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Emotional hunger or how to revive the relations from favourite

over time taste of life, thirst of communication, expectation of touches becomes dull and there comes the ordinary, one may say, daily occurrence, and then, the person gets into the difficult situation connected with fight of emotions, reasonable thoughts and call of duty. There is no wish to destroy already created relations, but there is a wish for something new, another.

The longer the relations last, the abyss between the man and the woman is felt more. Behind events of usual life lovers manage to lose threads of emotionally deep communication with each other.

There is a habit of darling to see houses, every day, and the big bell which reminds spouses that they gradually cease to notice that to whom got used rings here.

As a rule, the man and the woman pass by a sound of the first danger because is once, children, problems, everyday cares, work, life, and now their relations become not the most important in life, and the base of the relations and a family gives a big crack.

Why the man and the woman do not hear disturbing calls? Why there is a habit and the ordinary? What can be done that the relations brought happiness, and the love every minute became brighter and deeper?

People cannot hear, see and feel threat to the relations because a lot of things are done on a habit and hurry to live life, without giving themselves the chance to stop and enjoy a look of darling, a moment of happiness from a kiss. All hurry to live, but, without giving vent to the feelings, without relaxation and pleasure every instant of communication.

When you thought last time of how you address the man, the woman? Very often with the birth of children and grandsons, instead of tender addresses the address “Father“, “Mother“, “Grandfather“ and “Grandmother“ to each other appear. Roles “fathers - mothers“, “grandmothers - grandfathers“ execute in relation to the children and grandsons, but, not in relation to the spouse. There are logical questions: “What happened to me when the son was born, the daughter appeared? Where I now? What place in my life I take? Why I put children between us?“. The matters help to begin to deal with the reasons of emotional hunger.

To stop, give itself the chance to see the partner. You can make experiment in the morning when you have breakfast, trace what you think of. About last night of love or about meetings or plans for day? Now, when you look at the partner, you think of him or of it, or already of important issues. Yes, you already think of the victories and new emotions!

The person gets used because he seeks to simplify everything, to make clear and known while we know that we know it, it ceases to excite our emotions and feeling of an anticipation gradually leave the relations.

Our imagination does not draw bright scenes of love any more, daily events occupy our thoughts, we begin to feel easy feeling of hunger which every day will grow from trifles and over time will turn into an abyss over which it will be impossible to step again to tell about itself: “we together“.

It is possible to say that the love does not live forever, the love left the relations, but all words only underline that the man and the woman missed disturbing calls and became strangers for each other. Someone from the famous philosophers told, will master the road going, and in the relations. It is possible to go for the thoughts and emotions to find answers to deep questions of which you did not want to think earlier.

It is possible to call the first step to revival of the relations “five-minute“, take away in the morning or evening of 5 minutes of time to relax and from depth of to look at the partner, to see his strong and bright parties which attract you in it (in it). You will feel how in you new images and new feelings which satisfy emotional hunger are born. Perhaps, you do not see in the partner of the attractive parties now, then continue the offer “I live with this person because.“. The received list of continuation of the phrase will help you to understand that it connects you with your partner and what is not enough for you in the relations. Only it is not necessary at once to begin to accuse the second party that he or she changed, and everything left, it is important to find a way out of this situation, understanding that you changed too also your requirements and desires extended.

The second step to revival of the relations is in the answer to a question that I am ready or is ready to make for our relations. The answer is even deeper to light the arisen abyss and prospects of the relations. Only it is not necessary to idealize, - “All!“. Everything, it is impossible to make, and it will turn out to make only that in your forces.

Harry Chapman`s books “Five languages of love“ and “Five languages in which ask forgiveness“ will become your third step to revival and restoration of your relations. Books will help you to understand themselves and the partner to create and strengthen sincere communication.

The following step is a variety of emotions, to find new ideas or to create new events where you together will experience new emotions. Long ago it is known if person to feed all the time with black caviar, once he asks bread. Make something pleasant for yourself and the loved one today. Write SMS - the message, the letter or a card from the word of tenderness and passion. Send a bouquet of flowers without special occasion. Reserve a table for two. Arrange departure for the weekend. Depends only on you that you will do to open again for yourself love and new emotions. Spontaneity helps to diversify emotions.

You remember, let to the partner time know new emotions, perhaps, instantly he will not react to your attempts and steps to it on a meeting.

Each following step will be or “from the relations“, or “for the relations“.

Only you define that you do for yourself and the relations and that you allow the partner to make for your relations.

And let the whole world will wait while you enjoy!