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Fires: burning of the vegetable remains and packing of

Reasonable, cultural, philanthropic people - fires do not burn down. to Poison with

air which many people breathe including aged and sick, only the fool or unscrupulous, hating other people can.

Increase in garbage in many respects occurs from - for excessive the interest in packing which is given rise because of decline of spirituality, loss of modesty, growth of importance, a facade, boasting.

Raw materials for utilization increases due to insatiability of people in consumption.

the Carbon monoxide emitted when burning - is very hazardous to health.

At oven heating leads carbon monoxide to death when closing the gate of a pipe at the fuel rest in 1% and it at the most environmentally friendly option when wood is burned.

lead Fires to the fires.

When burning garbage and, especially plastic are allocated dangerous poisons, from - for whom there is serious illness, including, such as asthma, a heart attack, cirrhosis, cancer.

Burning of garbage - is its raising and movement across the adjacent territory.

When burning garbage, breaking up to small particles, rises hot air and, being carried away by wind, it is sprayed on the Earth`s surface, getting on vegetation, animals, people …

Derivative fires getting to the soil, it is soaked up by root system in plants and gets to fruits.

Silly children try to be allocated with noise and mischief, the adults who are not taken wisdom - fires.

Feyervizm is an illness.

of Feyervist at the next attack burns that got and anywhere - without regard to humidity of a combustible material, weather, the direction of wind, a situation, presence of people … Feyervista`s

differ in the fact that fires often and at once as soon as the combustible material appears scorch. Feyerist`s

will not be stopped even by the child choking with asthma attack.

of Feyervist at which combed hands growing dumb available combustible raw materials finds it in any ways up to that burns the materials which are not needing utilization, including vegetable which are fertilizer and even sometimes business reaches suitable things which after an agony lack then it.

the Worthless person a fire tries to give himself the importance what though will somehow be allocated in society due to its enchantment and staginess.

Fires worsen quality of the stored food.

Fires, zadymly sowings of agricultural crops, worsen quality of a harvest.

the Smoke of fires, getting into lungs of farm animals and a forage, worsen quality of their production.

Idlers kindle fires for an entertainment.

of People first of all has to think of ecology in the yard - at least because it is capable to influence her.

People, betraying great value of ecology of the general, - which is very difficult for improving, are absolutely indifferent to ecology in the settlement - which depends only on them.

Talking profusely about world ecology, do not forget about it in the yard. to

to Many people the main damage to health is caused by not bad world and regional ecology, but quarter - depending on the person. there is no

If a possibility of garbage removal that it is necessary to try to burn at least only vegetable garbage, it is less toxic, than plastic.

Several harm from burning of garbage - how many from inability it is correct to organize it.

Well dried plant material when burning does less harm.

Considering the direction and wind force it is possible to burn a fire with the smallest harm.

Than is more fire, those from it per unit of volume of the burned material have less than harm.

The less often is made burning of garbage - the less time environment is in the smoke-filled state.

Industrial processing and utilization and even collecting garbage on primitive open dumps multiply reduce its harmful effects.

When the person breathes, he so does not think of quality of air as eating food - about products. Though through breath it is possible to cause not a smaller loss to the health, than through food.

Feyervizm - is treated by asthma. Some people burn down with

fires because their ancestors were nomads.

At invariable situation to a doomsday mankind will be led not by(with) war and not collision of the earth with a great comet - and environmental disaster.

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