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Chicken fricassee with wine and champignons? Easily the Culinary rumor often narrates

about the amusing cases connected with this or that dish and specific historic figures. Here, for example, the known dish of Old French kitchen - fricassee.

It is for certain known that Bonaparte since the childhood did not love some chicken meat and forbade cooks to train him. But once the new cook who was not knowing about similar gastronomic restriction made for the emperor chicken fricassee with spices and fragrant herbs.

At first Napoleon was scary angered, however then when the cook everything is persuaded him to taste food, tempered justice with mercy and enjoined to include fricassee in structure of the menu from now on.

So simple, in effect, country dish removed on tables of the French nobility and rich men, and entered the register of widespread dishes around the world later including in Russia.

So it fricassee? Famous culinary specialist I. Lazerson so describes preparation this dish.

The chicken cut together with bones bread in flour and do not fry, and warm up in a small amount of the kindled butter. At the same time it is important not to allow formations of a ruddy crust, caring for that color of chicken remained white. Then pour in a little water, bring a bunch of greens and extinguish. Then add sour cream and bring a dish to readiness. Chicken fricassees, prepared according to this recipe, still call white ragout.

But there is also a different way preparations of chicken fricassee.

In the beginning treat chicken in the same way as in the previous case, however then merge broth from suppression and add the yolk mixed with a small amount of cream there. All this is intensively stirred and heated, but to boiling not brought, otherwise the yolk will be curtailed. Fill in with this hot sauce ready pieces of chicken, and again hold on small fire a little, but do not boil, and just evenly warm up. The dish in this case turns out both not fried, but not boiled, but not stewed, and there is nobody intermediate and very gentle taste. It also makes an originality of fricassee from chicken.

Well, and now the promised recipe .

The chicken cut by pieces slightly fry together with onions on butter (it is not necessary to redden). Largely cut vegetables (carrots, a celery root, greens of parsley and a thyme) and connect to chicken meat. There pour in water, wine, add bay leaf, a carnation, salt, pepper and you extinguish under a cover not less than one hour.

Then vegetables take, and bring the champignons peeled, cut in half in the remained meat weight and train all even minutes 15-20. The egg yolks which are shaken up with cream, lemon juice, a nutmeg and starch implicate in fricassee, and then remove from fire. Give a ready dish with the boiled rice or macaroni flavored with oil and grated cheese.

For the recipe of fricassee from chicken with champignons it is required to you: on 800 g of chicken meat - 3 bulbs, the 2nd carrots, 1 root of a celery, 3 tablespoons of butter, a half-glass of water, 1 glass of white dry wine, 250 g of champignons, 2 egg yolk, a half-glass of cream, juice of 1 lemon, 1 teaspoon of starch, spices, greens, salt to taste.

It is possible to make rabbit fricassee with wine and champignons as well as chicken fricassee.