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“Why he does not call me?“

Millions of women on all continents spend every second hours about phone, expecting a call of the beloved and to thousand time thinking out the reasons and justifications why he does not call. Since the broken finger which prevents to dial telephone number and finishing with the heavy childhood …

needs Initially to accept quietly the fact that nothing can turn out and agree that your case - the rule, but not an exception. In majority cases nothing is impossible. It will give you feeling of internal freedom.

But we, women, arrive exactly the opposite: we meet the man, we fall in love with him, and then he makes an act which slightly disappoints us with . Or he not makes an act which we expect from it. I call such moment “a red lamp“. This act is followed by series of others which disappoint not less, and, perhaps, even guard.

But then that is logically inexplicable, comes the period of the superinventive justifications lasting for weeks or even months - his diseases, its trauma, its problem, heavy shocks and tortures. And does not come to our mind to try to see “picture“ of this unfortunate cripple into whom this man would already have to turn if all excuses which are thought up by us in his justification were true. We try to explain why he behaves so strange, and we find the most ridiculous reasons, except one and only and obvious: just did not “torknut“ it! Is not present

, I do not mean that you are not pleasant to it absolutely. In most cases the adult woman is capable to understand and feel when she is not pleasant. Possibly, you are pleasant, perhaps, sympathize with you, but … it is not enough to speak about the real hobby.

Women find a set of arguments for a justification of men and therefore cannot put an end to the nonexistent relations.

There are some, most standard justifications: “To it it is difficult to

to take the first step“

My God! To the man it is difficult to take the first step? You seriously so think? The man has enough encouragement in the form of a faint smile to rush in a pursuit of production which he really wants to catch.

Men perfectly know what steps and as need to be done. They are movable by a natural instinct of the hunter, passion who will always prompt them both steps, and actions, and words. If the man wants to receive the woman - he does not quail. “He does not know, as to me to be risen“. Knows. Believe - the man knows how to you to be risen! Question only in whether it wants to be risen to you.

“It does not want to force events because“

“He already burned just endured a painful gap, and I just have to wait“. “He is afraid that again it will be painful to him“. Yes, it is valid, there are periods in the man`s life when he is not ready to the new serious relations. It not is ready .

How many and what you intend to wait for? Until it becomes ready? And you know how many to wait? Month, year, five years? And you are sure that this its readiness if when arises, it is turned on you? You are going to wait until he is fond of you? When your affairs, problems and interests begin to interest him? Yours, and not just his own life? I have a bad news - it time will never come if came at once. You and will stay days to phone naprolet, and then once learn that he wonderfully suited the life, and not with you.

“It has so many problems and the head now is occupied by another“

Yes, to others . Alas, not you. Because what there were problems in the man`s life if he is keen on the woman he thinks of it.

“But it all - sometimes wants to see me, calls and says that it misses“

As often he wants to see you how often calls and how often tells it? What does it do to meet you? No, I do not ask whether you see each other. I ask that it does for this purpose? Or you rush to it on the first call which is heard not so often?

“Perhaps, all the matter is that I grew stout on 5 kg? I should dump them, and he will want me“

Ya is absolutely sure that you need to dump not 5 kg, and all 80 or how many there your “darling“ weighs - to dump from itself these kg in the form of him. And what will be if you have wrinkles, you will get sick, will become pregnant and in general oh, horror, - will grow old? Without saying that all these mythical kilograms are in most cases thought up by women. Not kilograms or their absence are pleasant - the woman is pleasant. Or it is not pleasant, be it though a fuzz. to

“Perhaps, to it there was a misfortune, it was hospitalized or in general died and therefore does not answer?“

he did not die. It is live - zhivekhonek. Yes, to be fair - such cases happen … But believe! If the woman is dear to the man, he will find a way to report to her that something happened to it. Always. “He does not answer with

to me because he is offended, out of pride does not want to come for contact by the first“.
We are adult women. Let`s not to lead itself up a blind alley and not to become sillier, than the nature created us: lack of the answer of the man is also his answer! He just does not want to meet you.

There is only one reason for which the man does not call you does not write, DOES NOT SEND SMS, does not come, does not come, does not arrive or does not come crawling: he just does not want!

If the man is really keen on you, he will let about it know. He will come for contact, will call, it will come, it will arrive, it will find time, money, it will rake affairs to stay with you. Even if tomorrow in 4 mornings he enters the president`s position - it all the same will come in the evening to you! Such is the nature of men when they are keen. They not such difficult creations though often try to assure us of the return: “Just now I have in life such difficult period, the devil - what, well you know is created just - I have that, at me se …“

I, perhaps, you will be surprised, but very much it is difficult to men to tell “let`s leave“. Why they do not tell these simple words? You think that they just do not want scandals, the hysteric, and it is possible, are afraid to hurt us?

The man is capable to tell it only in case you are his wife, and he wants to leave to another. Only then. And in this case moves it not honesty, but desire to be with other woman (because this time just “torknut“ it).

The truth consists here in what: such relations can last as much as long because there are no relations, actually, and. That is for you they, perhaps, are, and for it - they are absent. It is so convenient to it, it is so easy for it. He feels absolutely free and not having obligations.

However the fact remains: even if the man does not tell the truth (and men never tell the truth), it obviously shows to us the attitude. If he does not call you when he promised if he disappears if it always has affairs, more important, than to spend time with you if he appoints and cancels or postpones meetings with you if he does not want to hold you, then here it, the answer to your question. Stop to think out for it justifications: its acts speak, even shout for themselves: just did not “torknut“ it!

The earlier you it will understand

, the better. Do not wait until multiple “red lamps“ turn into salute. Do not try to find out anything and to understand anything. Do not arrange “cross-questionings“, do not try “to expose“ and “expose“ and furthermore to prove to it what it is bad. Nothing from what you will tell it will be for it revelation. Also do not demand from it the truth - he all the same will never tell it.

Just you remember what “did not torknut it“!.

Lower a curtain without dismantling and dramas! It not your show. And if “and pulls to make a row“ - just buy the ticket in good theater or register in a circle of amateur performances.