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is inherent in Each person feeling of vanity and desire of understanding, the statement in society, in a family. It appears: all of us want to be someone, among people to take the place. And the most interesting is the fact that in most cases the place which we want to occupy and that which is now, do not coincide at all. It is not enough people who are happy with the situation in a family, consider themselves as darlings, dear, are happy with the official position and situation in society in general. All of us want bigger and the best, all of us consider ourselves worthy bigger and the best. And all of us have not enough, it is not enough and a little.

As whom we consider ourselves? Happy or unlucky, healthy or sick? And it too sometimes biassedly.

Often healthy people consider themselves as patients, and sick people do not pay attention to an illness and speak: “I am almost healthy“. Everything depends on your perception specifically itself. Small pain causes irritation in someone, and he runs to be treated, severe pain does not cause any panic in someone, he speaks: “All right, all this will pass, all this will be forgotten and will come to an end“ - everything depends on your installation, on your decision, on how you treat yourself. As you treat yourself as far as you appreciate yourself, respect and love as far as you approved yourself in society or yet did not claim and everything want to gain to yourself that foothold which you consider yourself worthy?

The restrained vanity - recognition of the insufficiency. Vanity you torment with

yourself and people around, it is energy blow inside and outside: you hit with the vanity yourself, hit the person, strike a situation.

Sincerely find the restrained vanity, indignation, anger, arrogance in the heart. Heart has to be quiet. Only wise, quiet heart is fair. All indignation, infringement in quiet heart thaws. Forgive all the offenders. Find in heart depth weight from unfair charges.

All gossips and envy have to flow down from you, as from a lotus dirt. She cannot linger on this flower therefore a lotus - a symbol of sincere, spiritual purity, all dirty slides off it. White pearls too symbol of spiritual purity. Only purity burns and dirt pushes away. The slightest blackout by offense, weight, reproaches, indignation, the strong, restrained vanity attracts slander and envy. Therefore exempt yourself from these feelings, even from the bittock of strong indignation. Everything has to be natural, simple, quiet, fair in your soul.

Remember who told about you a lie during your life, and it revolted you. - Forgive them and forgive yourself.

Remember how many times you were wounded by unfair words. - Forgive them and forgive yourself.

Justice has to triumph! Therefore in your breast there is a small sun which lights everything in its true light. As by the light of day, fancy shadows of night dissipate. Everything becomes absolutely another, simple and clear. All is visible, it is necessary to finish thinking about nothing. You have to understand what so has to be always. All ingenious is simple, unartful.

It is necessary to be, but not to seem, it is necessary sincerely, to be honest pure. God sees everything, even secret thoughts and plans for him not a secret. The thought is already an act. The main thing - to be pure before God. Only when you are sincerely pure, you easily disseminate lie, slander, the envy condensed over you and your sun leaves in your aura from within heart and lights it. It begins to rage, be cleared by a whirlwind of everything that littered it. The restrained vanity - the main feeling defining thoughts, acts of people. This infringement as a warm clip, presses heart, to heart it becomes sick. You ask forgiveness that you so love yourself and you protect yourself from the outside world. You ask for help to dissolve the evil, cruelty to other people.

The restrained vanity is a cruelty to other people, blow to the person at whom you took offense, rigid, aggressive energy which God all the same will return you if you do not regret. Repentance dissolves this energy in space. You ask to give you instead of this feeling forgiveness. As if painfully you were offended by people, you will be able to do nothing with it if you take offense.

Release all God and on conscience of the offender, let everything will remain behind him, all responsibility of his act, all responsibility of its aggression, attack, self-interest, envy, lie, deception. And if you worry: as they can as it can and why I suffer, - you were hooked for this situation and never release it.