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Putin scissors

If attentively to listen attentively to public rhetoric of the Kremlin, then it will become clear that we build the socially oriented state. Growth of pensions, grants, repair of roads, shabby housing, grant to agriculture. Everything becomes for the benefit of the simple person.

Except material it is given also spiritual: Olympic Games, Universiades and World Cups.

Some shortcomings like crash of motor ships and accidents on hydroelectric power station are leveled by events in England and Norway. Type:

- They Finished badly with the praised democracy there.

So, the simple person at us is fed, given to drink also moustaches at him in tobacco. Also looks on a box as ours smash their. To drink beer, to support ours and to respect the Power. Here today`s paradigm for the inhabitant.

In real life the Supreme Power makes decisions only in favor of several hundred oligarchical clans. Between which there is a serious fight for a survival and enhancement.

the Ordinary person does not trust a box. Trusts the eyes which see the prices on 92 on gas stations and yachts of oligarchs on the same box from “ broadcasts star life“.

The ordinary person wants on yachts with blondes and champagne too. But there everything is occupied and for a long time.

Here even equated beer to alcohol. In the USSR at beer stalls unburdened the heart and splashed out steam. Now where to splash out it? On the Internet? In this virtual space for politically and otherwise anxious?

We to them about an increase in prices, they to us about GDP growth. We to them about flashers and bribes. They to us about GDP growth. We to them about disorder of army and police. They to us about GDP growth.

Horse-radish with it with GDP. Let it there to itself(himself) somewhere grow.

But what to do with eyes which see one and with ears which hear another. Bifurcation of sense organs can lead only to a split personality.

However, after bifurcation of the President on the President and the Prime minister any other bifurcation seem such trifle.

Riddle: “Two ends, two rings, in the middle of carnations“.

Two ends - the Kremlin and the White House. Two rings - ER and NF. All will be banded soon. A tack - Putin.

Answer to a riddle: Putin`s scissors.

Vzhik, vzhik. Who did not hide, it is not guilty.