors. Therefore there is a choice, conscious and responsible.

Having got rid of fear not to find the man, it is possible to get chance to become the self-assured woman who does not look for any more, and chooses from a set of offers. And it, believe, absolutely other life.

It is necessary to look for not darling, and himself … Everything will come in due time and everything will be as you want! If this yours - it is with you.