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You love amazing, though a little troublesome plants? Then a codiaeum for you!

the World of flowers - the special world. Each plant is in own way unique and it is fine. One plants attract with brightness of flowers, others - an unusual form. Codiaeum submits coloring of leaves therefore it is difficult to resist temptation to buy this fancy plant.

The codiaeum motley (the second name of a codiaeum) grows at a small tree. Its leaves are unusual. They are different: sharp, tape-like, vyemchaty, rassechyonny bright streaks etc. But most of all attracts their color. On one plant there can be leaves of different coloring: golden, green, claret. In the lower part of a codiaeum leaves more dark. If plant young, color of krone light. Maturing, the codiaeum changes coloring - leaves turn pink and redden. Such violence of paints cannot leave anybody indifferent.

To grow up a codiaeum quite troublesome. The plant all the year round needs a large number of light, otherwise leaves grow dull and lose coloring. In the summer with it there are no problems, and here additional lighting, for example, a luminescent lamp is necessary in the winter. Only thus it is possible to provide to a plant light of 12 hours in days. Codiaeum does not take out direct sunshine. In the winter temperature should not fall lower than 17 degrees, but the plant cannot be put near heating devices and even on a window sill. Dry air will cause leaf fall. It is necessary to try not to allow it as new leaves will not grow. Spraying in this case will not help. The plant also does not accept sharp temperature jumps.

Codiaeum can grow practically in any soil. It is recommended to add 1/5 part of the heavy garden earth to the soil of a big plant - it will increase stability. Codiaeum needs to be replaced. It is the best of all to do in the spring (March, April). The young plant changes every year, adult - 1 time in three years. At change it is important not to damage root system.

Codiaeum prefers the damp soil therefore soil in a pot should not be dry. It is necessary to water a plant regularly and plentifully, without allowing drying of the top layer of earth. Weekly washing of leaves and frequent spraying - necessary procedures.

The most important - top dressing of a plant. There is an opinion that any fertilizers as their application leads to active growth of a top therefore the plant gets out of the bizzare shape and beauty are contraindicated to a codiaeum. The fertilizers containing nitrogen worsen coloring of leaves. Only minerals are suitable for a codiaeum, but anyway it is necessary to watch closely as the plant reacts on top dressing.

It is necessary to choose a codiaeum correctly too. Leaves have to look for all 100%. It is necessary to examine attentively a trunk to be convinced that on it there are no deepenings from fallen leaves. If those are available, the plant means did not receive full care.

Bad conditions of keeping will affect appearance of a codiaeum at once. If new leaves do not change coloring, the plant lacks light. Appearance of a web tick leads to falling off of all leaves, except top. The wrong watering can be the cause of leaf fall. Often the codiaeum loses leaves during the first wintering as does not manage to get used to the new place. If the plant loses the attractiveness, it is necessary to feel carefully its trunk, since a root neck.

When survey did not cause anything suspicious, it is necessary to change plant conditions of keeping. Faded leaves should be removed. If on a trunk there are soft places, it is necessary to separate that part of a plant which is higher than a sick site. It should be cut off accurately a sharp knife. If on a cut there are darkenings, they should be deleted with thin cuts. Then the lower part of a plant should be lowered in warm water for about 10 minutes, and to remove leaves, having left only the most top. After that the codiaeum lands in mix of river sand and peat 1:1, but it should create conditions hothouse.

Codiaeum - an exacting plant. But it gives it to a raznotsvetya which all the year round is pleasing to the eye and soul. Besides the codiaeum also blossoms small original florets.