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How the shape of a face and a hairdress are combined?

Are available several main face types: round, oval, square, rectangular, triangular and others. Each of these persons needs a certain hairdress.

the Round face

with a round face are characteristic

Of men full cheeks, massive cheekbones, a wide forehead and the arc-shaped chin. Perhaps someone likes such persons, but most of people is drawn towards the person of an oval form. It is considered reference. It is not so difficult to bring closer the person to an ideal by means of a hairdress. It is enough to men to increase and stretch as much as possible up hair on a darkness, and on each side to try to nullify them. The asymmetric bang and a parting at the side is preferable.

Similar recommendations can be made also to women. It is much simpler to build a high hairdress to them, than men. Even the easy pile will increase the volume of hair in the top part of the head. The hairdress has to be whenever possible asymmetric. Strongly the separate straight lines or curled locks of hair framing a face narrow a face.

the Oval face

the Oval shape of a face is close to

to an ideal. For people with such shape of a face selection can be carried out without effort, the majority of hairdresses approaches. Even the hairstyle bare looks faultless.

the Diamond-shaped face

Is close to

to oval a rhombic shape of a face, but it differs from an ideal in the allocated cheekbones.

For masking of cheekbones of the man use the extended locks on temples, long tanks. An obligatory element of a hairdress - a bang.

Women with the giving-out cheekbones have an enviable opportunity to disguise their long or average length hair.

the Square face

to Men with square shape of the person a hairdress should be selected from the same positions, as to people who have a roundish person. It is desirable to try to extend a face visually a little. It is the best of all to build a volume hairdress with a length of hair to a chin. At the expense of volume the person visually looks more distinguished.

The square face will look less if from above and from sides of hair is more.

For the person of this kind asymmetric hairdresses are desirable.

Slightly - to the best asymmetrical bangs and hair partings slightly will help to change a shape of a face.

It is necessary to avoid a long dense bang from a straight hair which excretes widely acting parts of a chin. Ears have to be closed absolutely or partially.

Give a certain height in a forehead. In front wrap hair forward so that they closed a part of the face, narrowing it on a lateral surface. It is not necessary to comb smoothly hair back in “a horse tail“ or to dismiss on shoulders, to open ears, to do a parting in the middle. The small beard visually extends the person down.

Women, give preference to hairdresses with long, it is desirable a curly hair. Curled hair smooth angularity of the person. Surprisingly, but the hairstyle “under the boy“ will make features softer and womanly.

To a square face type the magnificent, volume asymmetric hairstyle will go.

First of all, it is necessary to make impression of softness - for this purpose it is necessary to bring asymmetry elements in a hairdress: parting at the side and similar bang.

It is desirable to move the volume of hair to the top, a nape or lateral faces. The bulk of hair concentrated sideways will visually counterbalance face proportions.

Apply the elements having the different direction in a hairdress it will soften sharp lines of a forehead and chin.

Do not recommend to carry hairdresses with a long direct bang and to smoothly comb hair back - it too opens the person, parading its defects.

the Rectangular face

the master`s Problem when forming a hairdress in this case consists in mitigation of vertical and horizontal lines of the person. Selection of a hairdress is done with the purpose to give to the face rounded shape, to visually expand a face.

Best of all at a rectangular shape of the person the hairdresses masking height and width of a forehead will approach.

At men the average length of hair - to a chin is desirable. The most volume part of a hairdress arrange at the level of eyes. Ears can be both opened, and closed. Use a hairdress with short temples. The volume of hair on temples has to be rather big. It is quite good if the hairdress was asymmetric.

The reaching eyebrows and volume bang approaches a rectangular face type most all. She will make the person less long.

To rectangular faces there are wavy hairdresses. Hairdresses with a parting in the middle will allow to smooth face defects of rectangular type.

Women should avoid high hairdresses and hairdresses with a straight hair of big length. Both will only increase imperfections of a rectangular face.

The master`s task - visually “to truncate“ a face, that is to refuse a long straight hair and hairdresses with vertical lines, they strongly extend a face. You seek to avoid the long falling hair.

It is not necessary to do also short hairstyles. It is preferable to choose hairstyles of average length, for example, as a caret. The volume hairdress on each side of the person will visually expand it. The best option - a hairdress up to a shoulder that will allow to make it more volume owing to what the person will become more harmonious and more proportional.

If the person rectangular, recommend the dense, closing all forehead bang, direct or asymmetric. It will make the person visually shorter.

To a rectangular face type very much there are wavy ringlets, fashionable this year. Execute soft piles and ringlets only on sides. Ears are closed, a curly hair frames a face. Tighten up the ends of hair inside, it will visually expand a face.

the Triangular face

For men at whom the wide forehead and high cheekbones are combined with a small chin exists quite limited number of the hairdresser`s receptions allowing to compensate deviations from conditional norm.

First of all, it is necessary to take care of a bang. The long slanting bang will help to close excessively wide forehead. The hair which are smoothly combed back will only aggravate face defects.

Hairdress parameter, the second for the importance, - length of hair. Here opinions of various masters disperse. One recommend short hairdresses, others urge not to do it. But all agree that the widest part of a hairdress has to be at the level of lobes or the middle of ears.

Female hairdresses for a triangular face are much richer by opportunities of its reduction to conditional norm. The general tendency such is - hair have to be sent near the top and to width in the area from lobes of ears to a chin up. It is quite good to increase the volume of hair on a nape also.

One of the most important elements of registration of a face - a bang. In this case it has to be long, to eyebrows, direct or slanting. To open a forehead, combing hair back, is not necessary anyway.

Hairdresses with a direct or lateral hair parting are good. The hair combed for ears will draw attention to eyes and will distract from wide cheekbones.

the Trapezoid face

is Quite real

an opposite situation - when the person of a pear-shaped form. In this case it is required to create illusion of a wide forehead that at men reach a high hairdress with an expanded volume of hair in temples. The small bang will help to disguise a narrow forehead.

Women should shake up most magnificently hair in the top part of the head. It is necessary to try that all attention of people around was directed exactly there. Women with such shape of a face will suit the jewelry located in the top part of the head - hoops, braids.