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Who the richest person in the world or How become billionaires?

Every year the Forbes magazine publishes a rating of the richest people in the world.

The last ratings note a record - in two years after financial crisis there were more billionaires, than ever before.

Number of dollar billionaires in the world 1210 that is 200 billionaires more, than last year - the results of a rating of the richest people in the world published by the Forbes magazine are that. It is one of records for the last quarter of the century that is since the magazine began to publish ratings. The wealth of billionaires is around the world estimated at $4,5 trillion and exceeds all GDP of Germany. But the rating is based only on estimates.

And the winner became...


the richest person in the world - media - the magnate Carlos Slim

the First three places in a rating of “Forbes“ did not present to

any surprises. The Mexican businessman Carlos Slim remains the richest person in the world, its magazine estimates a fortune in 74 billion dollars. The wealth of the media magnate even increased by 20,5 billion, in comparison with previous year.

Following - the founder of the Microsoft company - Bill Gates having “all“ 65 billion dollars. He actually still heads top if to consider that last year 30 billion dollars were offered on charity. On the third place the investor Warren Buffett.

Most of billionaires lives... in Moscow


in general this year noted the following tendency - in the high-growth countries, such as Brazil, India, China and Russia the number of superrich people continues to grow. “If 10 years ago a half of billionaires lived in the USA, then today they make only one third“, - claims “Forbes“. The magazine notes also one more change: the capital of the rich - any more not New - York, and Moscow. There now if do not live, then 79 billionaires are registered.

Who is he, Carlos Slim?

When someone in Mexico speaks

by phone, the income goes directly to Carlos Slim`s pocket. But it is not the only branch which makes for it huge profit - Carlos Slim earns money, selling bread and newspapers, for example. In other words, the magnate controls almost all transactions in Mexico. It possesses its plants, banks, insurance companies, mines and hotels. More than one third of the Mexican market are presented by the companies which are in family hands Slim.

Carlos Slim: the first million

three years ago nobody assumed that Slim will become the richest person on the planet. Now it is the fact, at least, according to a rating of the Forbes magazine. Carlos Slim managed to scare together a multi-billion fortune in Mexico where nearly 40 percent of the population live in poverty, that is has less than two dollars a day on the person.

Carlos Slim earned the first million at seventeen-year age, performing share operations. From the father he inherited 400 million dollars. On this money he began to buy the ruined and incorrectly estimated enterprises, to modernize them and to sell with big profit.

The common sense of its business operations and the friendly relations with the leading peace policy became the personal recipe of a gain of success.

But ascension in league of the richest people in the world began in 1990.

The then president of Mexico Carlos Salinas privatized the state company of telecommunications. Also sold it to the friend Carlos Slim of all for $1,8 billion - the ridiculous sum as experts spoke then. In a year the company began to cost 12 billion dollars. Slim became the monopolist breaking any attempts of the competition - where in the legal ways where using political contacts. And today it controls 90 percent of the telecommunication market in Mexico.

the Father of six children

Only after death of the wife in 1999 and a serious illness of heart Slim began to be engaged in social projects. The father of six children, he generally supports projects for children.

But his opponents claim that them not God knows how many. They reproach him for excessively high prices of telecommunication services. And for the fact that it allocates very much a small part of the fortune for social projects. What the Mexican magnate answered: “Wealth - as a garden. It is necessary to share fruits, but not trees“.

Latest news: at the beginning of August, 2011 from - for a collapse of stock market Carlos Slim lost 8 billion dollars. Poor.