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What to do if from the conditioner water to you on a window sill drips?

Once to me the letter from the angry Muscovite of such contents came: “We live in the multi-storey building. Residents from the top floor installed the conditioner.

From the conditioner water on the street drips. Drops fly down and beat our window eaves. Not only that glass is splashed, do not allow to sleep at night even with the closed windows.

If neighbors installed the conditioner over our window whether it is possible to achieve from them that removal of condensate from the conditioner was made correctly? They do not react to our requests. What to do to whom to complain?“

Here such letter and, probably, this woman with such problem is not lonely. Unfortunately, with arrival to the capital of a summer heat this problem accepted mass character. The conditioners dripping on the lower neighbors became in the capital the universal phenomenon.

Look at a facade of any multi-storey building. It as flies zasizhen these hladoagregata. After a last year`s smoke in Moscow the city authorities lifted all limits for installation of household conditioners.

Give before giving advice, we will understand why from the conditioner water drips. During the operation of this unit in the cooling mode in the internal block located in the apartment there is a formation of condensate. The formed moisture flows on heat exchanger edges in the special pallet, and then through a drainage tube is removed to the street and freely drips down.

In the case described in the letter, removal of condensate on the street is made of the conditioner incorrectly, with violation of the technician - operational characteristics. Operation of such unit can lead further to damage of a facade of the house, the lower balconies, a peak of an entrance and personal property of citizens.

It should be noted that up to March of this year installation of the conditioner had to be coordinated with the chief engineer of management company or condominium. Its service controlled behind respect for correctness of installation of units of cool air. Now any permission to their installation is not required. Removal of condensate of the conditioner on the street is done to whom as will like. And questions of relationship with the top neighbors in an occasion of the water dripping from the conditioner on a balcony or a window sill and possible damage to all house remained not settled. Therefore if from above from conditioners water drips and gets to you on window eaves or still where - nibud, there is nobody to complain in fact.

It is possible to write, of course, the application in condominium or management company. They have to be responsible for objects which have on facades of buildings. Report in the notice of infringement your top neighbors technologies of installation of the conditioner, in particular, of removal of moisture from it. Note that it led to pollution of your windows and a facade of the house, and also to impossibility from - for noise of the dripping water of comfortable accommodation. Perhaps something from this will also turn out.

In principle, engineering services are obliged to react to your statement and to take out to careless residents of an apartment house the instruction. Those, in turn, have to eliminate defects with removal of the dripping water on the street and ensure functioning of the conditioner according to technical requirements and construction norms and rules.

However, what to conceal, citizens most often just ignore our similar instructions.