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Alexander Vvedensky: whether the poet “a senselessness star“ was? As much we do not know

about destinies of talented compatriots yet! And as one talents rescued a creative heritage of others …

Friendship forever

If not Yakov Semenovich Druskin is a philosopher, the theologian, the musicologist and the mathematician - would sink into oblivion, without having got to descendants, remarkable verses of Alexander Vvedensky. Ya. S. Druskin (1902 - 1980) destiny is surprising. Having graduated in 1923 from philosophical office of faculty of social sciences of Petrograd university after a private gymnasium of L. Lentovskaya, he worked as the teacher, and then external graduated in 1929 … from conservatory on a class of a piano and in 1938 - m - mathematical faculty of university. Here such “bouquet“ of abilities.

By the way, just in a gymnasium he got acquainted and made friends with Alexander Vvedensky (1904 - 1941). Funny: future poet, the ardent admirer of literature and the active member of gymnasia literary circle, upon termination of study did not pass examination in the Russian literature. But it is not the only example such in national history!

The friendship of grammar-school boys did not die away with the end of a school time, and in 1925 both, both Vvedensky, and Druskin entered in literaturno - the philosophical esoteric commonwealth of “Chinari“. Its participants calling themselves “chinaryam“ (from “rank“ in value of a holy order) were concerned by matters of time, spaces, the movements, and also theological problems.

It is possible to tell him about A. Vvedensky`s views words: “... I understood, than I differ from last writers and in general people. Those spoke: life - a moment in comparison with eternity. I speak: it in general a moment, even in comparison with a moment“. And at Druskin: “Time - between two moments. It is emptiness and absence: the got lost end of the first moment and expectation of the second“.

the Creative satellite by the name of Kharms

By the way, was included into “Chinari“ also D. Kharms calling himself “chinary - a vziralshchik“. And even earlier they with A. Vvedensky declared a poetic platform of “two“. Destinies of poets after the taken place acquaintance in general went “on one uneven line“, though externally, and on character these two persons were contrast each other.

Unlike the fellow writer, Alexander Vvedensky preferred to put on modestly, but at the same time was hazardous in game (what D. Kharms hated) and the conclusion of various bets. The general in their manners of behavior was unless the fact that at both in pockets money was not late. But as regards literary tastes and opinions they were at one always.

the Portrait in OBERIU

the Important event in Vvedensky and Kharms`s life became creation in 1927 of the well-known literary circle of OBERIU (Association of the real art) operating in Leningrad till 1930 and entering as section the Publishing house. The group of young poets including except them, also N. Zabolotsky, N. Oleynikov, etc., tried to bring closer poetic diction to reality, “having exempted from dogmas of imitators of realism“. In “Manifesto“ of oberiut Vvedensky was characterized as follows:

“… scatters objects on part, but from it the subject does not lose the concreteness … scatters action on pieces, but action does not lose the creative regularity. If to decipher up to the end, then it turns out as a result - visibility of nonsense. Why - visibility? Because the abstruse word will be obvious nonsense, and it is not in Vvedensky`s creativity, it is necessary to be more curious and not to be too lazy to consider collision of verbal meanings. Poetry not cream of wheat of which swallow, without chewing and about which immediately forget“.

By the way, Ya. Druskin`s research devoted to the poet was called “A senselessness star“.

When public statements of group began, the criticism hail with charges, in particular, of A. Vvedensky, in “rubbish“, “confusion, frank to cynicism“, etc. fell down. But on memoirs of participants of these meetings, at recitation by A. Vvedensky “carried away not that relevancy of contents, and rather improbable alloy lyrical and abstruse. Beautiful women flew by air, green beans whistled, and songbirds changed in boots...“.

Fatal 37 - the anniversary …

the Vigilant eye of the authorities sharp-sightedly monitored freethinking, and in 1930 - x almost all oberiuta underwent repressions (Ya. S. Druskin, however, managed to escape). Alexander Vvedensky was arrested at the end of 1931 - go: on the eve of new year the poet was removed from the train going from Leningrad to Moscow and accused under scary fifty eighth article (58-10), that is for counterrevolutionary activity.

Nevertheless, consideration of its business the employees of GPU specializing in “literary questions“ which as A. Vvedensky`s fault put forward “derivation of readers the abstruse verses from problems of construction of socialism“ were engaged.

He was lucky: in the summer of 1932 it was released on freedom, however, with dispatch to Kursk. From there moved to Vologda. Trying to remain “afloat“, published verses of quite pro-Soviet sense in Leningrad: “Octobrists are Leninists“, etc. At last, it was succeeded to return to the city on Neva. But there it was restless, and in 1936 - m Vvedensky moved to Kharkiv where the love and a marriage, then war found it at first, and in several months - death.

Yevgeny Yevtushenko wrote that in September, 1941 the poet was arrested “again for attempt to wait for arrival of Germans“ and whether died in the prison train of dysentery, whether was shot by the escort. Other sources are expressed it is flowed more round: “died at evacuation“ … In rehabilitation documents the death - on December 20, 1941, that is in 2 weeks after 37 - the anniversaries is dated.

the Creative heritage

On the creative account of Alexander Vvedensky - 30 nurseries of poetic collections. From “adult“ heritage there was only “a glory of one poem“ during lifetime. It is “Elegy“ in which there are, for example, such shrill lines:

I am sorry that I am not an animal,

Running on a blue path,

Speaking to himself: “Believe“,

A to another to yourself: “Wait a little bit“ … But we would not know

“Who?“ (“The uncle Borja speaks …“), “When I will grow up big“, “About the girl Masha“ and other works if in besieged Leningrad Yakov Druskin did not preserve creative archive of the poet. Also it turned out that poetic “boffinry“ is thin and, I would tell, ringing game for which came to nobody to mind to condemn neither Lewis Carroll with Barmaglot, nor to Tuva Jansson with Mumi - Trolls, but which deprived many generations of the Soviet kids … was not rehabilitated the person, this game thought up yet - the poet Alexander Vvedensky.

His name returned to readers in 1980 - x, and there is a wish to believe that forever.