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Mysterious Crimea: what about it is told by legends?

Augustus … Suitcase mood … Time to say no to habitual “all inclusive“ and to go to submit the Crimea. The legendary peninsula where each place is a legend; each legend is whirlpool of events.

the Legend of the “gold“ beach

If you thoroughly studied the coastline of Turkey and Egypt, it is a high time to wave on the “gold“ beach - the paradise place on the southern coast of the Crimea.

Present eyes of fellow workers when you tell them about 400 meters of happiness and serenity (such is beach extent). And until they burst with envy, examining photos, you with affection will tell them legends.

... Long time the people Crimean suffered from excessive requisitions and an arbitrariness of Turks. But shortly bothered them to render tribute: they brought together army and went to overthrow foreigners. Those, naturally, were frightened and hurried with infinite riches to the high sea. Where they were overtaken by a storm, and the ship with the stolen good was wrecked. Enemies in the sea abyss disappeared.

And in beams of a rising sun the sandy coast as if it was covered with gold coins began to shine. The sea crushed jewelry on tiny grains. Since then in the people this coast is called “gold“.

the Legend of a miracle source

A you do not wish to dive into “a youth bathtub“? Yes, in the Crimea and it is possible. This miracle in Grand Canyon of the Crimea from Bakhchisarai is located.

The legend says... The old man went to mountains behind firewood. Performed work, took a sip voditsa from the mountain small river and hurried home. And the old woman, the woman uneasy, moved off in searches of the husband. Having noticed the person with a bundle of firewood, she took an interest whether he saw the grandfather.

Also the old man why the burden seemed to him such easy understood then. He enjoyed waters from a youth source about which spoke in the people.

The old woman, of course, too wanted to feel more young... There came dawn. The wife was not. The grandfather hurried to water. But instead of the grandma it found the baby. It turned out that the old woman was fond of bathing in a miracle source.

And to us it is time to restore forces and to become younger! The main thing to remember greed of the old woman not to repeat her destiny.

the Legend of a small fish - a sultanka

Is good

fish in waters of the Crimean peninsula, she many times rescued the people from hunger. But there is one which inveterate fishermen aim to catch. And a name to it - a sultanka . Small fish this not simple, but “fried“.

So, a legend of a small fish - a sultanka. Magomet II decided to conquer Constantinople and he sent the offer to the tsar Konstantin to hand over positions without fight. The tsar learned about it at breakfast when the wife fried to him fish. Pointed to a brazier and said: “When these small fishes will jump out of a frying pan in the fountain then Constantinople will be handed over“.

He did not manage to lower a forefinger as small fishes one by one appeared in water. In two days Constantinople was taken by Turks. And the new governor ordered to throw small fishes from the fountain into the sea that they reminded people of capture of the city. Here also many small fishes with golden sides appeared in the Black Sea.

Yes, it is interesting to listen to the Crimean legends, having tasted gentle meat of a small fish - a sultanka which simply melts in the mouth. And in the winter behind a cup of tea with cornel jam to plunge into memories of broad lands of the warm Crimea. To close eyes and to present “A bear - the mountain“, “The fossilized ship“ and the Bakhchsarai palace …

It is unconditional, travel to this mythical edge will bring a huge number of emotions and reflections.