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Who thought up the Olympic Mishka and Matroskin`s cat? To birthday of Victor Chizhikov

All of us since the childhood know and we love characters of books Agniya Bartho, Alexander Volkov, Korney Chukovsky, Eduard Uspensky, Samuil Marshak. But not all from us know that images of all these heroes, as well as famous Olympic Mishka, was thought up and drawn by one remarkable children`s artist - Victor Chizhikov! “Since I was born

, ask me: “Chizhyk-Pyzhik, where you were?“

Victor Chizhikov is the honored artist of Russia. He was born on September 26, 1935 . Already at decimestrial age drew the first drawings with a fat pencil on an oil wall near the bed. The father gave a pencil to it, and since then he did not leave it any more.

Still studying at school, began the professional career in 1952 as the artist - the caricaturist in the Zhilishchny Rabotnik newspaper.

It was pleasant to Chizhikov to draw caricatures and cartoons since the childhood. Often neighbors, teachers, schoolmates became objects of her creativity. He carefully studied the drawings of artists published in the Krokodil magazine to which mother subscribed to it. Remembered their style, tried to imitate them.

Acquaintance to Kukryniksami changed his relation to creativity. “Let`s agree so. Do not imitate any more. Remember: you are a personality!“ - Kupriyanov who became in the future his professional head told it. And Chizhikov well remembered it.

After the termination of high school No. 103 in 1953 Victor entered the Moscow printing institute on redaktsionno - publishing faculty. It finished it in 1958.

Since 1955, draws cartoons and caricatures for magazines “Krokodil“, “Veselye kartinki“, “Murzilka“. Since 1959 works in the Round the world magazine. Cooperates also with other periodicals: “Evening Moscow“, “Spark“, “The pioneer truth“, “Young Guard“, “The young naturalist“, “Pioneer“, “Week“. Since 1960 creates illustrations for children`s books.

In 1960 Chizhikov is admitted to the Union of journalists of the Russian Federation, and in 1968 it becomes the member of the Union of artists of the Russian Federation.

“Thaws fast time of miracles. Good-bye, our tender Mischa, come back to the fairy forest...“

1977 in the country the competition on the best drawing of a mascot of the Olympic Games of 1980 begins

B. On the advice of the head of the Union of artists Victor Chizhikov together with the friend decides to take part in it.

On a task it was necessary to think up bear drawing. This animal following the results of vote among an elk, sables, a deer, a seal and a bear was chosen by the audience of the program TsT “In Fauna“ as a mascot of future Olympic Games.

Having analysed all previous symbols of the Olympic Games, Victor Chizhikov creates the famous Mishka - kind, open and for the first time Mikhail Potapycha Toptygin`s looking the viewer fool in the face . It was also chosen by committee among a set of thousands of sketches sent to a competition.

Then people from the organizing committee to Chizhikov declared at once that “the bear author - the Soviet people!“ , forced to sign paper about transfer of all fees to the account of the organizing committee of the Olympic Games - 80 and after the artist refused to clean the author`s signature from the original of drawing, made it. And having paid only 2000 rubles, did not even invite to opening of the Olympic Games.

As a result the Olympic Mishka who became the favourite of millions of people did not bring it to the creator of either money, or glory, and only experiences and an unpleasant deposit on heart. But, despite it, Chizhikov did not lose the kindness, such important for the children`s artist, and continued to create still fine illustrations for children`s books. “I often meet by

people who speak to me: we grew up on your books thank you that you amused us! It for me sounds as an award“

“A bear cub - the boor“, “The grandmother had forty grandchildren“, “There is a bull-calf, shakes …“, “The wizard of the Emerald city“, “Forest academy“, “In the country of unlearned lessons“, “Vitya Maleev at school and at home“, “Vasya Kurolesov`s Adventures“, “Vera and Anfisa in policlinic“, “The forgotten birthday“, “Doctor Aybolit“ - all of them, as well as many other books of our childhood, are illustrated by Chizhikov.

The artist thought up also images all favourite heroes: The uncle Fedor and Matroskin`s cat , since the childhood teaching us it is correct to eat sandwiches, Chipollino`s - Gianni Rodari, “Winnie`s - Down and all - all - all “ - Alan Alexander Milne, and characters of books of many other remarkable children`s writers.

He created the unique and recognizable style: “ Barmalya at me in “Doctor Aybolit“ sleeps in a bed, and from - under pillows the Murzilka magazine - favourite reading matter of Barmaley leans out! Here my method“, - the artist tells.

Itself wrote several fairy tales for children: “About the girl Masha and a doll Natasha“, “Ours to you with a brush“, “Petya rescues Potap“, “A ball and Vaska against …“, “Petya and Potap“, last of which, entered a series of books “On a Visit at Victor Chizhikov“ of Samovar publishing house.

In 2005 Victor Chizhikov together with the poet and writer Andrey Usachev “333 cats“ published the book . It became the book of year. Then there was their new collaboration “The planet of cats“ and “Kotografiya for memory“. And, perhaps, in the future the creative union of authors will please us and other fine works.

The artist has a set of prestigious awards and awards. He is the repeated winner of the competition “Art of the Book“, the owner of the diploma of a name X. K. Andersen and Academy of Arts of the USSR, Council for the children`s book of Russia, award “Gold Ostap“. “Honour Sign“ is awarded the order and has a rank of the Honored artist of the Russian Federation.

In 2010 to Victor Chizhikov 75 years , but, despite so already respectable age were executed, he still continues to be engaged in creativity. “And all - I even try to soften the scary text with drawings. I wanted and I want that children had less fears. The childhood has to be carefree“, - the artist tells.

And at it it perfectly turns out, not without reason its illustrations are loved by children and adults remember. For all this, as well as for many other things, there is a wish to tell Victor Chizhikov: “Many thanks!“ And to wish it new creative achievements!