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Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. Whether we remember the great compatriot?

In 1831 on August 12 in Ekaterinoslav (present Dnipropetrovsk) in the aristocratic noble family conducting the sort from princes Dolgorukiy the girl was born.

She spends the childhood, adolescence and early youth in Malorossiya, Saratov and Tiflis, very much having early lost mother. Then very not for long lives in the Caucasus and in seventeen years leaves Russia. Will live in the countries of Europe and USA, India and Britain.

She will be fated to make what to it was done by nobody. It under the direct management and in cooperation with Great Teachers and the Lord of mysterious Shambhala of Maytreyi Mauria`s Mahatma will give to the world the doctrine, equal to which to it nobody created.

For the first time, contrary to deadlock positions of uzkomaterialistichesky science, a clerical attire and weakness of church dogmatism of religious interpretation, the intimate knowledge shedding light on truth was given in synthesis of science, philosophy and religion. In such synthesis for the first time for many millennia the Truth just was also given. And to its main works the statement is not incidentally chosen an epigraph - “There is no religion above truth“.

Today we have an opportunity to study everything that she wrote (in Soviet period censorship would not pass similar editions), and these are more than twenty books: they are published and is on sale.

Especially significant as, however, and difficult for comprehension, are a two-volume book “The Exposed Izida“ and a three-volume edition “The secret doctrine“. Other its works for studying it is not much easier, but the importance and their value for the future and evolution of mankind at the same time does not decrease at all. Even on the contrary. Moreover, their relevance grows and will increase further because evolution of mankind without true knowledge is impossible. As full-fledged human life without understanding of bases of a world order is impossible. Laws and principles of the universe, purpose, sense and ways of evolution of mankind, person, Earth and Universe.

To the edition of its works (and it was at 70-80 - x years of the nineteenth century it is carried out for the first time) of broad access to this knowledge, first of all, at representatives the western civilization was not. And in the east this knowledge in the majority was lost or distorted to the complete antithesis or absurdity.

The edition of “the Exposed Izida“, and subsequently the first and second volumes of “The secret doctrine“ (the third volume was published by followers and pupils after death of the author) had effect, speaking present language, full shock. And so was in Britain and other countries of Europe, in the USA and in India from where the Doctrine originates.

Our most great compatriot - Helena Petrovna Blavatsky was the author of this really titanic work.

In short article it is impossible even to try to retell an essence of its works and in it there is no need. Those who will want and will be able to study and comprehend will find for this purpose opportunities. But here not to tell about another it would be guilty.

There is no prophet in the fatherland. This evangelical saying of Christ more than pertinently in relation to Blavatskaya.

In 2006 it was noted 175 - I am anniversary since the birth of the Great Messenger Sveta.

It is enough to tell that Russia and India, Britain and the USA paid to this event huge attention in the official circles and public institutions first of all concerning culture. Such international organizations as UNESCO and the UN, also prepared for this date. Widely the public, a scientific and most advanced community, representatives of many other, and not just called countries were going to celebrate this date. And the country, the earth and the people which gave to the world of such genius in the majority not just do not remember, but also do not know about this event and such date at all.

At such birthday with gratitude to the great devotee would be to finish very opportunely works on the structure of the museum of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky in Dnipropetrovsk and still at least to make something.

The states with much smaller potential such events and people are given attention much more. Let out to dates stamps and envelopes with portraits, anniversary coins and other memorable attributes.

Small Moldova which let out a stamp to birthday of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky could serve as an example. Though Elena Petrovna had no relation to Moldova.

Helena Petrovna Blavatsky became an era symbol. Eras of culture . And this word (the explanation Nikolay Konstantinovich Roerich gives) in translation from Old Indian Sanskrit means - a cult (honoring) and Ur (light) - honoring of light. It all the life bore to people light.

What can be more noble and at the same time more difficult, difficult? As a rule, ungrateful and at the same time more necessary for people?