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Simple man`s hairstyles? We choose!

of Styles of hairstyles are a lot of, and their number constantly grows. One styles of hairstyles come, for example, “mohawk“, others with change of fashion disappear. However there are hairstyles for many years remaining permanently popular. Among man`s hairstyles is these are the simplest - semi-boxing, boxing, a hedgehog and some other.

of Poluboks

the Hairstyle “semi-boxing“ consists in what on parietal part of the head is left by hair of rather small length (5 - 8 cm), and on other part of the head - less than 5 cm

the Hairstyle is characterized by two fringings: the first - on the regional line of growth of hair, the second - on the upper edge of the line of the data of hair on is not present on a nape and temples.

The hairstyle of the lower parts temporal and occipital zones is carried out, nullifying hair, and a hairstyle of a parietal zone - removal of hair on fingers.

Semi-boxing begin a hairstyle with performance of a fringing of hair. At first behind ears, and then on a nape. Remove with the machine a down on a nape and finish the line of a fringing.

Carry out a hairstyle of hair on a nape thinning shears, removing hair on is not present. Carry out tapering gradually, at first many times on tips of hair, and then entering a hairbrush into hair is deeper and deeper.

A lock behind a lock cut off hair of the top part of temporal zones vertical hair partings at an angle 30 - 45 °. At the same time be guided by hair of the lower temporal zones.

For a hairstyle of hair of the top occipital zone allocate locks with a horizontal hair parting and cut off on fingers, moving from temples to a nape. Then check horizontal hair partings. Clean inaccuracies, cutting off cloves.

Clamp three locks of hair between four fingers in a parietal zone, lift locks up and randomly cut off in the form of “fir-tree“.

Thinning shears on a hairbrush execute tapering of a parietal zone at roots. On a bang execute a fringing of hair “cloves“.


Practically a hairstyle “boxing“ is more rigid option of a hairstyle “semi-boxing“. It differs from “semi-boxing“ in the fact that the line with which begin to nullify hair is above, extending to all cinciput.

The hairstyle is carried out the same tools and the same receptions, as semi-boxing. But the fringing is carried out in the most convex places.

If whisky hollow, does a fringing lower, adding a little volume on temples if whisky convex - a fringing does lower.

Finish a hairdress with a tushevka of hair of the line of a fringing by means of thinning shears and the razor. Width of a tushevka depends on a hair color: at brunettes is wider, not less than 5 cm, blondes have 2 - 3 cm, and brown-haired persons have something.

Is important

When performing a volume hairstyle the better hair are extended up, the quality of a hairstyle is higher. And the pryamy and hair are more rigid, the it is easier to satisfy this condition.

On a parietal site hair have to be not longer than 5 cm, otherwise they will be extremely difficult to be put vertically.

The easy napudrivaniye of the ends of hair will help to notice even small roughnesses of a hairstyle.

If there are doubts in ability correctly to execute a hairstyle, do not cut hair to the set length at once. Do a hairstyle gradually, so you will easier achieve the necessary result. It is easy to stushevat a small stock of length of hair.

Now you can competently talk to the hairdresser, and even to tonsure the friend. You will cope, good luck!