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How to cope with solar burns?

In spite of the fact that until the end of summer there was all an incomplete month, a question of solar bathtubs remain actual for many. How to make so that it was not sick for aimlessly burned shoulders? Our today`s material is devoted to this subject.

If did not manage to avoid negative influence of the sun, then it is necessary only to suffer and to fight according to the lights against burn consequences. In such situation at the person normal thermoregulation of an organism is broken, body temperature increases, there are a slackness, face reddening, plentiful sweating, a headache, coordination of movements is broken.

For a start it is necessary to exclude further contacts with sunshine - it is not necessary to use sunblock cream, it will not help any more, on the contrary, can damage to the angry skin and aggravate a situation. Just fall back into the shadow.

Then it is necessary to take the simple anesthetic containing aspirin or an ibuprofen - they interfere with formation of toxic substances, from - for whom skin reddens and swells up, and help to cope with a headache.

The cool bathtub also will be suitable for removal of pain and high temperature , but you should not take a shower as streams of water can injure the burned skin. It is impossible to wipe the burned place with spirit solutions to relieve pain as alcohol dries skin, and it, on the contrary, needs to be humidified.

For this purpose use the hypoallergenic moistening means - a milk, lotions or sprays. It is better to put a milk and cream with a soft sponge or fabric once again not to injure skin. It is always recommended to have in the first-aid kit and at a campaign on the beach antiburn ointments and sprays , for example, “Olazol“, “Bepanten“, “Pantenol“.

If there is no special means near at hand, then it is possible to use any other the moisturizing cosmetic cream - for a face, hands, a zone around eyes. The creams containing an aloe belief, extracts of a camomile, a calendula and vitamin E will be the most effective: these components help skin to absorb moisture and to hold its long time.

It is also possible to grease skin with borated petrolatum or to make a compress of solution of a calendula for what it is necessary to dissolve calendula tincture in cold water in a proportion 1:10.

At a solar burn it is necessary to drink as much as possible liquid - water, unsweetened tea and a fruit drink. And it is necessary to refuse alcohol as it dehydrates an organism.

You should not rely on folk remedies - they will not cure a burn but only for some time will kill pain and will cool skin. Very much a popular belief that the burn should be greased with something fat - for example, vegetable oil . Actually, from - for it the film corking skin is formed, and, thus, the state is only aggravated.

Smetana too does not rescue from a burn , it can really cool skin, as well as water, but from - for its fat contents is besides formed a film. Just it is better to eat cold sour cream as a natural febrifuge.

Contrary to some councils, it is impossible to use for cooling of skin vinegar at all is acid which not only irritates an integument, but also extends from it moisture.

Approximately in 12 hours after unsuccessful suntan pain and burning reach the peak which can be very long. At this stage it is impossible to get rid of pain completely, will help unless strong soothing which will be appointed by the doctor. It is necessary only to continue to moisten skin and to be ready to the fact that it will begin to be shelled in 5 - 10 days.

Oblezshy skin is, in fact, the died-off cages. It is better to restrain and not to tear off the died-off layers as on a surface there will be gentle hypodermics. Special leaving and moistening is necessary for them, besides, it is necessary to avoid influence of the sun.

The heaviest solar burn - a burn of the second degree when on skin blisters appear. In this case it is necessary to address immediately to hospital and not to undertake any measures for self-treatment.